A new self-declared micro-state has appeared on the borders of Slovenia and Croatia. The Kingdom of Enclava is just 93 square metres in size and was proclaimed by "Polish tourist K Wrona", apparently after it was found the space wasn't recognised as part of either nation. Thousands have reportedly applied for honorary citizenship in the new nation (which at the time of writing, numbers 134 citizens) which has five official languages including English, Polish, Croatian, Slovenian and Chinese. The declaration follows the recent declaration of another micro-state known as Liberland, a seven square kilometre patch of "no man's land" between Serbia and Croatia.

It's been called "slow television", although the word boring may also come to mind. Icelandic public TV network RUV has reportedly run a live, 24 hour, feed of a sheep giving birth in a bid to give what it calls "insight into the traditional farming life". It follows a series of broadcasts by Norwegian public TV broadcaster NRK which has previously broadcast an eight hour knitting marathon, a 12 hour program showing burning wood, a 100 hour chess marathon and numerous lengthy broadcasts of train and boat trips in Norway including 130 hours of a cruise ship sailing up the country's coast. The BBC are also reportedly preparing to embrace the idea and British Airways announced last year it would run a seven hour program of a train journey in Norway as part of its entertainment offerings.

Another American family are preparing to hand over their home to a new owner for just $US150 - and an essay. Michael and Stephanie Wachs are reportedly asking would-be buyers to submit a 200 word persuasive essay about why they'd be a suitable buyer for the two bedroom, two bathroom home along with their $US150 "offer fee". The essay winner must pay closing costs and the actual price of the home written on the contract would be $1. Market value of the home is reportedly more than $US394,000 - to cover that sum, the Wachs are looking for 3,000 entries by mid June. They decided to sell their home in such a fashion after reading about an inn in Maine which was sold in a similar way. Visit www.150house.com to enter your bid for the Houston property. Meanwhile in Florida, a cupcake shop is also reportedly looking to sell via a similar method - in this case $US100 and an essay.