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As US Senate nears Kavanaugh confirmation vote, faith voices speak out

Kavanaugh Protestors

RNS As senators remain embroiled in a contentious battle over Brett Kavanaugh’s potential elevation to the US Supreme Court, faith groups are increasingly voicing both passionate opposition to and support for the nominee. On Wednesday, the National Council of Churches – which boasts 38 member denominations with 40 million members – unveiled a sternly worded […]

Netflix obtains rights to CS Lewis’ Narnia books

The Chronicles of Narnia

US-headquartered streaming platform Netflix has announced it will develop a new series and film projects based on CS Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia series of books. Under a multi-year deal agreed between Netflix and The CS Lewis Company, which holds the rights to the books, Netflix will develop stories from the “Narnia universe” into series […]

New anonymous tipoff system could cut forced marriage in Britain

Thomson Reuters Foundation Victims of forced marriage will be more likely to speak out after Britain said it would allow anonymous tipoffs to cut illegal immigration and help the thousands made to wed against their will, charities said on Wednesday. “We already have some of the toughest laws in the world against these crimes. But […]

Pope urges synod’s bishops to dream, reject conformism

Young People Synod

Vatican CityRNS Pope Francis urged bishops to reject conformism and frames of mind that “paralyze, separate and alienate us from young people,” leaving them “orphans without a faith community to sustain them”. The Pope’s words came during his 11 minute homily at the opening Mass for the Synod of Bishops on Young People, which took […]

Death toll from Sulawesi disaster passes 1,400

The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi has passed 1,400 amid as the scale of the disaster continues to become apparent. Authorities in Indonesia have now put the death toll at least 1,407 but it is expected to climb yet further with, alongside the widespread destruction in the cities […]


Aung San Suu Kyi

In an article first published on The Conversation, ANTHONY WARE and COSTAS LAOUTIDES, both of Australia’s Deakin University, look at why the international reputation of Myanmar’s civilian leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate is now “in tatters”…