"I'm disappointed by those who want to change the date of Australia Day, seeking to take a day that unites Australia and Australians and turn it into one that would divide us. Australia Day is a day to come together and celebrate what unites us, what inspires us, what gives all of us reason to be proud that we are Australian."
- Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, in comments made on a video posted on Twitter, in response to a push, being led by the Federal Greens party, to change the date of Australia Day from 26th January.


"Today is a day that most of us will never forget. A day when many in our community thought our worst nightmare might actually be happening...I know first-hand that what happened today was totally unacceptable, and many in our community was deeply affected by this. And I'm sorry for that pain and confusion that anyone might have experienced."
- Hawaii's Governor David Ige, speaking after an emergency alert notification was mistakenly sent out on Saturday which said there was a ballistic missile threat "inbound to Hawaii" and urged people to take shelter (as quoted on CNN).


"Of course it's all factual...I absolutely stand by my sources and my methods."
- Michael Wolff, author of Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House, speaking to Australia's Radio National in reference to explosive claims made about the Trump Whitehouse.


"It is true that both the villagers and security forces admitted they killed the 10 Bengali terrorists."
- A statement published on Facebook by Myanmar's military in which they have admitted for the first time that its soldiers were involved in the killing of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State. The statement was made after a military inquiry concluded four members of the security forces were involved in killing 10 people (as quoted on the BBC).


"For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men, but their time is up."
- Oprah Winfrey in a powerful speech made at the Golden Globes in which she referred to the scandal surrounding inappropriate sexual behaviour in Hollywood; the speech has since sparked feverish speculation she may run for president in the US.


"As I say, when I deal with President Trump what I see is somebody who is committed to ensuring that he is taking decisions in the best interests of the United States."
- UK Prime Minister Theresa May after being asked about the issue of US President Donald Trump's mental health in the wake of Michael Wolff's book, Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House, in which Mr Trump's senior aides were reported as questioning his mental capacity (as quoted on SBS).


"It is absolutely unacceptable that North Korea is trampling the strong desire of Japan and the rest of the international community for peaceful resolutions and continuing with its provocative behaviour."
- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in comments in which he said the threat to Japan is at its highest level since World War II (as quoted on the ABC).


"Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!"
- US President Donald Trump in a tweet responding to a statement from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in which said the "button for nuclear weapons in on my table".


“We ask the Lord to work in this new year with generosity to achieve a world that is more empathetic and welcoming."
- Pope Francis, speaking on 1st January to mark the World Day of Peace, specifically in reference to refugees and migrants (as quoted on TIME).


“The US should know that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table."
- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in a New Year's speech in which he also said the entire US mainland is within range of North Korean missiles (as quoted on TIME).


“Israel completely rejects this preposterous resolution...But I do appreciate the fact that a growing number of countries refuse to participate in this theatre of the absurd.”
- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking after the UN General Assembly rejected US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (as quoted in The Jerusalem Post).


"The President will be watching this vote carefully and has requested I report back on those countries who voted against us. We will take note of each and every vote on this issue."
- US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, in a letter sent to most UN member states ahead of a vote on a UN resolution calling for the US to withdraw its decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital (as quoted on the ABC).


"As Christians we remember, of course, how Our Lord called upon us to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute. But for those confronted with such hatred and oppression, I can only begin to imagine how incredibly hard it must be to follow Christ's example." 
- Prince Charles, speaking in London to members of the Melkite Greek Catholic community and other church representatives (as quoted in The Tablet).


"No, I'm not."
- US President Donald Trump, responding to a question from reporters over whether he was planning to fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating links between Trump campaign and Russian officials during the 2016 election (as quoted on The Guardian).


"It's an outstanding exercise in love."
- Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaking to reporters in the wake of the handing down of the final report from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


"For us that once had no voice, now we can be heard. And for us whose lives were destroyed, now we can begin to heal."
- An anonymous survivor of child sexual abuse, one of 1,000 Australians who wrote comments in a book which was presented to the National Library of Australia at the final hearing of Australia's Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


"You cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out about the unfitness and shame you have brought to the Oval Office."
- US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who has called for US President Donald Trump to resign over accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct against him, in a tweet which followed one from Mr Trump in which he called her a "total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who would come to my office 'begging' for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them)".


"The EU and member states will continue to respect the international consensus on Jerusalem until the final status of the holy city is resolved, through direct negotiations between the parties."
- EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, speaking after meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who wants EU states to follow the US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital (as quoted on the BBC).


"The only rational course of action is to cease living under the conditions where mutual destruction is only one impulsive tantrum away."
- Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) accepting this year's Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on the weekend.


“I of all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office, and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party."
- Democratic US Senator Al Franken announcing his resignation from Congress after a wave of sexual misconduct allegations against him which he has denied, in comments referring to US President Donald Trump and Republican Senate candidate Roy S Moore (as quoted on the The New York Times).


“I will put forward my candidacy for the post of president of the Russian Federation."
- Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing he will seek a new six-year presidential term in elections next March, which, if he wins, will means he will have spent 24 years as the country's leader (as quoted on the The Guardian).


"Can anyone - can anyone - rule out that elements of genocide may be present?"
- UN human rights head Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein speaking to UN's Human Rights Council at a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, referring to evidence of atrocities perpetrated by Myanmar's military against the minority Rohingya Muslims, hundreds of thousands who have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh (as quoted on the ABC).


"This is a planetary crisis. In a few short decades since we discovered the convenience of plastics, we are ruining the ecosystem of the ocean."
- Lisa Svensson, UN ocean's chief, in an interview with the BBC.


"After years of Comey, with the phony and dishonest Clinton investigation (and more), running the FBI, its reputation is in Tatters - worst in History! But fear not, we will bring it back to greatness."
- US President Donald Trump in one of a series of tweets he sent after news late last week that former national security advisor Mike Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador and was now cooperating with investigators.


"I am very clear that retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do."
- British Prime Minister Theresa May repeating comments that US President Donald Trump's retweeting of three videos from a British far right group was wrong; it comes after Mr Trump tweeted telling Ms May not to focus on him but on "radical Islamic terrorism" within the UK.


"@Theresa_May, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!"
- US President Donald Trump responding on Twitter to British PM Theresa May after she criticised his sharing on Twitter of three videos posted online by a British far-right group.


“I’m from a generation that doesn’t tell Africa what to do: I have come to listen."
- French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking to students after arriving in Burkina Faso on a four day visit to Africa (as quoted in Bloomberg).


“Myanmar has no religious discrimination at all. Likewise our military too...performs for the peace and stability of the country."
- Myanmar's Army Chief, General Min Aung Hlaing, in comments attributed to him during a meeting with Pope Francis on Monday, according to a Facebook post published by the general’s office a few hours after the meeting (as quoted in The Guardian).


"When he finished his signature his face just glowed, no weeping unless there were angels weeping somewhere. For me it was a sign that he was accepting that, 'ah, this is done', he is relieved, not that he is aggrieved but relieved."
- Father Fidelis Mukonori, a Jesuit priest who is a close friend of Mr Mugabe, speaking after Mass at a Catholic mission outside Harare on Sunday, with regard to Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe's response after he agreed to resign from office (as quoted on Reuters).


"In my view this is illegal collective punishment."
- Jan Egeland, a former UN aid chief who now heads the Norwegian Refugee Council, speaking about the Saudi-led coalition's ongoing blockade of Yemen, cutting off food imports to 11 million people (as quoted on SBS).


"We want to grow our economy, we want peace, we want jobs, jobs, jobs."
- Zimbabwe's incoming leader Emmerson Mnangagwa, speaking to a cheering crowd in Harare after returning from exile to replace ousted President Robert Mugabe.


“The people that we have spoken to are extremely angry and they see this as an opportunity to tell the world and to show the world, years of anger about how they have been treated over the four years, after being forcibly transferred to Papua New Guinea."
- Nai Jit Lam, deputy regional representative of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, referring to those men who remain in the formerly Australian-run offshore detention facility on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.


“Donors and diplomats have a choice: do nothing while the chances for democracy are extinguished, or send the message that there will be serious political, economic, and diplomatic consequences if Hun Sen returns Cambodia to a de facto one-party state."
- Brad Adams, Asia director of Human Rights Watch, speaking in a press release after news that Cambodia's Supreme Court had dissolved the main opposition party, leaving Prime Minister Hun Sen virtually uncontested in next year's election.


"I said, ‘You know’, laughing, ‘no-one marched when I was elected’."
- New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, describing how she joked with US President Donald Trump at their first meeting at APEC in Vietnam last week (as quoted in Newsroom).


"President Zuma spoke to President Robert Mugabe earlier today who indicated that he was confined to his home but said that he was fine."
- A statement from South African President Jacob Zuma with regard to Zimbabwean President Robetr Mugabe after the military, who have denied a coup is taking place, confined Mr Mugabe and seized key institutions in Zimbabwe.


“We are concerned that the president of the United Status is so unstable, is so volatile, has a decision-making process that is so quixotic, that he might order a nuclear weapons strike that is wildly out of step with US national security interests.”
- Chris Murphy, a Democratic Senator from Connecticut in the US, in a US Senate committee hearing looking at presidential authority to order the use of the US nuclear arsenal (as quoted on The Guardian).


"We must remind those behind the current treacherous shenanigans that when it comes to matters of protecting our revolution, the military will not hesitate to step in."
- Zimbabwe's General Constantino Chiwenga, speaking at a press conference with 90 other senior army officers, at which he said the removal of people involved in the independence struggle, like Emmerson Mnangagwa - President Robert Mugabe's deputy until he was sacked last week, will not be tolerated (as quoted on the BBC).


"I wanted to give Lebanon a wake-up call so that we all know that we are in a dangerous position. We are in the eye of the storm."
- Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri, speaking a week after he announced his resignation from Saudi Arabia in comments in which he said he was "completely free" to leave the kingdom any time he wished (Lebanon's President Michel Aoun has suggested his movements are being restricted). Mr Hariri repeated claims of an assassination plot against him and said he would return home "in days" to formally submit his resignation (as quoted on the ABC).


"It comes as a bit of a sacrifice for the Holy See, this was a source of revenue, but it's obviously much more important to do what is right."
- Vatican spokesman Greg Burke commenting on news that Pope Francis has ordered a ban on the sale of cigarettes in the Vatican from the start of next year (as quoted on the BBC).


“There is a lot of Islamophobia and racism and it’s getting worse, not just on the right of politics but on the left as well."
- Iranian-born Australian Senator Sam Dastyari after he was called a "terrorist" and racially abused by men in a Melbourne pub (as quoted on News.com.au).


“Women and men should be able to work free from the threat or fear of harassment, bullying or intimidation. But for too long the powerful have been able to abuse their power and their victims have not felt able to speak out.”
- British Prime Minister Theresa May, speaking after revelations of sexual harassment in Westminster (as quoted in The Scotsman).


"We lost more than Belle yesterday, and the one thing that gives me a sliver of encouragement is the fact that Belle was surrounded by her church family that she loved fiercely, and vice versa. We ate together, we laughed together, we cried together, and we worshipped together. Now most of our church family is gone, our building is probably beyond repair and the few of us that are left behind lost tragically yesterday."
- Sherri Pomeroy, mother of 14-year-old Annabelle who was among the 26 killed when a gunman opened fire at a Texas church on Sunday. Ms Pomeroy is the wife of the church's pastor Frank, both of whom were not present during the attack (as quoted on the CNN).


"The only way to 'locate and destroy - with complete certainty - all components of North Korea's nuclear weapons programs' is through a ground invasion."
- Rear Admiral Michael Dumont in a letter written on behalf of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff to Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu wno described the letter as "deeply disturbing" (as quoted on the BBC).


“What happened here was a horrible tragedy, but our constitution says no matter how egregious a crime, a defendant is innocent until proven guilty and in effect the president has already said the person is guilty. It’s very disappointing and it’s not how the system works."
- Anna Cominsky, a law professor at New York Law School, speaking to The Guardian, after US President Donald Trump called for the death penalty for New York terror attack suspect Sayfullo Saipov in two tweets.


“According to the joint agreement by the two Koreas on denuclearization, North Korea’s nuclear state cannot be accepted or tolerated. We will not develop or possess nuclear weapons, either."
- South Korean President Moon Jae-in speaking to the nation's law-makers on Wednesday after recent tests by North Korea lead to a renewed debate about whether South Korea should have nuclear weapons (as quoted in The Washington Post).


