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Updated: Dozens killed in tribal fighting in Papua New Guinea – ABC

Sydney, Australia Reuters Updated: 10:40pm (AEDT) Sydney, Australia Reuters At least 26 people were killed in tribal fighting in the northern highlands of Papua New Guinea, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) said on Monday, citing local police.  The men were killed in an ambush in Enga Province, according to the Australian state broadcaster. A report by […]

Cairo citadel opens another wing to public to attract more visitors

Cairo, Egypt Reuters Cairo’s citadel, one of the Egyptian capital’s most prominent landmarks, opened another wing housing two semi-circular towers to the public on Sunday, to expand the country’s tourist attractions.  One of the world’s biggest mediaeval citadels, the Citadel of Cairo dates back to about 1176 AD when construction began under the Muslim military […]

Thai tycoon Thaksin tastes freedom in homeland, 15 years after fleeing

Bangkok, Thailand Reuters Thailand’s billionaire former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was released on parole on Sunday after six months in detention, his first day of freedom in his homeland 15 years after fleeing in the wake of his overthrow in a military coup. Thailand’s best-known and most polarising premier, the influential Thaksin has loomed large […]

New animated Bible series aims to reach post-reading generation

United States RNS The Christian production company Revelation Media will unveil its new animated Bible project on Easter, with the first segment aiming to depict the stories of the Book of Genesis in a child-friendly way. Watching the iBible will appeal to digital natives more than reading Scripture, said Steve Cleary, executive director and producer […]

Sydney school, supermarket tainted with asbestos amid widening crisis

Sydney, Australia Reuters Seven more public sites in Sydney, including a school, sports hub and supermarket, were exposed to asbestos, authorities said on Monday, as the contamination of the toxic material widened and officials rushed to remove it from public spaces. Traces of bonded asbestos in mulch have been found in 41 spots scattered across […]

Returning sea migrants to Libya is illegal, Italy’s top court says

Rome, Italy Reuters Italy’s top appeals court has established that sending sea migrants back to Libya is unlawful, a ruling hailed by charities and human rights groups.  The Court of Cassation upheld the conviction of the captain of an Italian towboat, Asso 28, who in 2018 rescued 101 migrants from a rubber dinghy and returned […]

Houston megachurch holds healing and thanksgiving service a week after deadly shooting

Houston, US AP Celebrity pastor Joel Osteen’s Houston megachurch held a special service Sunday dedicated to healing and thanksgiving, a week after a woman opened fire in one of its hallways before being gunned down by security officers. Osteen’s Lakewood Church has not had services since the 11th February shooting that sent worshippers scrambling for safety. On Sunday, […]