Help your animals travel in style. New York's John F Kennedy Airport will open a new terminal called The Ark next year which is aimed at pampering the 70,000 animals which pass through it. It reportedly features everything from large flat-screen TVs to climate controlled stalls, bone-shaped 'splashing' pools for dogs (along with facilities where they can receive massages and 'pawdicures', a 'jungle' for cats, a walking track for horses and even apparently a private space for penguins who want to get intimate. It replaces an existing facility known as VetPort and, on a more serious note, will, of course, include a veterinary hospital and quarantine station.

We think it may be wishful thinking. A mysterious sign has appeared in Australia's Simpson Desert complete with a McDonald's logo and the words 'coming soon'. Sitting atop a 15 metre high sand dune it can be seen for kilometres and comes complete with a glass box at the base inside which is a full McDonald's bag and upon which are the words 'Break glass in emergency'. How long it remains is yet to be seen - McDonald's reportedly have no knowledge of why it's there and South Australian authorities have already said they are looking to have it removed. Reports suggest it appeared around 1st April (which may explain everything!)

We've seen a number of people in US recently look to sell their homes in interesting ways in recent times - including essay competitions. Now a woman in northern California is offering her 109-year-old Craftsman home to the person who can provide her with the best dessert recipe. Real estate agent Erin Allard has invited people to submit their recipe (and $100 entry fee) with the winner of the 1906 four bedroom property in Jackson to be selected by a panel of food experts. Naturally she's hoping that the number of entries will at least make up the home's $390,000 value. The contest runs until 7th September. For more details, see