“Anzac soldiers went on to capture Jerusalem, then continued northwards. They were actually retracing the footsteps of the heroes of the Bible, they were stepping on the verses of the Bible and they knew it.”
- Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in comments made at the centenary commemorations of the Battle of Beersheba in which 800 Australian Light Horsemen charged into ­machine gun fire on 31st October, 1917, to successfully take Beersheba and turn the tide of World War I in the Middle East.


"In a conflict so often characterised by stalemates and false dawns, this was a decisive victory that recast the campaign in the Middle East."
- Australian Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, in Israel with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, for the centenary commemorations of the Battle of Beersheba which saw the world's last great calvalry change (as quoted on Sky News).


"All of this "Russia" talk right when the Republicans are making their big push for historic Tax Cuts & Reform. Is this coincidental? NOT!"
- US President Donald Trump, on his Twitter feed, amid speculation an arrest with regards to Robert Mueller's Russian collusion investigation is imminent. 


"That's a real kick in the guts for the Referendum Council and certainly a slap in the face of those proponents."
- Australia Senator and Indigenous Australian Pat Dodson, speaking after Federal Cabinet rejected a proposal for an Indigenous advisory body to be enshrined in the constitution. The idea was recommended by the Government's Referendum Council and endorsed by Indigenous delegates at a convention at Uluru in May (as quoted on the ABC).


"I think the debasement of our nation will be what he'll be remembered most for, and that's regretful."
- US Republican Senator Bob Corker, who announced his retirement in September, speaking of President Donald Trump in comments made to CNN after Mr Trump accused him of blocking the Republican Party's tax cuts - among the latest salvos in an ongoing war of words between the two.


"[I]'m afraid we have to be serious about the fact these people are a serious danger to us, and unfortunately the only way of dealing with them will be, in almost every case, to kill them."
- UK Government Minister Rory Stewart in comments referring to people who leave Britain to fight for so-called Islamic State amid a discussion about whether they should be allowed to return to the UK (as quoted on The Telegraph).


"It was a mistake to go about it the way they did. Setting up a new government company to do it was a big mistake."
- Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, speaking with regard to the rollout of the National Broadband Network, in comments in which he referred to the role the previous Labor Governments played in its establishment and in which he admitted there was a "question mark" over whether the company will ever make a profit (as quoted on the ABC).


"There is no room, no space for any kind of mediation or international initiative or action."
- European Council President Donald Tusk in comments ruling out any EU action over the push for Catalonian independence from Spain (as quoted on the BBC).


"What we're trying to do is deal with the underlying issue and understand what it is they're protesting."
- US National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell in comments in which he said the NFL would not punish players who kneel, apparently in protest against racism, during the playing of the US National Anthem, despite calls from US President Donald Trump to do so (as quoted on the ABC).


"I think it's fake news, but if he did that, I guess we'll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win."
- US President Donald Trump in a Forbes magazine interview referring to reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had called him a moron.


"And as we look forward to the next stage, the ball is in their court."
- UK Prime Minister Theresa May, speaking to the UK Parliament, with regard to talks with the EU over Brexit.

"So the ball is entirely in the UK court for the rest to happen."
- European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas, speaking with regard to the Brexit process (both quotes from ABC).


“Donald Trump has become the head of the Venezuelan opposition...He has made me famous around the world. Every time he mentions me, they love me more."
- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in comments made on 8th October on state TV. The move comes after after the US has taken action - including laying sanctions against individuals, saying the South American nation has become a corrupt and repressive dictatorship (as quoted by Reuters).


"The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations."
- From a statement from the National Rifle Association in the US released on Thursday in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday in which a gunman killed 58 people and injured almost 500 more.


“It never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone."
- Marilou Danley, girlfrield of Stephen Paddock - the now deceased man identified as behind the Las Vegas mass shooting, in a statement read by her lawyer to reporters after she arrived back in the US from The Philippines (as quoted in The New York Times). Police say 58 people were killed and 489 injured in the Sunday night attack.


“Today Catalan society is fractured, set against itself.”
- Spain's King Felipe VI in comments made during a national TV address following last weekend's illegal referendum in Catalonia on its independence (as quoted on Bloomberg).


"We're shocked, horrified, completely dumb-founded."
- Eric Paddock, brother of Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old Nevada man police have named as behind the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night, speaking to reporters outside his home on Monday.


"With this day of hope and suffering, the citizens of Catalonia have won the right to an independent state in the form a republic."
- Carles Puigdemont, leader of the Catalan Government, speaking in a televised address after Catalans voted overwhelmingly for secession (with a 42 per cent turnout) in a referendum declared illegal by Spanish Government and constitutional court (as quoted on BBC). The illegal vote was marred by violence as police attempted to prevent it from taking place.


“This is the single biggest, major catastrophe in the history of Puerto Rico, bar none, and it is probably the biggest hurricane catastrophe in the United States."
- Puerto Rico's Governor Ricardo Rosselló, speaking after Hurricane Maria devastated the US territory amid criticisms of the speed of the US response to the disaster (as quoted on USA Today).


“People were willing to carry it between villages, to smuggle it from one end of Papua to the other, because this petition is very significant for us in our struggle for freedom.”
- Benny Wenda, an exiled West Papuan independence campaigner, speaking in reference to a petition demanding a free vote on the independence of West Papua. The petition - reportedly bearing the signatures of more than 70 per cent of the province's population - was banned by the Indonesian Government but smuggled out of the country and presented to the United Nations this week (as quoted on The Guardian).


“North Korea is not a victim, they are terrorists. They purposefully and intentionally injured Otto.”
- Fred and Cindy Warmbier, parents of 22-year-old Otto Warmbier, in their first interview since their son died only a few days after he was released from prison in North Korea and flown back to the US in June (as quoted on Fox News). North Korea denied mistreating Mr Warmbier who was sentenced to 15 years hard labour for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster.


"The whole world should clearly remember it was the US who first declared war on our country."
- North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho, speaking as he left the UN in New York following his address to the General Assembly on Saturday (as quoted on the BBC.


"We will never go back to the failed partnership [with Baghdad]."
- Kurdistan Regional Government President Massoud Barzani, speaking of plans to press ahead with a referendum on Kurdish independence despite opposition from the Iraqi Government as well as neighbouring nations who fear it could destabilise the region (as quoted on the ABC).


"Now that Trump has denied the existence of and insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world and made the most ferocious declaration of war in history that he would destroy the DPRK, we will consider with seriousness exercising a corresponding, highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history."
- Part of a long and combative statement from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un responding to comments from US President Donald Trump in which Mr Trump called him "rocket man" (as quoted on The Guardian).


"It will be a great pity if this [nuclear] agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics. The world will have lost a great opportunity."
- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, speaking at the UN General Assembly and responding to a speech by US President Donald Trump in which he called the UN-backed Iran nuclear deal an "embarassment". Mr Houhani characterised Mr Trump's speech as "ignorant, absurd and hateful rhetoric filled with ridiculously baseless allegations".


"Rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime."
- US President Donald Trump, in his first statement to the UN General Assembly, referring to North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, in a speech which provoked strong reactions from some at the gathering.


"If North Korea keeps on with this reckless behavior, if the United States has to defend itself or defend its allies in any way, North Korea will be destroyed, And we all know that, and none of us want that."
- Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN, saying that the US President Donald Trump's "fire and fury" remarks last month were not an "empty threat", in an interview with CNN which aired on Sunday.


"The evidence is irrefutable - the Myanmar security forces are setting northern Rakhine State ablaze in a targeted campaign to push the Rohingya people out of Myanmar. Make no mistake: this is ethnic cleansing."
- Tirana Hassan, Amnesty International’s crisis response director, speaking as the organisation says new evidence has revealed a "mass scale, scorched earth" campaign targeting Rohingya villages in northern Rakhine State by Myanmar's security forces and vigilante mobs.


"All we are really living on is hope."
- Anguila resident Imogen Gough speaking after the devastating impact of Hurricane Irma (as quoted on TIME).


“I note that Myanmar is not a signatory to the mine ban treaty but it would be a gross breach of international law”.
- Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, speaking with regard to reports that Myanmar's military had planted landmines in the path of Rohingya people fleeing violence in the nation's Rakhine state.


“If he is a good pro-life believer he must understand that family is the cradle of life and one must defend its unity."
- Pope Francis speaking to reporters aboard the papal plane with regard to US President Donald Trump's decision to end a program, known as DACA, which protects the children of undocumented migrants from deportation (as quoted on The Guardian).


"We are a resilient people but this has shaken us to our core."
- Orlando Smith, Premier of the British Virgin Islands, speaking after Hurricane Irma devastated the islands last week, killing at least five people.


"We have to take care of our citizens, we have to take care of everybody who is in our country, whether or not they are our citizens."
- Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, speaking to India's Asian News International with regard to the ongoing crisis unfolding in which tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims are fleeing Myanmar's Rakhine state to Bangladesh. Suu Kyi has been criticised for not speaking in support of the Rohingya (as quoted by Reuters).


"For the opposition, the message is very clear: if they were planning to win the war, facts are proving that is not the case. So now it's time to win the peace."
- Staffan de Mistura, the UN's special envoy to Syria, in comments made to reporters in reference to the ongoing civil war against the Assad regime in Syria (as quoted on the ABC).


"[Kim Jong-un's] abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats shows that he is begging for war."
- Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the UN, in comments made to the UN Security Council over a series nuclear weapons-related tests carried out by North Koreans in recent weeks.


"Right now, the risk of war on the Korean Peninsula is greater than it has been for over 60 years."
- Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in the wake of a nuclear weapons test by North Korea on 3rd September, 2017.


“We’re never out of diplomatic solutions.”
- US Defence Secretary James Mattis, in comments to reporters made shortly after US President Donald Trump declared on Twitter that “The U.S. has been talking to North Korea, and paying them extortion money, for 25 years. Talking is not the answer!" in reference to ongoing tensions with North Korea.


"Threatening and destabilising actions only increase the North Korean regime's isolation in the region and among all nations of the world. All options are on the table."
- US President Donald Trump after North Korea sent a missile over the northern Japanese island of Hoikkado on Tuesday (as quoted on the BBC).


“I don’t need to tell anyone this is a very, very serious and unprecedented storm."
- Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, speaking of Tropical Cyclone Harvey, which has caused flooding - described as once-in-800-years - in Houston and central Texas (as quoted on the New York Post).


"I think one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the fact that the people who chased her into the tunnel were the same people that were taking photographs of her while she was still dying on the back seat of the car."
- Prince Harry, speaking in a BBC documentary marking 20 years since the death of his mother, Princess Diana.


“For someone to successfully seek asylum it’s not about economic migration. It’s about vulnerability, exposure to torture or death, or being stateless people. If they are seeking asylum we’ll evaluate them on the basis of what it is to be a refugee or asylum seeker.”
- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in comments to reporters this week. Mr Trudeau, whose government has been criticised for giving "false hope" to asylum seekers moving from the US to Canada, added that people who chose to enter Canada "irregularly" would not have an "advantage" over others (as quoted on The Guardian on 25th July, 2017)


"In a fit of pique he decides to do something about Kim Jong Un, there's actually very little to stop him. The whole system is built to ensure rapid response if necessary. So there's very little in the way of controls over exercising a nuclear option, which is pretty damn scary."
- James Clapper, former director of national intelligence in the US, expressing concerns over US President Donald Trump's access to nuclear weapon codes in an interview with CNN on 23rd August, 2017.


"I don't know how to define it if not a miracle. We were all dead, and we are reborn."
- Erasma De Simone, grandmother of three children were pulled to safety after a 16 hour operation following a 4.0 magnitude earthquake on the Italian resort island of Ischia (as quoted on the ABC).


"I lost my family, I lost my people. I lost my place. All has gone."
- Gabriel Fattah Manga, 25, speaking to CNN in the wake of the massive mudslide that claimed hundreds of lives in the Sierra Leone capital of Freetown last week.


“The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over."
- Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon after he left US President Donald Trump's administration last Friday in comments made to The Weekly Standard.


"I would caution and counsel you with respect to be very, very careful of the offence you may do to the religious sensibilities of other Australians...[T]o ridicule that community, to drive it into a corner, to mock its religious garments is an appalling thing to do and I would ask you to reflect on what you have done."
- Australian Attorney-General George Brandis, speaking in the Senate after One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson put a burqa on during the parliamentary session on 17th August. His comments brought applause from opposition Labor and Green senators.


