Are you a task oriented person, or a "people-person"? I must admit, I'm pretty task-driven.


PICTURE: Glenn Carstens-Peters/Unsplash.

Task oriented people wake up and think about all the jobs they can tick off their list today. Relational people wake up and think about all the people they want to see.

At worst, a task oriented person will burn a relationship to get a job done. A "people person" will ignore a task to keep a relationship. No wonder such people clash!

Even though I think tasks are important, I’ve come to realise life is about relationships. No use completing a task if you have no-one to share it with!

If you’re task oriented like me, you might have to do what I do – make relationships into tasks! Put coffee and conversation in your diary. A time to write thank you notes, and walking with a mate.

That way you can do both!

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