NatWest hole

The now famous "NatWest hole" in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, listed on the TripAdvisor page.

TripAdvisor has taken umbrage after a hole in a wall near an ATM in the English town of Ilkeston received rave reviews and it being ranked as the  fourth best attraction in the Derbyside town. The hole in a brick wall installed alongside a NatWest ATM had attracted more than 60 reviews since last December before TripAdvisor temporarily suspended the publishing of new reviews as a result of "an influx of review submissions that do not describe a first-hand experience". Reviews had saluted the hole's "architectural beauty", comparing it to Stonehenge and the Pyramids, and suggested it was a sight not to be missed. NatWest says the hole was placed in the wall to stop people hiding behind it.

The mysterious appearance - and then disappearance - of a bust of a golden head which appeared in a park in the Australian city of Melbourne has been partly solved. Turns out the bust - which first appeared in Northcote's All Nations Park and which it has been speculated could represent everyone from David Bowie to a complainant in a Judge Judy episode - had been placed in storage by the local council after it was pushed over one night. The Darebin Council are now seeking to talk to the artist or collective behind the golden head so it can be reinstalled somewhere in the municipality.

• Looking for a "Licence to Watch"? A British scrap car recycling website is offering someone the chance to earn £500 while watching all 24 James Bond films. The winning applicant will receive all 24 films for free and be required to watch them on 24 consecutive nights and record their thoughts. The exact reason why CarTakeBack is under-taking the exercise remains under wraps for now but the website says there is a "specific reason". Applicants must live in the UK, be over 18 and "absolutely love James Bond movies". But they'll have to be quick - applications close on 27th February.