"I see no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them. I think it is important for all those in positions of responsibility to condemn far-right views wherever we hear them."
- British Prime Minister Theresa May, commenting on the controversy over US President Donald Trump's statements with regard to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend (as quoted on The Telegraph).


"I am not putting anybody on a moral plane. What I'm saying is this: you had a group on one side and you had a group on the other and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious and horrible and it was a horrible thing to watch, but there is another side."
- US President Donald Trump in a controversial press conference held on Tuesday in relation to events in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend in which a woman protesting a white supremacist rally was killed after she was run down by a car (as quoted on CNBC).


“It’s a miracle for me to be here today.”
- Canadian pastor Hyeon Soo Lim in comments, spoken in Korean, made to his congregation at a church near Toronto in Canada on Sunday following his release last week after being held for two years and seven months by authorities in North Korea (as quoted by The Globe and Mail).


"The president said very strongly in his statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry and hatred. Of course that includes white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazi and all extremist groups."
- A White House spokesperson, speaking after criticism that US President Donald Trump did not explicitly condemn far-right groups in his reaction to the violence which took place at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday (as quoted by the BBC).


"That is a good idea. We should do that too. You are worse than I am."
- US President Donald Trump, speaking in a phone conversation with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull soon after his inauguration earlier this year in a phone call in which they discussed the Australian-US refugee resettlement deal. Mr Trump's comment comes just after Mr Turnbull said that anyone who comes to Australia by boat - even a Nobel Prize winner - would face the same treatment (according to a transcript of the conversation published by The Washington Post).


"This Kim Jong-un, a fool...he is playing with dangerous toys, that fool."
- President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, speaking with regard to the North Korean leader just days before the Philippines hosts the international ASEAN meeting to address the North Korea's latest long range missle tests (as quoted on the ABC).


“Every year, thousands of men, women and children are innocent victims of sexual and organ trafficking and it seems that we are so accustomed to seeing it as a normal thing. This is ugly, it is cruel, it is criminal.”
- Pope Francis in comments made on Sunday in which he called for greater action on human trafficking around the world as the UN's World Day Against Trafficking is marked this week (as quoted on Vatican Radio).


"Maduro is not just a bad leader. He is now a dictator."
- US national security adviser HR McMaster, speaking about Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro after Mr Maduro claimed victory in a referendum to elect a new "constituent assembly" with powers to rewrite the country's contitution. His comments came as the US imposed sanctions on the South American country (as quoted in The Independent).


"Done talking about NKorea.China is aware they must act.Japan & SKorea must inc pressure.Not only a US problem.It will req an intl solution."
- US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley in comments made on social media after North Korea fired another intercontinenal ballistic missile (ICBM) on Friday which experts say could potentially reach anywhere in the US.


"I sometimes use colorful language. I will refrain in this arena but not give up the passionate fight for @realDonaldTrump's agenda."
- White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci in a tweet which he sent following publication in The New Yorker of expletive laden comments in which he described Reince Priebus, US President Donald Trump's chief-of-staff, as a "paranoid schizophrenic".


“I am particularly concerned about the potential risk of escalating violence; urge all political, religious and community leaders to refrain from provocative action and rhetoric; and call on Israel to demonstrate restraint."
- UN Secretary General António Guterres in a statement made on 26th July, referring to unrest and violence amid concerns over access to holy sites in Jerusalem, in which he called for the status quo as it was before 14th July to be respected.


"I am disappointed in the attorney general. He should not have recused himself...If he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me prior to taking office and I would have quite simply picked somebody else.”
- US President Donald Trump speaking about Attorney General Jeff Sessions in comments to reporters at the White House, referring to Mr Sessions' decision to recuse himself from overseeing the FBI’s Russia investigation (as quoted on CNN)


"I urge Australia to bring an immediate end to the harmful practice of offshore processing, offer solutions to its victims, for whom it retains full responsibility, and work with us on future alternatives that save lives at sea and provide protection to people in need."
- UN refugee agency head Filippo Grandi in a statement made on 24th July calling on Australia to end its policy of offshore processing for asylum seekers.


"Be firm, especially to foreign drug dealers who enter the country and resist arrest. Shoot them because we indeed are in a narcotics emergency position now."
- Indonesian President Joko Widodo, in a speech given on 21st July, 2017, in which he instructed law enforcement officers to shoot drug traffickers in an approach which has drawn comparisions to that of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte (as quoted on Reuters).


“Justine didn’t have to die. Based on the publicly released information from the BCA [Bureau of Criminal Apprehension], this should not have happened."
-  Janee Harteau, Minneapolis police chief, speaking in reference to the fatal shooting of Australian woman Justine Damond by a police officer, named as Mohamed Noor, in the US city of Minneapolis last Saturday night in what was her first news conference addressing the incident.


“There is an enormous resistance in the political class. Many politicians cannot imagine being politicians without using mechanisms associated with corruption. It’s the very heart of the political system.”
- Juan E Pardinas, director of think tank, the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, speaking a year after a new anti-corruption system was signed into law by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto (as quoted in The Guardian).


"He is actively trying to undermine the healthcare system in the country, using millions of Americans as political pawns in a cynical game."
- US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, speaking after US President Donald Trump said the new Republican healthcare policy should be to allow the healthcare policy known as Obamacare to fail after support from US senators for a Republican healthcare plan fell apart this week (as quoted in The Washington Times).


“Basically, my mom’s dead because a police officer shot her for reasons I don’t know. I demand answers. If anybody can help, just call police and demand answers. I’m so done with all this violence.”
-  Zach Damond, 22, son of Justine Damond's fiance Don Damond; Ms Damond was fatally shot dead by a police officer, named as Mohamed Noor, in the US city of Minneapolis on Saturday night (as quoted in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune).


“It’s very convenient to regard the Vichy regime as a monster that just sprung out of nowhere...but this is false. I reject the notions of those who claim that Vichy was not France. Vichy was not all the French. But it was the government and administration of France.”
-  French President Emannuel Macron, speaking during his first meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he denounced France's cooperation in the Holocaust during World War II (as quoted on France24).


“The human rights movement in China and across the world has lost a principled champion who devoted his life to defending and promoting human rights, peacefully and consistently, and who was jailed for standing up for his beliefs."
-  UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein in a statement made after the death of Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Liu Xiaobo, who Chinese authorities report has died in hospital from multiple organ failure, having been moved there recently from prison, at the age of 61.


“All signs point to ever more powerful assaults on biodiversity in the next two decades, painting a dismal picture of the future of life, including human life.”
- Scientists in a study published the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in which they said the sixth mass extinction in the Earth's history is already underway.


"If it's what you say I love it."
- Donald Trump, Jr, in an email in which he agreed to meet with a Russian government lawyer to obtain incriminating information on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as part of the Russian Government's support for then Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (as quoted on The New York Times).


"I announce from here the end and the failure and the collapse of the terrorist state of falsehood and terrorism which the terrorist Daesh announced from Mosul."
- Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a speech shown on state television in Iraq, referring to the so-called Islamic State by the name of Daesh (as quoted on ABC).


"Partnering with Putin on a 'Cyber Security Unit' is akin to partnering with Assad on a 'Chemical Weapons Unit'."
- Republican US Senator Marco Rubio in a tweet responding to an earlier tweet from US President Donald Trump that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin had discussed forming a joint cyber security unit - Mr Trump later tweeted that the discussion didn't mean he thought such a unit would be created.


“Mercury is the least explored of the rocky planets, but not because it is uninteresting. It’s because it’s difficult – difficult to get there, even more difficult to work there.”
- Professor Alvaro Giménez Cañete, director of science at the European Space Agency, as the agency unveiled the BepiColombo spacecraft which will be launched late next year on a mission to Mercury, the solar system's smallest planet (as quoted in The Guardian).


“He needs to go and work in a factory, and do some labour, and see what it’s like to really work out there. I mean he’s too rich, too early.”
- Australian tennis great Pat Cash, former winner of Wimbledon, speaking after Australian player Bernard Tomic admitted to be being bored and "mentally not there" after crashing out of the Wimbledon tournament in the first round (as quoted on the Herald-Sun).


"Testing an ICBM represents a new escalation of the threat to the United States, our allies and partners, the region, and the world...All nations should publicly demonstrate to North Korea that there are consequences to their pursuit of nuclear weapons."
- US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in a statement made after North Korea fired a missile, believed to be an ICBM, earlier this week.


"The last 10 years have been cruel for Europe. We have managed crises but we have lost our way."
- French President Emmanuel Macron in a 90 minute speech in which he said there was need for a "new generation of leaders" in Europe and spoke of the need for "deep reforms" in domestic politics, including cutting the number of lawmakers by a third (as quoted on The Telegraph).


"It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters."
- US-based media outlet CNN after US President Donald Trump tweeted a video which him beating up a man with a CNN logo superimposed over his head (as quoted on CNN).


“I don’t think it directly affects the negotiation on the health care bill, but it is undignified - it’s beneath a president of the United States and just so contrary to the way we expect a president to act."
- Senator Susan Collins, a moderate Republican from Maine - among a slew of politicians on both sides of politics in the US who have commented after US President Donald Trump attacked the hosts of a morning show in a series of Twitter posts ostensibly in response to criticisms they had made of Mr Trump (as quoted on The New York Times).


“The maths is brutally clear: while the world can’t be healed within the next few years, it may be fatally wounded by negligence [before] 2020." 
- Joachim Schellnhuber, director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, among a group of climate experts who have written a letter warning of the looming danger to the journal Nature.


"Farewell to war. Farewell to arms, welcome to peace."
- Rodrigo Londono, known as Timochenko, leader of the FARC rebel group in Colombia, speaking at a ceremony formally ended the process of the group's disarmament (as quoted on BBC).


"We have made it very clear that we will allow or support a free vote on same-sex marriage after the Australian people have voted in a plebiscite...We have no plans to change it, I want to be very clear about that."
- Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaking after speculation the Coalition Government was considering abandoning its policy to hold a plebiscite on same-sex marriage followed leaked comments in which Government Minister Christopher Pyne reportedly said the issue of "marriage equality" might be dealt with "sooner than everyone thinks" (as quoted on ABC).


"Simply put, if there's a chance you might get sick, get old, or start a family - this bill will do you harm."
- Former US President Barack Obama responding to a Republican-sponsored Senate bill which will repeal major parts of the Affordable Care Act, known as 'Obamacare', and replace it with a Republican healthcare plan (as quoted on CNBC)


"Today, we stand in front of an impasse and we have reached a deadlock. Despite all the promises, endless summits, UN resolutions, religious and lay leader’s callings – Palestinians are still yearning for their freedom and independence, and seeking justice and equality."
- From an open letter from The National Coalition of Christian Organizations in Palestine (NCCOP) to the World Council of Churches and the Christian ecumenical movement published this week at an international peace consultation held in Bethlehem.


"We have to do better for these people. For a world in conflict, what is needed is determination and courage, not fear.”
- UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, speaking at the launch of the UNHCR Global Trends report charting the movement of displaced people, including refugees, around the world.


"This morning, our country woke to news of another terrorist attack on the streets of our capital city, the second this month and every bit as sickening as those which have come before...This was an attack on Muslims near their place of worship. And like all terrorism, in whatever form, it shares the same fundamental goal. It seeks to drive us apart; and to break the precious bonds of solidarity and citizenship that we share in this country. We will not let this happen."
- British Prime Minister Theresa May speaking after a terrorist attack in which a van ran over pedestrians near a mosque in north London just after midnight on Sunday, leaving 10 injured. A 47-year-old man from Wales has been arrested.


"People are angry, not simply at the poor response in the days afterwards from the council and the government, but at the years of neglect from the council. There's a feeling that the council and government don't understand their concerns and don't care."
- Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, speaking in reference to the Grenfell Tower fire in London in which at least 58 people have died, with the death toll still expected to rise further. Mr Sadiq said the fire was a "preventable accident" (as quoted on BBC).


"Even if you believe their explanation of botulism and a sleeping pill causing a coma - and we don't - there is no excuse for any civilised nation to have kept his condition a secret and denied him top-notch medical care for so long."
- Fred Warmbier, father of 22-year-old Otto Warmbier, who was released by North Korean authorities earlier this week in a condition described by doctors as "unresponsive wakefulness" after being detained for 17 months on charges of attempting to steal a propaganda banner, speaking in a press conference at his son's former highschool in Cincinnati (as quoted on CNN).


