Most would say that our democracy is largely based on Greek and Roman democracies.


Athens was home to what's often described as the world's first democracy. PICTURE: Kylie Docherty/Unsplash

This system was lost during the dark-ages, but found again when the renaissance rediscovered Greek culture.

Not quite. Greco-Roman democracies were not like ours. Only the elite could vote, maybe 10 per cent of the population. You pretty much had to be the male head of a pure blood family; democracy for the elite.

The empire collapsed, and a quiet revolution took place during the dark ages. Jesus had taught that all could be saved – all; slaves, free, rich, poor, male, female!

If all could be saved, God had given all moral agency. The far reaching conclusion – all had the ability to make good decision and therefore the capacity to vote! After many years the new democracy that emerged was a democracy for everyone! 

Jesus strikes again!

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