A video showing a lemon rolling down a hill has gone viral on the internet this week, garnering more than 9.5 million views. The almost two minute clip of the lemon was posted to Twitter by Mike Sakasegawa, of San Diego in California, after, when walking home, he saw "a large lemon rolling down the hill". "It kept rolling for about a quarter mile," he said. "And now you can see it, too." The rolling lemon video prompted a host of replies and even its own hashtags - among them, #lemonroll. Mr Sakasegawa later revealed he went back, picked up the lemon and took it home where he had washed and weighed. We wait with interest to see what the lemon's fate will be!

A US boss gave his employee a new car after he walked all night to make it to his first day at work. When his car broke down, Walter Carr reportedly walked some 30 kilometres to his first day of work with a removals firm in Birmingham, Alabama. Mr Carr was met by police enroute who took him for breakfast before taking him to his first job. His boss, Luke Marklin, was so impressed with his dedication that he handed Mr Carr the keys to a new car. "I am honestly blown away by him," the BBC reported Mr Marklin as saying. "Everything he did that day is exactly who we are - heart and grit."

A Ukrainian man - whose descendants number 346 people - is reportedly applying to Guinness World Records for having the largest family on Earth. Eighty-seven-year-old Pavel Semenyuk and his wife have 13 children, 127 grandchildren, 203 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren with the youngest member of the family just a few weeks old. The record is apparently currently held by a 192-member family in India.