"I've heard those allegations more than once since I was posted here. In Chinese, we call it 'cook up the overnight cold rice' — which means repeating the same old stuff again and again. Maybe the producers of the program believe that those groundless allegations may turn [out] to be true after repeating a thousand times...Their main purpose, as I see it, is to instigate 'China panic'."
- Ambassador Cheng Jingye, China's ambassador to Australia, responding to an investigation by Australian media outlets the ABC and Fairfax Media concerning Chinese influence in Australia (as quoted on the ABC).


“The Russian authorities’ stranglehold on freedom of expression grows tighter by the day. Peaceful protest is a fundamental human right, not a privilege to be bestowed or refused on a whim. We are calling for all peaceful protesters swept up in these arrests to be immediately freed, and the right to hold peaceful rallies fully and genuinely respected.”
- Denis Krivosheev, deputy director for Europe and Central Asia at Amnesty International, after mass arrests were made at anti-corruption protests across Russia.


“I got us into this mess, and I’m going to get us out of it.”
- UK Prime Minister Theresa May speaking to the Conservative Party's backbench 1922 Committee after last week's general election in the UK (as quoted on The Guardian).


"I know I was fired because of something about the way I was conducting the Russia investigation was in some way putting pressure on him, in some way irritating him, and he decided to fire me because of that."
- Former FBI director James Comey, in oral testimony to the US Senate Intelligence Committee, in reference to an invesigation into possible links between Russian hackers and the campaign of US President Donald Trump (as quoted on ABC).

"The President never, in form or substance, directed or suggested that Mr Comey stop investigating anyone, including suggesting that Mr Comey 'let Flynn go'."
- Mr Trump's lawyer Marc Kasowitz (as quoted on ABC).


"I need loyalty, I expect loyalty."
- Attributed to US President Donald Trump during a private dinner conversation between him and then (now sacked) FBI director James B Comey in January, released this week in written testimony ahead of Mr Comey's appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee which is conducting a probe into whether there were links between the Trump campaign and Russian hackers during the lead-up to last year's US election (as quoted on The Washington Post).


"And if our human rights laws get in the way of doing it, we will change the law so we can do it."
- British Prime Minister Theresa May in comments in which she outlined some of the measures she is proposing in order to impose new restrictions on terror suspects and those convicted of terror offences (as quoted on The Guardian)


"Our songs are alive in the land of the living. But songs are unlike literature. They're meant to be sung, not read. The words in Shakespeare's plays were meant to be acted on the stage. Just as lyrics in songs are meant to be sung, not read on a page."
- Singer/songwriter Bob Dylan in his Nobel Prize lecture, having controversially won last year's prize for literature for his song lyrics.


"Since the emergence of the threat from Islamist-inspired terrorism, our country has made significant progress in disrupting plots and protecting the public, but it is time to say enough is enough."
- UK Prime Minister Theresa May, in comments made to the press on Sunday in the wake of Saturday night's terror attack in London which killed seven.


“Make Our Planet Great Again.”
- French President Emmanuel Macron in a tweet responding to US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.


“I am a trans-Atlanticist, but if the American president said in the next hours or days that he wants to get out of the Paris climate deal, then it is the duty of Europe to say, ‘No, that’s not how it works."
- European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker speaking to a student conference in response to news US President Donald Trump is looking at leaving the Paris climate agreement in comments in which he said withdrawing is not so simple (as quoted on Politico)


"We have had tens of thousands of refugees come to Australia over the last decade or so and a very few of them have become subjects of interest for ASIO and have been involved in terrorist planning."
- Duncan Lewis, director-general of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), speaking in a radio interview after a furore broke out over earlier comments given in parliamentary testimony earlier this week that there was "absolutely no evidence" of a connection between refugees and terrorism (as quoted on the Sydney Morning Herald).


"I think ISIS [an acronym for the Islamic State] can do terrible things. But it's the Russians who tried to destroy the fundamental of democracy and that is to change the outcome of an American election."
- Influential US Republican Senator John McCain, speaking during a visit to Australia (as quoted on the ABC).


"[M]y handshake with him, it wasn't innocent".
- French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking to a French Sunday newspaper of a handshake with US President Donald Trump last week which he indicated was about showing he was no pushover: "One must show that you won't make small concessions, even symbolic ones, but also not over-publicise things, either," he went on to say (as quoted on the ABC).


"[I]n this new world that we live in, we can’t isolate ourselves, we can’t hide behind a wall."
- Former US President Barack Obama, appearing in Germany with Chancellor Angela Merkel, before a crowd of 70,000 (as quoted in the Guardian).


"[Monday's attack] was more sophisticated than some of the attacks we've seen before, and it seems likely - possible - that [suicide bomber suspect Salman Abedi] wasn't doing this on his own."
- UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd, speaking with regard to Monday night's suicide bombing outside the Manchester Arena (as quoted on the BBC).


"All of the blame for [the deaths of hostages Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson] rests on the shoulders of Man Monis. He created the intensely dangerous situation. He maliciously executed Tori Johnson. He barricaded himself into a corner of the cafe and his actions forced police to enter the cafe in circumstances where the risk of hostages being wounded or killed was very high."
- NSW Coroner Michael Barnes in his findings in the Lindt cafe siege inquest released on 24th May, 2017. He also concluded that police commanders relied on "flawed advice" and waited too long to enter the cafe to rescue hostages (as quoted on the Sydney Morning Herald).


“Criminal laws that penalise blasphemy represent an unlawful restriction on freedom of expression, and disproportionately target persons belonging to religious minorities or traditional religions, non-believers and political dissidents."
- UN special rapporteurs on freedom of religion or belief, Ahmed Shaheed, and on freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye; and the independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, Alfred de Zayas.


“While today was an important victory and an important vindication, the road is far from over. The proper war is just commencing."
- WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, speaking after Swedish authorities announced they have dropped an investigation into an allegation of rape against him. He was speaking on Saturday, 21st May, from the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he has been since 2012 after seeking asylum. Metropolitan Police in London have confirmed he still faces arrest over breaching bail conditions if he leaves the embassy.


"This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!"
- US President Donald Trump in a Twitter message responding to news that a special counsel had been appointed to investigate allegations of Russian interference in last year's US election and whether the Trump campaign had any connections to it.


“No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.”
- US President Donald Trump in an address to the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut on 17th May, 2017 (as quoted in The Guardian).


"Genocide is in progress. I'm not sure what the world is waiting for."
- Angelina Teny, the wife of former South Sudan vice-president Riek Machar, speaking to the ABC's Lateline program about the situation in South Sudan during a visit to Australia. 


“The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call...We need governments to consider the damage to civilians that comes from hoarding these vulnerabilities and the use of these exploits.”
- Brad Smith, Microsoft president’s and chief legal officer, in a blog post written on Sunday after a massive ransomware attack, which leveraged a vulnerability originally found and exploited by the US National Security Agency, affected some 200,000 users worldwide (as quoted on CNBC).


“We are at the dawn of an extraordinary renaissance. We have in our hands all the benefits that have made and will make the 21st century. We will remake and relaunch the Europe we need because it protects us and allows us to demonstrate our values to the world. France’s role in the world is an eminent one. We will assume our responsibilities when it is called for. A timely response to the big crises of our era.”
- New French President Emmanuel Macron in his inauguration speech on Sunday, 14th May, 2017 (as quoted on euronews).


"I will not rest until there is peace on the Korean Peninsula. I will fly to Washington, Beijing and Tokyo if needed, and if conditions are met, I will also go to Pyongyang. I will do everything in my power to bring peace to the peninsula."
- Incoming South Korean President Moon Jae-in in his inauguration speech (as quoted on The Korean Times).


"Comey lost the confidence of almost everyone in Washington, Republican and Democrat alike. When things calm down, they will be thanking me!"
- US President Donald Trump in a statement on Twitter following his controversial decision to fire FBI director James Comey in the midst of an ongoing investigation into whether the Trump campaign had any links to Russian attempts to interfere in last year's US election.


“Although it is still too early to be sure what his strategy is for the US, the signs so far of backsliding are a concern to anyone who was involved in the long process that lead up to the Paris agreement."
- Izabella Teixeira, former Brazilian environment minister, speaking ahead of a US decision later this month on whether the nation will honour the Paris climate agreement (as quoted on The Guardian).


"I cannot express in a few words how happy I am to welcome our dear girls back to freedom."
- Nigerian President Muhammandu Buhari after 82 of the Chibok schoolgirls were released by terror group Boko Haram in exchange for the release of Boko Haram suspects (as quoted on Nigeria's Daily Post).


“The European commission’s negotiating stance has hardened. Threats against Britain have been issued by European politicians and officials. All of these acts have been deliberately timed to affect the result of the general election which will take place on 8 June.”
- UK Prime Minister Theresa May, speaking after informing Queen Elizabeth II that Parliament had been dissolved for the 8th June general election (as quoted on The Guardian).


"It makes me mildly nauseous to think that we might have had some impact on the election, but honestly, it wouldn't change the decision."
- FBI director James Comey in testimony to the Senate Judicial Committee concerning a decision to announce that the FBI had reopened a probe into presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails just days before last year's US presidential vote.


"President Nicholas Maduro’s proposal for a constituent assembly is a coup d’état. It is another break with democracy, violating the country’s constitution."
- Brazilian Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes speaking after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on Monday he was creating a 500 member 'constituent assembly' to rewrite the country's constitution in defiance of ongoing calls for new elections (as quoted on Deutsche Welle). Demonstrators have planned a 'mega protest' for Wednesday.


"The discussion that transpired between the presidents was warm, with President Trump expressing his understanding and appreciation of the challenges facing the Philippine president, especially on the matter of dangerous drugs."
- Ernesto Abella, a spokesman for Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, who has been responsible for driving a brutal "war" on drugs which has left an estimated 8,000 pepple dead since last June, speaking of a phone call in which US President Donald Trump invited Mr Duterte to the White House (as quoted on Al Jazeera). The White House has described the conversation as "very friendly".


"The incident in Syria corresponds completely with Israel's policy to act to prevent Iran's smuggling of advanced weapons via Syria to Hezbollah in Iran."
-  Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz in an interview with Israeli Army Radio, speaking with regard to whether Israel was involved in a missile strike on Damascus International Airport (as quoted on Reuters).


“Just as Thomas Edison is believed to have failed 1,000 times before successfully inventing the light bulb, so, too, Kim Jong-un will keep trying. One of these days soon, he will succeed."
- US Admiral Harry Harris, the commander of US Pacific Command (Pacom), speaking before a congressional panel on 26th April about the North Korean leader's efforts to launch a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile at the United States unless the regime is stopped (as quoted on The Guardian).


"[O]n the face of it, it's disappointing that New Zealanders would have to wait longer."
- New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English responding to Australian Government moves to introduce longer waiting times for New Zealanders to become Australian citizens (as quoted on ABC).


"I don't know if he managed to leave that concentration camp, because refugee camps - many of them - are concentration...because there is a great number of people left there inside them."
- Pope Francis, speaking to a group of migrants at a Rome basilica about a Middle Eastern refugee he met on a visit to a camp for refugees on the Greek Island of Lesbos last year. The comments have sparked the ire of the American Jewish Committee who said the Pope should reconsider his reference to concentration camps (as quoted on BBC).


"If we were millions today, tomorrow we’ll be more."
- Venezuelan Opposition leader and former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles speaking on Wednesday night as mass anti-government protests, dubbed the "mother of all marches", took place in the capital of Caracas and other locations. At three people have died and scores more injured in clashes around the protests.


"The results of the analysis indicate that the victims were exposed to sarin or a sarin-like substance."
- A statement from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) - made in reference to the use of chemical weapons on an attack on a town in northern Syria earlier this month which killed almost 90 people - on the findings of an analysis of bio-medical samples collected from autopsies from three of those killed in the attack. The attack led to the US bombing of a Syrian airbase on the orders of President Trump.


“We need a general election and we need one now because we have at this moment a one-off chance to get this done while the European Union agrees its negotiating position and before the detailed talks begin."
- UK Prime Minister Theresa May announcing her intention to call a snap general election for 8th June, referring to Brexit negotiations.


“There is a problem with playing the military threat [card] with North Korea because they are inclined to call the bluff."
- John Delury, a North Korea expert from Yonsei University in Seoul, in an interview with The Guardian published on 16th April, 2017.


"Right now we're not getting along with Russia at all. We may be at an all-time low in terms of [our] relationship with Russia."
- US President Donald Trump following what was described as "frosty" meetings between US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and later with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The meetings come in the wake of the US decision to bomb a Syrian airbase after a chemical weapon attack in the country's north, attributed by the US and others to the regime of Bashar al-Assad.


