Australia has been known for its edgy anti-drink driving campaigns but now authorities and road safety campaigners Ukraine are going a step further and invoking God in their efforts to keep the roads safe. Capitalising on the high proportion of people in Ukraine who are Christian, road safety group Traffic Challenge has reportedly joined with police and singer Mykhailo Khoma to create a series of cartoon videos showing drunk and bad drivers taking to the roads and exhibiting less than desirable behaviour before God appears alongside them and sings "I'm immortal, you are not". Fair enough.

More than 700 people gathered at a US church in New York state last week to set a new world record for the number of people playing hopscotch. The Asbury First United Methodist Church held the event as part of a block party last Thursday night, breaking the previous record of 650 people. The church's Senior Minister Stephen Cady told WROC-TV that the idea surrounded bringing people together at what has been a divisive time for the US. "We were trying to figure out as a church what could we do to bring people together and...someone sat around the table and said 'What about hopscotch?' and we thought 'Do we even remember how to play hopscotch?'" Meanwhile in Australia, the Sydney Guitar Festival has reportedly set a new world record for the largest electric guitar ensemble, breaking the previous record of 368 which was set in India in 2013. They're waiting for Guinness World Records confirmation.

A Scottish ice-cream parlour has introduced a new flavour which has strongly divided opinion - mayonnaise. Artisanal ice-cream makers ICE in Falkirk have used Hellmann's Real Mayonnaisse to create the new flavour which comes on the back of their previous Strongbow Dark Fruit flavour. Owner Kyle Gentleman has said it tastes like "a full on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy milky aftertaste". Errr...yum?