Sight Magazine is an editorially independent, Australian-based website covering local and global news and issues from a Christian perspective.

Sight Magazine is a voice. 
A voice that is unashamedly Christian in its nature. 
A voice that has its roots here in Australia and yet one which now encompasses the diversity we find across the world. 
A voice that will always be raised in support of the poor, of the oppressed, of the Biblical "widows and orphans" - where-ever they may be found. 
And a voice that is about introducing people to a God who loves them regardless of who they are; a voice which is about inspiring and challenging those who count themselves followers of Jesus Christ to move on in their journey with Him.

For a concise statement of our Christian beliefs, we refer to the Nicene Creed.


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Sight editor David Adams is happy to speak to church groups about the mission of Sight, whether in person (depending on scheduling) or via Skype. To line up a date, simply email [email protected]


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