"You had someone as despicable as Hitler...who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons."
- Part of a controversial statement by US White House spokesman Sean Spicer in which he compared the actions of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to those of Adolf Hitler. Mr Spicer has since apologised for the "inappropriate and insensitive reference to the Holocaust" (as quoted on the ABC).


“The latest reports of ‘slave markets’ for migrants can be added to a long list of outrages [in Libya]."
- Mohammed Abdiker, International Organization for Migration's head of operations and emergencies, speaking in an article published by The Guardian about the dangers facing migrants in the north African nation.


"[T]here’s little question as to who was responsible for these attacks. It was Bashar al-Assad. And I think the Russians need to think more carefully about the commitment they made under the chemical weapons agreements to be the guarantor that these weapons would be seized, they would be removed, they would be destroyed...[R]egardless of whether Russia was complicit here or whether they were simply incompetent or whether they got outwitted by the Bashar al-Assad regime, you would have to ask the Russians that question."
- US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, speaking on CBS' Face The Nation on 9th April, 2016, in a conversation about the US decision last week to bomb a Syrian Government airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack on a community in the country's rebel-held north-west that killed more than 80 people including some 30 children.


"When the United Nations consistently fails in its duty to act collectively, there are times in the life of states that we are compelled to take our own actions."
- The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, speaking with reference to the possibility of the US taking action in the wake of a chemical weapon attack in Syria this week (as quoted on The Sydney Morning Herald). Many have blamed the Assad regime for the attack in which more than 100, including children, were killed; an accusation it denies.


“Jobs at all levels in society presently undertaken by humans are at risk of being reassigned to robots or AI, and the legislation once in place to protect the rights of human workers may be no longer fit for purpose, in some cases...New labour and employment legislation is urgently needed to keep pace with increased automation."
- Gerlind Wisskirchen, an employment lawyer in Cologne who is vice-chair of the International Bar Association’s global employment institute and lead author of a study which suggests that a third of graduate level jobs around the world may eventually be replaced by machines or software (as quoted on The Guardian).


- The headline in Mexican newspaper Norte which announced on Sunday that it was shutting down after almost 30 years in the wake of the killing of three journalists from other organisations last month. An executive with the Ciudad Juárez-based paper, Oscar A Cantú Murguía,  wrote in an editorial that he had made the decision because there was no guarantee they could report in safety (as quoted in The New York Times).


"If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will. That is all I am telling you."
- US President Donald Trump in an interview with UK paper, The Financial Times.


"[I]f you all think I am not good enough for our country and our people, if someone or some organisation can do better than us, we are ready to step down."
- Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, speaking after a year after her National League for Democracy took power in a landslide election victory (as quoted on ABC). Her comments follow criticism of her government's performance.


"What can I add to this? We already miss you."
- EU Council President Donald Tusk, speaking after receipt of a letter from British Prime Minister Theresa May in which she formally notified him that the UK had triggered Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon to depart from the European Union.


"It looked like a war zone, actually."
- Whitsunday Regional Council Mayor Andrew Wilcox, speaking of the Queensland town of Bowen after it was devastated by Cyclone Debbie which also caused widespread damage across the Whitsunday Islands and other mainland based communities including Airlie Beach (as quoted on Fox News).


"Evidence gathered on the ground in East Mosul points to an alarming pattern of US-led coalition airstrikes which have destroyed whole houses with entire families inside."
- Donatella Rovera, senior crisis response advisor at human rights organisation Amnesty International, speaking of allegations that hundreds of civilians have been killed by airstrikes in their homes or places where they sought refuge during the offensive to capture Mosul from the so-called Islamic State. Iraqi and US defence departments have launched investigations into possible civilian deaths from airstrikes.


"They don't understand the severity. This is a major cyclone. We haven't seen a cyclone like this."
- Burdekin Shire Mayor Lyn McLaughlin, referring to people who had chosen not to evacuate as she spoke to the ABC ahead of the landfall on the central Queensland coast of Tropical Cyclone Debbie.


"Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism."
- London Mayor Sadiq Khan speaking in the aftermath of the terror attack outside the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.


"Right before she went up she was a little nervous. Then she stole his hat. It was hilarious. Everyone was laughing, including the Pope."
- Mountain Butorac, godfather of three-year-old Estella Westrick who took off Pope Francis' hat during a visit to Rome (as quoted by CNN)


"I am sorry to the people. I will faithfully cooperate with questioning.”
- Ousted South Korean President Park Geun-hye as she arrived at a Seoul prosecutor's office for questioning, 11 days after the nation's Constitutional Court ruled unanimously to dismiss her over a corruption scandal (as quoted on the Japan Times)


“With respect to the President’s tweets about alleged wire-tapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets."
- FBI Director James Comey in comments made to a Congressional committee concerning tweets made by US President Donald Trump on 4th March, 2017, that former President Barack Obama had "wire-tapped" his headquarters in Trump Tower.


"Since I retired, I have devoted a fair bit of time to work more closely with the drug user coalface and it has become obvious we can't arrest our way out of it. Law enforcement can't solve what is a serious issue and we need a more multi-faceted approach to deal with the problem."
- Former Australian Federal Police commissioner Mick Palmer, speaking to the ABC on 20th March, following publication of an Australia21 report into drug-related deaths which has said it's time for decriminalisation of drug use in Australia.


“We’re going to fight this terrible rule, we’re going to take this case as far as it will go, including the Supreme Court. We’re going to win."
- US President Donald Trump, in response to a Federal Court judge's decision to impose a temporary stay on the president's latest travel bans (as quoted in The Guardian)


"Today, in a sense, the entire country has become a torture-chamber: a place of savage horror and absolute injustice. As the conflict enters its 7th year, this is the worst man-made disaster the world has seen since World War II."
- UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein in a statement made to the UN Human Rights Council on 14th March, 2017, as the sixth year anniversary of the start of the war in Syria passes.


"The Netherlands and the Dutch, we know them from the Srebrenica massacre. We know how much their morality, their character is broken from the 8,000 Bosnians that were massacred. We know this well. No one should give us a lesson in civilisation. Their history is dark but ours is clean."
- Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaking on 14th March amid an escalating dispute with The Netherlands, sparked after two Turkish ministers were prevented from holding rallies in The Netherlands targeting Turkish expats ahead of a Turkish referendum on expanding Mr Erdogan's powers (as quoted on SBS). Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, whose country is facing a general election this week, has called his claim a "repugnant historical falsehood" and said "Erdogan's tone is getting more and more hysterical". 


“It will be Scotland’s choice. And I trust the people to make that choice."
- Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, announcing she would ask the UK Government for a second referendum on Scotland's independence in light of the Brexit decision (as quoted on The Washington Post)


"The tragedy of missing loved ones, the fear of unexploded ordnance, armed violence in urban settings, threats, the restrictions on the movements of whole communities in areas controlled by armed groups - these all point to there still being a long way to go in Colombia."
- Christoph Harnisch, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross delegation to Colombia, as the organisation released a report which found that despite the peace deal signed between the Colombian Government and leftists guerilla group FARC and a "clear reduction" of the impact of the conflict on the population, it was too early to talk about a "post-conflict phase" in Colombia.


"This is not a rational person. He is not thinking clearly."
- US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, in reference to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, after a closed door meeting of the Security Council in response to recent missile tests (as quoted on CNN).


"The world must act now to stop this."
- UN Secretary-General António Guterres during a visit to drought-striken Somalia which is facing the spectre of famine and where some 300,000 children are already acutely malnourished.


“We urge North Korea to stop its provocative actions, which threaten international peace and security. North Korea should instead re-engage with the international community and take credible, concrete steps to prioritise the wellbeing of its own people instead of the illegal pursuit of its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.”
- UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, speaking after North Korea fired a volley of test missiles in contravention of a UN ban (as quoted in The Guardian).


"Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my 'wires tapped' in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!"
- One of a series of 'tweets' sent by US President Donald Trump early on 4th March, 2017, in which he accuses former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones at Trump Tower prior to the 2016 election. The claims have been flatly dismissed by former senior US officials, intelligence officials, and a spokesman for Mr Obama as well as sparked some sharp replies from some members of Mr Trump's Republican Party.


"I'm really quite personally shocked about this warning because it does feel like 1984 Ethiopia all over again, and we remembered those images and said never again."
- World Vision Australia's chief advocate speaking to the ABC with regard to the desperate humanitarian situation facing many people in African nations including South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.


"I want to say that I am very sad because of these kind of reckless accusations and neglect of the good things that the government and the military have done for them."
- Myanmar's General Mya Tun Oo, chief of the General Staff, in comments referring to media reports quoting members of the Rohingya Muslim minority who say they suffered human rights abuses at the hands of Myanmar's millitary including the burning of houses (as quoted on ABC).


"I think that President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it."
- US President Donald Trump in an interview with Fox News during which he said former President Barack Obama is behind the recent string of anti-Trump protests taking place across the nation.


"Guys, guys, I'm sorry. No. There's a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won best picture. This is not a joke."
- La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz, speaking after realising that the winner of the Oscar for Best Picture had been wrongly announced as La La Land instead of the actual winner, Moonlight.


"While Yemen is being starved or is starving, there is nothing really that is actually taking place to actually fix it."
- Jamie McGoldrick, the UN's top aid official in Yemen, in an interview with the ABC.


"[I]t was a kind of criminal negligence to deal with some of the problems that were staring us in the face."
- The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, in evidence given on 23rd February to Australia's Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, speaking in reference to the response of Catholic Church leaders to allegations of child abuse.


"The Mexican Government will not hesitate in going to international organisations, starting with the United Nations, to defend human rights, liberties and due process for Mexicans abroad according to international law."
- Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray, speaking on 22nd February in a reference to US treatment of Mexican citizens (as quoted on BBC). His comments come ahead of a planned visit by two top US officials to Mexico to talk about the new immigration policies.


"For those who flee conflicts and terrible persecutions, often trapped within the grip of criminal organisations who have no scruples, we need to open accessible and secure humanitarian channels."
- Pope Francis in an address on 22nd February calling for a change of attitude towards immigrants and denouncing their rejection based on "self-centredness" which is "amplified by populist rhetoric".


"This day will be remembered for the triumph of dictatorship over the dream of the Paris Peace Accords for a rights-respecting, multi-party democracy."
- Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch, speaking after the Cambodian Government changed the law to make it easier for the Ministry of the Interior and Supreme Court to dissolve a political party on the basis that it threatens "national unity" (as quoted on ABC)


“If you want to preserve - I’m very serious now - if you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press. And without it, I am afraid that we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. That’s how dictators get started.” 
- Republican Senator John McCain, in an interview with NBC. The interview came in the wake comments from US President Donald Trump that certain news media outlets were the "enemy of the American people" in a tweet on 17th February, 2017.


"If people are asking the question, is the direction for humanity to come together more or not? I think that answer is clearly yes. But we have to make sure the global community works for everyone. It is not just automatically going to happen."
- Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in an interview with the BBC about globalisation.


"I’d like to see you hold back on settlements for a little bit."
- US President Donald Trump speaking to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about curtailing Jewish home-building in the West Bank in a meeting at the White House in comments in which Mr Trump also said he could "live with" either a one or two state solution for peace between Israelis and Palestinians (as quoted on The Washington Post).


"This is a test for tolerance and our multi-faith society. Indonesia is a pluralist nation that has great respect for different faiths. We cannot let this case sink the dream of our founding fathers who wrote our national motto: 'Bhinneka Tunggal Ika' [Unity in Diversity]."
- Sirra Prajuna, lawyer for Jakarta's first Christian governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (also known as Ahok), who is on trial for blasphemy. Tens of millions of Indonesians will this week vote in local elections, including for Jakarta's governor (as quoted on the BBC).


"The last thing Canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern."
- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a statement made during a meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House (as quoted on BBC)


“Isn’t it wonderful that this country has become an anchor of hope for many people in this world?”
- Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who was elected as Germany’s new president on Sunday (as quoted on The Financial Times)


"Refugees, like all people, are treasured human beings made in the image of God who deserve safety, freedom and the opportunity to flourish. Jesus commands us to care for the most vulnerable among us..."
- Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, in a statement expressing his sadness and shock after the UK Government announced that only 350 children will be received under an agreement to take in unaccompanied refugee children from Europe.


