Previously I spoke about militant tribalism. People so convinced their tribe is the only one that counts, they kill to force everyone into their tribe.

One bIg tribe

PICTURE: Jordan Conner/Unsplash

Tribalism is humanity’s default. We are all part of tribes. Tribes are necessary for identity and esteem whether it be family, football, race or religion. But tribes don’t need to war.

It was Jesus who transformed the tribal view of the world. Jesus called God, 'Father' – a radical idea - and loved people of other tribes - remember the Good Samaritan? 

His followers reasoned that "if God is everyone’s Father, we are all brothers and sisters– regardless of our tribe!"

Humanity is one big tribe, and these little tribes are not our ultimate identity. We can hold them loosely, not see them as life and death.

To overcome militant tribalism, we need to rediscover our identity as one big tribe under God.

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