Garden gnome

PICTURE: Lyndse Ballew/Unsplash

The UK is reportedy facing a gnome shortage. Garden stores in the country have said a boom in sales of garden gnomes and outdoor ornaments and furnishings during the coronavirus pandemic is drying up supplies. In an interview with The Guardian, Garden Centre Association chief executive Iain Wylie said the industry had faced "a perfect storm of lockdown, everyone being stuck at home, and one thing people can do is their gardening". He also referenced the recent blockage of the Suez Canal as a possible cause. “We are not immune to a ship getting stuck in a canal, freight cost issues due to Brexit, or the pandemic,” he said.

Not a swim for someone with a fear of heights. An infinity pool installed on the 77th floor rooftop of a recently completed skyscraper in Dubai has recently snared a Guinness World Record for the world's highest outdoor infinity pool. The pool at the Address Beach Resort is almost 300 metres above sea level and, with a surface area of 560 square metres, appears as a shimmering lake in the sky. 

Remember a tattoo is for life, not just a meal. A California-based restauarent chain is offering its customers free burgers for a year if they get hamburger tattoos featuring the eatery's name. Farmer Boys, in an initiative to celebrate their 40th anniversary, announced it has partnered with two tattoo shops - one in West Hollywood and the other in Las Vegas - to offer three different tattoo designs to those wanting to take part.