"He said very specifically that they were demoralising and disheartening and he characterised them very specifically that way." 
- US Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, quoting President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, after a conversation they had in reference to tweets Mr Trump has made criticising the judiciary as they deliberate over whether an executive order he issued banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries should be allowed to continue (as quoted on CNN).


"The respect for the values and principles that have served us well seem to have been set aside for expedient, self-serving, short-term ends. That approach has not served our nation well."
- Australian Senator Cory Bernardi in a statement to the Senate in which he announced he is resigning from the federal Liberal Party to move to the crossbench and is starting a new party called Australian Conservatives (as quoted on the ABC).


"If something happens blame him and court system."
- US President Donald Trump in a tweet referring to Federal Judge James L Robarts who on Friday blocked a travel ban President Trump had introduced targeting citizens of seven mainly Muslim nations. Challenges to the judge's decision are ongoing.


"The President had a very cordial conversation with Prime Minister Trumble, where they went through an extensive discussion of this deal."
- White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer apparently mis-stating Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's name during comments he made about the reportedly tense phone call between the US President Donald Trump and Mr Turnbull in which they discussed the deal agreed between Australia and the administration of former US President Barack Obama concerning the resettlement of refugees from Nauru and Manus Island.


"This was the worst call by far."
- Reportedly said by US President Donald J Trump in a conversation with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last Saturday, according to The Washington Post. The news organisation said senior US officials briefed on the exchange said that during the conversion, Mr Trump "blasted Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over a refu­gee agreement and boasted about the magnitude of his electoral college win" before ending it abruptly after 25 minutes. The Post says the White House has declined to comment. Mr Turnbull has also refused to comment.


"I request that the person found guilty of homicide for my killing not be subject to or put in jeopardy of the death penalty under any circumstances."
- Rev Rene Robert, a Catholic priest who was murdered in Georgia in April, 2016, in a legal declaration signed in 1995 which has led Catholic bishops to petition a US court to drop the possibility of capital punishment in his alleged killer's case (as quoted on BBC).


"This is not about religion - this is about terror and keeping our country safe."
- US President Donald Trump in a statement issued on Sunday afternoon after his controversial executive order concerning immigration bans sparked widespread protests (as quoted on the Boston Globe).


"The days of Britain and America intervening in sovereign countries in an attempt to remake the world in our own image are over. But nor can we afford to stand idly by when the threat is real and when it is in our own interests to intervene. We must be strong, smart and hard-headed. And we must demonstrate the resolve necessary to stand up for our interests."
- UK Prime Minister Theresa May, in a speech made during a visit to the US (as quoted on BBC on 26th January, 2017)


"I am confident we will maintain the arrangements we have entered into with the previous administration."
- Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, in reference to a refugee resettlement deal Australia had entered into with the US Obama administration, despite the change of government in the US (as quoted on the ABC on 26th January, 2017).


“We are relieved that so many people in the eastern sections of Mosul have been able to stay in their homes. We hope that everything is done to protect the hundreds of thousands of people who are across the river in the west. We know that they are at extreme risk and we fear for their lives."
- Lise Grande, UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq, in a statement signed by UN agencies and civil society on 24th January, 2017, as the battle for Mosul expands to the western part of the city.


“If you so fundamentally reject this country, then I’d prefer it if you leave.”
- Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, in an open letter to the Netherlands citizens ahead of elections in March (as quoted in The Guardian on 23rd January, 2017).


“This was the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period."
- US President Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, addressing journalists on Saturday, 21st January, 2017, in comments which numerous media outlets say contradict photos, videos and public transport figures.


"I stand by everything I said including the offer to go to the United States if Chelsea Manning's sentence was commuted. It's not going to be commuted (until) May. We can have many discussions to that point."
- WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in a live online audio news conference from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, saying he stood by earlier comments in which he offered to be extradited to the US if former US Army intelligence officer Chelsea Manning - jailed for 35 years for leaking classified material to WikiLeaks - was released. Manning's sentence was commuted this week (as quoted by CNBC on 20th January, 2016).


"I feel very comfortable that justice has been served and a message has been sent."
- US President Barack Obama in his final press conference as president, defending his decision to commute the setence of Chelsea Manning, a former US army intelligence analyst who was jailed for 35 years for leaking classified files. Manning will now be released in May.


"I want to be clear: what I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market. Instead, we seek the greatest possible access to it though a new comprehensive, bold and ambitious free trade agreement."
- UK Prime Minister Theresa May in a landmark speech in 17th January, 2017, which put an end to any suggestion the UK would try to make what's been referred to as a "soft Brexit" when it leaves the EU.


“We Europeans have our fate in our own hands."
- German Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking after US President-elect Donald Trump said in an interview that NATO was obsolete and suggesting other European countries would follow Britain and leave the EU (as quoted on The Guardian on 16th January, 2017)


"[The Participants] reaffirmed that a negotiated solution with two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security, is the only way to achieve enduring peace."
- From a controversial joint communique issued after representatives of more than 70 nations and international organisations at a "Conference for peace in the Middle East" in Paris on 15th January, 2017.


“As far as hacking, I think it was Russia."
- US President-elect Donald Trump, speaking at a news conference on 11th January, 2016, in which he conceded for the first time that he believed Russia had carried out cyberattacks during the US presidential election but rejected other reports that Moscow had gathered compromising personal and financial information on him (as quoted on The New York Times on 11th January, 2017)


"The central tenet of my belief - the thing that shapes my approach - is that there is more to life than individualism and self-interest."
- UK Prime Minister Theresa May in her most significant policy speech for months (as quoted on BBC on 9th January, 2017)


"When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose."
- US actress Meryl Streep, speaking as she received a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes on 9th January, 2017, in comments relating to an incident involving US President-elect Donald Trump in which he has been accused of mocking a disabled reporter. Mr Trump, who has denied the claims, later tweeted that Ms Streep was "one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood".


"I have nothing to hide - I have not broken any of the rules."
- Australian Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley, speaking after agreeing to stand aside from her position during an investigation into her travel claims, including a number of tax-payer funded flights to the Gold Coast (as quoted on ABC on 9th January, 2017). 


“Australia is committed to building a strong Defence relationship with Indonesia, including through cooperation in training. We will work with Indonesia to restore full cooperation as soon as possible."
- Australian Defence Minister Marise Payne in a statement released on 4th January, 2017, following news that the Indonesian military had suspended joint operations with its Australian counterparts, citing "technical matters", after Indonesian military members reported finding insulting teaching materials while in Australia.


"[A] kidney now is probably going to sell for about $100,000"
- Griffith University's Dr Campbell Fraser who says that Syrian refugees desperate for passage to Europe are selling their organs on the black market to pay for it with the profits going to organised crime and terrorist organisations (as quoted by the ABC on 4th January, 2017).


"It is a sin that shames us."
- Pope Francis, referring to the sexual abuse of children by priests, in a 28th December letter to Roman Catholic bishops worldwide in which he condemned all forms of oppresion and exploitation of children (as quoted by Vatican Radio).


"Despite our best efforts over the years, the two-state solution is now in serious jeopardy...If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic, it cannot be both and won't ever really be at peace."
- US Secretary of State John Kerry in comments in which he defended the US decision last week to abstain from - and not veto - a UN Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jeruslam.

"For over an hour, Kerry obsessively dealt with settlements and barely touched upon the root of the conflict -- Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries."
- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responding to Mr Kerry's speech which he said was "skewed against Israel". (Both as quoted on the CNN on 29th December, 2016).


"We must never repeat the horrors of war again, this is the solemn vow the people of Japan have taken."
- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, in a visit to the US naval base at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, where, as the first Japanese Prime Minister to visit the site, he offered "sincere and everlasting condolences" to the victims of Japan's attack on the base on 7th December, 1941 (as quoted on the BBC on 28th December, 2016)


"The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes."
- US President-elect Donald Trump in a tweet after Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia needed to bolster its nuclear potential. A spokesman for Mr Trump later said he was referring to the need to prevent nuclear proliferation.


“The killings committed by [President Duterte of the Philippines], by his own admission, at a time when he was a mayor, clearly constitute murder. It should be unthinkable for any functioning judicial system not to launch investigative and  judicial proceedings when someone has openly admitted being a killer.” 
- UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, speaking on 20th December, 2016, after last week's admission by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte that he had killed people while serving as mayor of the city of Davao.


"After so many delaying tactics and obstruction, this resolution should finally allow the full respect of international humanitarian law in Syria."
- French President Francois Hollande, speaking after the UN Security Council voted to send monitors to watch over evacuations from the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo (as quoted on SMH on 20th December, 2016)


"Aleppo is now a synonym for hell...[W]e have collectively failed the people of Syria. Peace will only prevail when it is accompanied by compassion, justice and accountability for the abominable crimes we have seen."
- Outgoing UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in his final press conference in the role at the UN headquarters in New York City, on 16th December, 2016.


"There is absolutely no justification whatsoever for the indiscriminate and savage brutality against civilians shown by the regime and by it's Russian and Iranian allies."
- US Secretary of State John Kerry, accusing the Syrian Government of carrying out "nothing short of a massacre" against citizens in east Aleppo, adding that "last thing anyone wants to see and the world will be watching is that that small area turns into Srebrenica". (as quoted on ITV on 15th December, 2016).


"I go around in Davao [on] a big bike and I would just patrol the streets and looking for trouble. I was really looking for an encounter to kill."
- Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte in comments in which he said he used to hunt suspects on his motorcycle, shooting people on the spot, when mayor of Davao with the goal of encouraging police officers to do the same (as quoted on the SMH on 15th December, 2016)


“According to the latest information that we received in the last hour, military actions in eastern Aleppo are over.”
- Vitaly Churkin, Russia's ambassador to the UN, speaking to reporters in New York City on 13th December, 2016.


"Our most serious shortcoming - and here I refer to the entire international community - is our inability to prevent crises. The United Nations was born from war. Today, we must be here for peace."
- Incoming UN Secretary-General António Gueterres in a speech made to the UN General Assembly on taking the oath of office in New York City on 12th December, 2016.


“Northern Ireland must not be allowed to become collateral damage of Brexit”.
- Tim Boswell, chairman of a UK House of Lords EU committee, in an interview with The Guardian following the release of a committee report on the impact of Brexit (as quoted in The Guardian on 12th December, 2016)


“In many parts of the Western world disadvantage is now an intergenerational reality, and all the aspirations that we once commonly shared, that we might, irrespective of how we were born into society, have an opportunity through the education system to achieve the things that might have been our potential, for an increasing number of people that doesn’t seem to be how it works anymore.”
- Archbishop Philip Freier, Anglican primate of Australia, speaking at an 'Archbishop’s Conversation' event held on 30th November, 2016, at Federation Square in Melbourne (as quoted in The Melbourne Anglican on 6th December, 2016)


“We predict that the number of victims will increase, considering a large number of people are still trapped under debris."
- Indonesian National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho speaking to journalists on 7th December, 2016, in reference to a magnitude 6.5 earthquake which struck in Aceh at about 5am on 7th December, killing almost 100 people (as quoted in The Jakarta Post on 7th December, 2016)


"I think there are tensions, there has been fighting, but I wouldn't put it the way some have done."
- Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in an interview with the BBC in which he said he would not describe violence being committed against Myanmar's Rohingya minority as "genocide". The interview followed a trip by Mr Annan to Rakhine State.


“[I] owe no debt to a party. I owe a debt to my children to leave them a nation they can trust.”
- Republican presidential elector, Christopher Suprun, in an article in The New York Times on 5th December, 2016, in which he said he intends to vote against Donald Trump when casting his vote in the electoral college on 19th December in an attempt to stop the President-elect from entering the White House.


"The 'one China' principle is the political basis of the China-US relations."
- A statement from a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman in which he said the country had made "stern representations" with the US after President-elect Donald Trump took a phone call from Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, in a reference to the policy, recognised by the US since 1979, under which China claims Taiwan as part of its territory (as quoted on CNN on 4th December, 2016)


"On behalf of the United Nations, I want to say very clearly we apologise to the Haitian people. We simply did not do enough with regard to the cholera outbreak and its spread in Haiti. We are profoundly sorry for our role."
- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon over the organisation's role in the deadly cholera outbreak which has killed around 10,000 people in the nation since 2010.


