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Love One Another

Deeply moved by the stand Christians are making at the US-Mexico border in support of those in the migrant caravan, NILS VON KALM prays that Christians be filled with a love that “welcomes the unwelcome, takes in the stranger, and has no fear”…

Burnt trees and blocked wells, Islamic State wrought havoc on Iraqi land

Thomson Reuters Foundation Millions of people were killed or fled when the so-called Islamic State took over parts of Iraq in 2014 and their scorched-earth tactics still devastate rural communities, a report released by Amnesty International last week said. Looted livestock, burned orchards, planted land mines, sabotaged water pumps and destroyed farmland have led to […]

Australia recognises West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital but embassy stays in Tel Aviv

The Australian Government has recognised West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and but said its embassy will remain in Tel Aviv for the time being. Making the announcement on Saturday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison ended a long-standing policy of recognising Tel Aviv as the country’s capital, saying that Australia “now recognises West Jerusalem, being […]

Yemeni mothers forced to choose which child starves, says aid group

Thomson Reuters Foundation Mothers are being forced to leave their children to starve as they face a “catastrophic” shortage of food in war-torn Yemen, a humanitarian group said on Thursday. As the warring parties pledged a ceasefire over a key entry port for supplies, Action Against Hunger said many civilians were struggling to survive in a conflict […]