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Opportunity International Australia


Opportunity International Australia gives the most marginalised families in developing countries the tools to lift themselves out of poverty. Opportunity provides small loans to families to build businesses, earn regular incomes, put food on the table and send their kids to school. We give parents school fee loans; school proprietors school improvement loans, and families small loans to build toilets and access clean water. We have health education programs in India and Indonesia, a domestic violence counselling service in India and we provide digital services to families living in poverty in Asia on low cost mobile phones. Learn more:


Mphatso Childrens Foundation


With Malawi being declared the poorest country in the world in 2016, there is little opportunity for people, without sufficient access to food, education and health services, to change their circumstances. The Mphatso Children’s Foundation operates 11 nursery schools, baby and community feeding progams, a HIV support group, and employs approximately 60 people employed. Just five cents in Australia buys a bowl of nutritional porridge for a child in the nursery school that may be their only meal for the day while $20 a month will keep a baby alive on formula that otherwise would not survive. Mphatso is not only operating on the ground making a life and death difference in the Kande area, but has a vision to train leaders and impart skills that will impact the future generations. For further information head to

Half Time Australia


Halftime Australia is a values-based specialist executive coaching organisation that addresses the growing need among Australian business leaders and owners to pursue more than just success. By transitioning people from "success to significance”, Halftime helps them find their life’s purpose and to reach their greatest potential. Inspired by Bob Buford's book of the same name, the Halftime phenomena started in the US and has since spread around the world with business leader John Sikkema establishing Halftime Australia in 2009. Halftime is a time to pause, reflect and discover what we want to achieve in the second half of our life. To find out more about how you can discover and clarify your life purpose and plan for your ‘second half’, head to

NonAlcWines image1

NONALCWINES.COM.AU have been sourcing premium non-alcoholic wines, beers and grape juices for everyone to enjoy since 2005. We have Weinkognig organic wines from Germany, and also Loxton cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and brut from Australia. Order a selection on-line and receive delivery to your door. Head to

Ken Duncan Gallery


Ken Duncan is widely recognised as an iconic Australian photographer and the pioneer of limited edition photographic art in this nation. You will be delighted and inspired by the wide range of elegantly framed artworks on display in Ken’s Central Coast Gallery. From classic sweeping landscapes, to spectacular wildlife images, you can turn your walls into windows on the beauty of nature with Ken Duncan artworks. Come and enjoy a relaxing day at the Ken Duncan Gallery to experience this artist’s unique ability to transport you to some of the most beautiful and remote corners of our planet. For more, head to

CompassionLogo CMYK Website size 000


Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry committed to working in partnership with local churches around the world to foster the spiritual, economic, social, physical and emotional development of children living in poverty in over 26 developing countries, in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Compassion’s child development programs are unique in that they are Christ-centred, child-focused and church-based. To discover how you can get involved visit

Exploring London


Ever wondered about where Sherlock Holmes lived, who the real Dick Whittington was or the amazing story behind the discovery of the Cheapside Hoard? Each week, Exploring London takes an indepth look at London's history and where to find it as well as providing information on what's happening now for Londoners and travellers alike. Whether you're heading to the city for the first time or have worn through much shoe leather exploring its nooks and crannies, there's something on Exploring London for you. Head to to find out more!

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