"I think President Trump and the new administration need to be wary of Russian promises."
- John Brennan, director of the CIA, in an interview with the BBC (as quoted on BBC on 30th November, 2016)


"I eat two eggs a day, and that's it. And cookies. But I do not eat much because I have no teeth."
- Italian Emma Morano who at 117-years-old, is the last known person alive to have been born in the 19th century (as quoted on Today on 1st November, 2016)


"Nobody can think about peaceful solutions in these circumstances."
- George Sabra, chief negotiator for the Syrian opposition forces after rebels were driven by eastern Aleppo by the Syrian Government and its allies (as quoted on BBC on 29th November, 2016)


“You cried out when 50,000 refugees were at the Kapikule border [in Bulgaria]. You started asking what you would do if Turkey would open the gates. Look at me - if you go further, those border gates will be open. You should know that.”
- Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a speech made on 25th November, 2016, speaking apparently in response to a European Parliament move, in a non-binding vote, to suspend talks on Turkey entering the EU (as quoted in The New York Times on 25th November, 2016)


"After the October 9th assassinations of nine border guard police, the military and the BGP [border guard police] engaged in collective punishment of the Rohinga minority, killing men, shooting them, slaughtering children, raping women, burning and looting houses..."
- John McKissock, an official with the UN Refugee Agency, speaking in an interview with the BBC about circumstances he says has forced many Rohingya in Rakhine state to flee to the Bangladeshi border. The Government of Myanmar has denied the claims.


"The point that I was making is that we should call out the small number within the community – within the Lebanese community – who are doing the wrong thing."
- Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton after earlier saying that the Fraser Government had made mistakes in letting some migrants into Australia from the Lebanese Civil War in the 1970s in which he referred to advice that 22 of 33 terrorism offenders were second and third-generation Lebanese-Muslim Australians (as quoted by Sydney Morning Herald on 24th November, 2016)


“I think there is some connectivity. Some, something. It depends on how much.” 
- US President-elect Donald Trump, in an interview with The New York Times on 22nd November, 2016, with regard to the connection between human activity and climate change (as quoted by New York Times writer Mike Grynbaum).


“I am more or less at my wit’s end...I had hoped to say today that last month I put it all on the table and frankly it’s still just as terrible and leave it at that – shame on us all for not acting to stop the annihilation of eastern Aleppo and its people and much of the rest of Syria too."
- Stephen O’Brien, UN emergency relief coordinator, in a briefing to the UN Security Council in New York on 21st November, 2016, in reference to the ongoing conflict in Aleppo, Syria.


“I don’t give a damn what the president of the United States wants to do or anybody else wants to do. We will not waterboard. We will not do it."
- US Senator John McCain, addressing an international security forum on 19th November, 2016 (as quoted in The Guardian on 20th November, 2016)


“And I don’t expect that the president-elect will follow exactly our blueprint or our approach, but my hope is that he does not simply take a realpolitik approach."
- US President Barack Obama, speaking at a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in reference to his hopes for Mr Trump's presidency (as quoted on New York Times on 17th November, 2016)


“I know how ridiculous it is for me to be on this stage accepting this award. But if I didn’t know how ridiculous it was, I did have the blessed internet to remind me.”
- U2 frontman Bono, after he won an award for Man of the Year at Glamour's Woman of the Year awards in Los Angeles, referring to some of the criticism he has taken as a result (as quoted on News.com.au on 16th November, 2016)


“We cannot tell anything about what he’s going to do, but if...he is going to fight the terrorists, of course we are going to be ally, natural ally in that regard with the Russian, with the Iranian, with many other countries."
- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in an interview with Portuguese television, in his first comments following Donald Trump's victory in the US election (as quoted on The Guardian on 15th November, 2016)


"First of all we want safety and I think the United States is a safe place for us."
- Pakistani refugee Naeem Udin, receiving news of the deal Australia has brokered to resettle refugees now on Manus Island and Nauru in the US (as quoted on ABC on 15th November, 2016)


“You are surrounded! Park Geun-hye, come out and surrender!”
- Protestors, chanting in the South Korean capital of Seoul, at a mass march on 12th November, 2016, in which they called for President Park Geun-hye's resignation following a scandal surrounding a presidential advisor (as quoted on New York Times on 12th November, 2016)


"If we don't manage to re-launch agriculture then in three to four months we'll find ourselves with a major food crisis."
- Haiti's interim President Jocelerme Privert, speaking with regard to the country's recovery in the wake of last month's devastating hurricane (as quoted on BBC on 11th November, 2016)


"I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans."
- President-elect Donald Trump in his acceptance speech following his election as 45th US president.


"As a son, it is something that I have been praying for for many, many years. Even equally, it's important with the belief that this was for the healing process in this country."
- Philippines former senator Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos, Jr, speaking to CNN after the country's Supreme Court controversially ruled the body of his father, former President Ferdinand Marcos, could be buried in the country's Heroes' Cemetery (as quoted on CNN on 8th November, 2016)


"I urge all Australians to reject these cruel and unnecessary measures. We need to build a more just, humane and effective society in dealing with the complex issues of asylum seekers and protection of refugees. Inflicting pain on a small group of people who have not caused any damage is not worthy of all Australians."
- Roman Catholic Bishop Vincent Long, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference delegate for migrants and refugees, in a statement issued in reference to the Australian Government's proposal measures banning refugees who arrived in Australia by boat after 19th July, 2013, from every applying for a visa. 


"We are very concerned that ISIL intends to use these families to shield themselves from air strikes."
- A spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, speaking on 4th November, 2016, with regard to reports followers of the so-called Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIL) had been transporting trucks full of abducted civilians in Iraq to battle zones.


“The government does not have power under the crown’s prerogative to give notice pursuant to article 50 for the UK to withdraw from the European Union.”
- UK lord chief justice, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, in a decision handed down in the high court on 3rd November, 2016, which ruled Parliament alone has the power to trigger Brexit by notifying the EU of the UK's intention to resign its membership of the body. The decision is being seen as a huge setback for PM Theresa May who had insisted the government alone would decide when to trigger the process following the Brexit referendum in June.


"Religious freedom is more than just freedom from persecution; it is the freedom to choose how to express our understanding of our relationship with God."
- Justin Welby, Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, in a keynote address given at an interfaith event in Abu Dhabi on 2nd November, 2016.


"It is pure politics designed to appease the xenophobes. It is without any policy merit in dealing with the real policy challenges all countries face today in what is now a global refugees crisis. And it does nothing to help those refugees left to rot for more than three years, who should be resettled now."
- Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd in an opinion piece in Fairfax media outlets referring to the Federal Government's proposed legislation to ban people being held in asylum seeker detention centres on Nauru or Manus Island from ever entering Australia (as quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald on 2nd November, 2016).


"The spiritual experience of Martin Luther challenges us to remember that apart from God, we can do nothing."
- Pope Francis, speaking at an event commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in Sweden on 31st October, 2016  (as quoted on ABCNews on 31st October, 2016).


"We don’t know the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails."
- FBI director James B Comey in a letter to Congress written on 28th October, 2016, notifying the body of an FBI bid to search the emails of former congressman Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife (and Hillary Clinton aide) Huma Abedin, with regard to an investigation into Ms Clinton's use of a private email server. The timing of the letter has promoted an outcry from Clinton supporters and applause from those in the camp of rival US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump (as quoted in The Washington Post on 30th October, 2016).


"I just find this a joke, and I'm getting sick and tired of the crap that is coming out of this government in regard to Indigenous Affairs."
- Warren Mundine, the Prime Minister's top Indigenous advisor, responding to news of a new inquiry into Indigenous imprisonment rates in Australia (as quoted on 9News on 27th October, 2016).


"Climate change is happening now and it's having a tangible impact on Australia."
- Karl Braganza, manager of the Bureau of Meteorology's climate monitoring, speaking as the bureau and CSIRO release the country's fourth State of the Climate report (as quoted on The Sydney Morning Herald on 27th October, 2016).


"Should the rights of Muslim daughters not be protected? Should Muslim mothers and sisters not be given protection? Should Muslim sisters not be given equal rights?"
- India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a speech in which he said it was the Indian Government's constitutional "duty" to ensure Islamic women have rights. The speech was made against the backdrop of a constitutional challenge to a practice which allows Islamic men to unilaterally divorce their wives simply by saying so three times (as quoted on ABC on 25th October, 2016).


"I have come to this conclusion with regret, but the best interests of the Commonwealth can be served only when its first and second law officers enjoy each other's complete trust and confidence within a mutually respectful relationship."
- Australia's Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson in a letter in which he resigned from office, claiming his relationship with Attorney-General George Brandis was "irretrievably broken" (as quoted on ABC on 25th October, 2016).


“The people are going to snap...Sugar is like rice and oil and wheat. You can never run out of it. You can never mess with it. Who can live without sugar?”
- Egyptian Ahmad el-Gebaly who runs a subsidised goods store in the Cairo neighbourhood of Bulaq, speaking in reference to the sugar shortage taking place in Egypt (as quoted on The New York Times on 20th October, 2016)


“I will tell you at the time. I'll keep you in suspense."
- US presidential candidate Donald Trump, speaking in the third debate between the two presidential candidates with regard to the issue of whether he would accept the US election result if he lost.


"I think the first priority is with relation to peace. The lack of peace is the most dramatic problem we are facing in today’s world. We have seen a multiplication of new conflicts; old conflicts never die."
- Incoming UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, in an interview with UN media on 19th October, 2016.


"We know they are being used as human shields, absolutely. They are being held there against their will. We have not seen any change in the last day of people leaving or fleeing."
- Pentagon spokesman US Navy Captain Jeff Davis, speaking on 18th October, 2016, with regard to claims so-called Islamic State fighters are stopping civilians from leaving Mosul as Iraqi forces continue in an operation to retake the city.


“On Nauru, the Australian Government runs an open-air prison designed to inflict as much suffering as necessary to stop some of the world’s most vulnerable people from trying to find safety in Australia."
- Anna Neistat, Amnesty International’s senior director for research, following the release of a report Island of Despair detailing what the organisation claims is a "deliberate and systematic regime of neglect and cruelty" on Nauru. The Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Border Protection said the claims have been refuted on numerous occasions.


“Bhumibol was a towering presence whose contribution to Thailand, and the rest of the region, is beyond words."
- Najib Razak, the prime minister of Malaysia, following the death of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej at the age of 88 after a reign lasting 70 years (as quoted on The Guardian on 14th October, 2016)


“In my opinion, the only real alternative to a hard Brexit is no Brexit. Even if today hardly anyone believes in such a possibility.”
- European Council President Donald Tusk, speaking about the departure of the UK from the European Union (as quoted on the Financial Times on 14th October, 2016)


"If Donald Trump is elected, on the basis of what he has said already and unless that changes, I think it's without any doubt that he would be dangerous from an international point of view."
- UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, speaking to reporters (as quoted on ABC on 13th October, 2016)


"Actors on all sides appear more and more willing to resort to violence to achieve their ends."
- Maman Sidikou, head of a UN peace-keeping mission, speaking about the Democratic Republic of Congo, to the UN Security Council this week (as quoted by the BBC on 12th October, 2016)


“Hundreds have died. At least 1.4 million people need assistance at this time. Some towns and villages have been almost wiped off the map. Crops and food reserves have been destroyed. At least 300 schools have been damaged."
- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, speaking at UN headquarters in New York City on 10th October, 2016, with regard to the devastating impact Hurricane Matthew has had on the Caribbean island nation of Haiti.


"I’ve seen a lot of death, but not this thing. This is shocking and this is what makes you feel you are not living in a civilized world.”
- Photographer Aris Messinis, who was on board a vessel involved in the rescue of more than 11,000 would-be migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Africa to Europe this week (as quoted in The New York Times on 5th October, 2016).


"There is no escape. It is like the end of the world."
- An unnamed resident of Aleppo, in Syria, speaking last month as fighting continues in various parts of the city between Russian-backed government and rebel forces (as quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald on 5th October, 2016).


“Malcolm Turnbull, our PM, took the first opportunity to lecture South Australians about the dangers of renewable energy, and for the Labor states in promoting unrealistic renewable energy targets."
- South Australian Premier Mike Weatherill, speaking to reporters in regard to the recent statewide blackout following the release of a report which Mr Weatherill said pointed the finger at extreme weather and not renewable energy as the cause (as quoted in The Guardian on 5th October, 2016).


“Brexit should not just prompt us to think about our new relationship with the European Unionl. It should make us think about our role in the wider world. It should make us think of Global Britain, a country with the self-confidence and the freedom to look beyond the continent of Europe and to the economic and diplomatic opportunities of the wider world."
- UK Prime Minister Theresa May, speaking to the Conservative Party Conference in the UK on 2nd October, 2016 (as quoted in The Telegraph on 3rd October, 2016).


