I’ve been sharing some experiences of people who have shown me such grace, forgiveness, patience and kindness and how it changed me for the better.

Jesus on a Cross 

Act of mercy. PICTURE: Thomas Despeyroux/Unsplash

There is one who has gone beyond everyone else.

I might not a serial killer or drug dealer, but I don’t have to look too long and deep into my heart to find a self-absorbed, arrogant, know-it-all, fake.

When I weigh it all up I realise, if God sent me to an eternity without Him, He would be doing the right thing. Justice done. I have nowhere left to go but fall on His mercy.

And heart-rendingly, that’s what He gives me, His mercy. God has been so merciful to me; I’m trying to show mercy to others.

That is a life truly at the top; giving up on ego, and throwing yourself on God’s mercy.


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