Do you have a FOMO? And know what they mean if someone calls you 'bae' or says you're 'on fleek'? A new study has reportedly exposed the generation gap between parents and teenagers in the UK, finding that 86 per cent of British parents think teenagers speak an entirely different language when they're on social media or mobile messaging systems. As well as the above (FOMO means 'fear of missing out', bae is short for baby and is a term of affection, and, being on fleek means 'looking good'), the University College London study found the top 10 new forms of language on social media and instant messaging systems which parents don't understand included 'deadout' (rubbish or tired), 'RN' (right now) and 'thirsty' (looking for attention).

Ever regretted hanging up on someone you thought was a marketer or a prank caller but later turned out to be someone important? Italian Franco Rabuffi has. He reportedly twice hung up on Pope Francis, global head of the Catholic Church, when the pope rang him to offer his sympathy because he was ill. Mr Rabuffi did take the pope seriously the third time he rang and later apologised publicly for his mistake.

'Knights' from around the world gathered in Poland recently to belt each other with swords and shields in the 2nd annual Medieval World Combat Championships. More than 500 competitors from 26 countries took part in the four day, "full contact" tournament at Malbork Castle fighting in country teams. Poland were reportedly declared the winners followed by the UK, Spanish, Swedish and US teams.