"The government initiated the referendum, so both politically and legally the outcome is binding."
- A Hungarian Government spokesman, speaking after only 43 per cent of the population took part in a referendum on mandatory EU migrant quotas which, while less than half of eligible people voted, resulted in almost 98 per cent in support of the government's call to reject the EU plan (as quoted on BBC on 3rd October, 2016).


“By killing the parish priest in a small village, the narcos assert their authority in a brutal way. Not even the traditional, spiritual authority of the priest is respected: narcos alone rule."
- Pablo Mijangos y González, a historian at the Centre for Research and Teaching of Economics in Mexico, speaking after three Catholic priests were kidnapped killed in the country in a week (as quoted in The Guardian on 29th September, 2016).


"As the State of Israel mourns Mr Peres, I hope that his memory and many years of service will inspire us all to work with ever greater urgency for peace and reconciliation between peoples. In this way, his legacy will truly be honored and the common good for which he so diligently labored will find new expressions, as humanity strives to advance on the path towards enduring peace."
- Pope Francis in a telegram to Israeli President Reuvin Rivlin following the death of Shimon Peres, former president and prime minister of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, who died on 28th September, 2016, after a stroke.


"I am staggered that so many conservative or evangelical Christians would see a man who is a bully, who made his money by casinos, who has had several wives and several affairs…That they would somehow paint him as a hero, as someone that we could stand behind."
- US Christian author and speaker Philip Yancey, speaking in an interview with Evangelical Focus, about US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (as published on 23rd September, 2016).


"I would like to ask for forgiveness for all the pain that we have caused during this war."
- FARC leader Timoleon Jimenez, speaking as the Colombian Government and representatives of the guerilla group signed an historic peace agreement which brings to an end 52 years of war in which some 260,000 people were killed (as quoted on BBC on 27th September, 2016)


"Instead of peace, Russia and Assad make war. Instead of getting life-saving aid to Syrians, Russia and Assad are bombing hospitals and first responders."
- Samantha Power, US ambassador to the UN, accusing Russia of telling the UN Security Council lies about its role in Syria.


"It is unacceptable in a world of plenty that nearly 800 million people still suffer from hunger. This represents a collective moral and political failure."
- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, speaking to a high-level event on 'Pathways to Zero Hunger' at UN headquarters in New York City, on 22nd September, 2016.


"Now, once again, it is a time of determined hope for Myanmar...And these dreams and aspirations echo those that had led to the founding of the United Nations."
- Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, speaking on 21st September, 2016, in the first speech given by a civilian representative of Myanmar to the UN General Assembly in more than 50 years.


"Some argue the future favours the strong man. I believe this thinking is wrong. History shows that strong men are then left with two paths: Permanent crackdown, which sparks strife at home, or scapegoating enemies abroad, which can lead to war."
- US President Barack Obama in his farewell speech to the UN General Assembly on 20th September, 2016.


"The bitter truth is, this summit was called because we have been largely failing. Failing the long-suffering people of Syria, in not ending the war in its infancy. Failing others in now-chronic conflict zones, for the same reason. Failing millions of migrants who deserve far more than lives marked by cradle-to-grave indignity and desperation."
- UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein addressing the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants on 19th September, 2016.


"We regret the loss of life and injury to any Syrian personnel affected."
- Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after Australian planes were involved in an air strike which killed as many as 90 Syrian soldiers who have been fighting the so-called Islamic State (as quoted on ABC on 19th September, 2016)


"It's not just another crisis, it might be an existential crisis."
- French President Francois Hollande, speaking on 16th September, 2016, with regard to the crisis facing the European Union after the British decision to exit (as quoted in The New York Times on 16th September, 2016)


"I will not apologise to you, I will not apologise to anyone."
- Australian Senator Pauline Hanson, speaking after her maiden speech to Parliament, in which she said Australia was in danger of being "swamped by Muslims", promoted criticism including a walk-out by Greens senators.


"Through his decision-making in the National Security Council, former Prime Minister David Cameron was ultimately responsible for the failure to develop a coherent Libya strategy."
- The UK's House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee in a report criticising the intervention of the UK and France in Libya in 2011, which led to the overthrow of leader Muammar Gaddafi (as quoted in the report).


"Every Pyongyang district, particularly where the North Korean leadership is possibly hidden, will be completely destroyed by ballistic missiles and high-explosive shells as soon as the North shows any signs of using a nuclear weapon."
- An unnamed military source, speaking after North Korea last week undertook its 5th nuclear test (as quoted by South Korea's Yonhap News Agency on 11th September, 2016)


"That should put an end to the barrel bombs, an end to the indiscriminate bombing of civilian neighborhoods."
- US Secretary of State John Kerry announcing a plan for a ceasefire in Syria along with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva on 9th September, 2016. The ceasefire is to come into effect on the evening of 12th September, 2016 (as quoted on CNN on 10th September, 2016)


"We have little hope that the UN-coordinated humanitarian response might operate independently of the political priorities of the Syrian government ."
- From a position paper signed by 73 NGOs working on the humanitarian response to the crisis in Syria and neighbouring countries in which they claim the Syrian Government has had "a significant and substantial influence" on the performance of UN agencies based in Damascus, say they are suspending their cooperation with the UN and demand an immediate and transparent investigation into its operations in Syria.


"I'm appalled at talk about treaty, that will be so divisive and will fail."
- Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, speaking at the National Press Club on 7th September, 2016, about the prospect of a treaty between the Australian Government and Indigenous Australians.


"It's condescending because we're too quick to put a tag on the fact that someone hasn't got that ultimate make-up, two arms and two legs."
- Retired Australian Paralympian Don Elgin saying that paralympians are sick of being called 'courageous' in an interview on 7th September, 2016 (as quoted on ABC on 7th September, 2016).


"Mother Teresa loved to say, 'perhaps I don't speak their language but I can smile'. Let us carry her smile in our hearts and give it to those whom we meet along our journey, especially those who suffer."
- Pope Francis, in his homily at the canonisation Mass of Mother Teresa, held in St Peter's Square in Vatican City on 4th September, 2016 (as quoted on Vatican Radio on 4th September, 2016).


“He used us as props.”
- Republican Jacob Monty, speaking about why he left US presidential candidate Donald Trump's Hispanic advisory council (as quoted on The New York Times on 1st September, 2016)


"We should not be so delicate as to say Daesh and Islamist terrorism have ‘got nothing to do with Islam’...At the same time there is nothing to be gained by rashly fixing labels and pre-empting the findings of complex investigations...We must not link all Muslims with the crimes of a terrorist minority – that is precisely what the extremists want us to do."
- Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, in a statement on counter-terrorism initiatives made in the Australian Parliament on 1st September, 2016.


"Australia used to tell others to respect international law. They must now show us that they also abide by international law."
- Xanana Gusmao, the "father of East Timorese independence", speaking outside the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague which is hearing a case concerning maritime boundaries in the Timor Sea (as quoted on ABC on 31st August, 2016)


“You described people who weren’t in favour of changing the definition of marriage as ‘haters who come out from under rock’. Can I ask you not to speak like that?” 
- Ian Powell, rector of St Matthew’s Church in the Canberra suburb of Wanniassa, speaking after an ecumenical service to mark the opening of the Australian Parliament (as quoted on News.com.au on 30th August, 2016)


"[W]e were hoping for some sun."
- Cyprien Verseux, one of six people who spent a year living in an isolated habitat on the island of Hawaii as part of a simulation to help scientists better prepare for deep space missions such as a trip to Mars, overheard as he left the habitat on Sunday (as quoted on NBC on 28th August, 2016)


"The town is no more."
- Sergio Pirozzi, mayor of the central Italian town of Amatrice, speaking to Italian state broadcaster RAI in the wake of Wednesday's earthquake in central Italy (as quoted on CNN on 25th August, 2016)


"This poses a grave threat to Japan's security, and is an unforgivable act that damages regional peace and stability markedly."
- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, speaking after North Korea launched a ballistic missile from a submarine early on 24th August, 2016 (as quoted on SMH on 24th August, 2016)


"She came out and she apologised, I don't hold grudges — I forgive her for what she's done and I think everyone else should as well."
- Adelaide Crows player Eddie Betts after a Port Adelaide supporter threw a banana at him during an AFL game at Adelaide Oval on Saturday (as quoted on ABC on 24th August, 2016)


"I am back!"
- Australian Senator Pauline Hanson as she arrived at Parliament House on 23rd August, 2016, as one of 14 new senators taking part in a 'school' aimed at helping them learn about their new role.


“Here comes the UN, easily swayed, and coming with a very stupid proposition. Why would the United Nations be so easily swayed into interfering in the affairs of this republic?”
- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in response to criticism of his 'war' on illegal drugs which has reportedly claimed hundreds of lives (as quoted on TIME on 18th August, 2016). He has since threatened to leave the UN and said he would invite China and African nations to join a new international body.


"I am trying to be one of the greatest. Be among [Muhammad] Ali and Pele."
- Jamaican runner Usain Bolt, winner of both the 100 metre and 200 metre sprints at the Rio Olympics - the third consecutive time he has won both events at an Olympics, speaking after winning the latter.


"Every war, every conflict, has an operation, a battle which captured the public imagination - the most dramatic battle, and costly, in which Australia was involved during the course of the Vietnam War was the battle of Long Tan. It's become a battle which has come to symbolise the Vietnam War, and the legacy from ANZAC which was carried by those young Australians."
- Brendan Nelson, director of the Australian War Memorial (as quoted on ABC on 18th August, 2016).


"It's an untenable situation for it to remain the way it is."
- Toby O'Brien, a former child protection officer for Save the Children, speaking to the BBC after more than 100 former employees at Australia's offshore detention centres signed a letter calling for asylum seekers to be brought to Australia (as quoted on BBC on 17th August, 2016).


"The fact is we are overwhelmed with a feeling of depression. It's like being beaten and being stopped from crying. You helplessly watch your daughter but there is nothing you can do. It's a real heartache."
- Samuel Yaga, father of abducted schoolgirl Serah Samuel, talking to the BBC's Hausa service, as terror group Boko Haram released another video showing some of the schoolgirls abducted from the Nigerian town of Chibok (as quoted on BBC on 14th August, 2016).


"I accept and even support their right to have a peaceful assembly in a park — across the road even. But to come in and violate our sacred space and traumatise our congregation is simply unacceptable."
- Anglican minister Rod Bower, speaking after an anti-Islamic group invaded a service at the Gosford Anglican Church on Sunday (as quoted on ABC on 15th August, 2016).


"No, I meant he's the founder of ISIS. I do. He was the most valuable player. I give him the most valuable player award."
- US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump responding to a question by a US radio host asking whether, when he initially said Barack Obama was the "founder of ISIS" (another name for the so-called Islamic State), he actually meant he "created the vacuum, he lost the peace" (as quoted on CNN on 11th August, 2016).


"This was not an attack, nor was it a hack."
- Australian Small Business Minister Michael McCormack at a press conference on 10th August, 2016, explaining what the denial of service operations - which led to the closure of the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Census website on 9th August - were not. The comment was at odd with the words of cyber security advisor Alistair McGibbon who told ABC radio it was "definitely an attack, but not a hack" (as quoted on 9News on 11th August, 2016).


"We are convinced that in the Oval Office, he would be the most reckless President in American history."
- Fifty Republican foreign policy and national security experts in a letter denouncing Donald Trump's presidential candidacy and pledging not to vote for him (as quoted on CNN on 9th August, 2016)


"Every day you would witness scenes of crushed skulls, dismembered bodies, mutilated limbs, dead children. That's everyday life for the people of Aleppo."
- Orthopedic surgeon Samer Attar, one of two Chicago-based doctors from the Syrian American Medical Society who testified to the UN Security Council on 8th August, 2016 (as quoted in Deutsche Welle on 8th August, 2016)


"Director Fernando Mereilles and his team delivered a sobering call to address global warming and deforestation cloaked in a stirring multicultural celebration of tolerance."
- Hollywood Reporter's David Rooney, in his TV review of the Opening Ceremony at the Rio Olympic Games (as quoted from the Hollywood Reporter on 5th August, 2016)


"ISIL [another acronym for the so-called Islamic State] has not had a major successful offensive operation in Syria or Iraq in a full year".
- US President Barack Obama, speaking at a press conference in Washington, DC, on 4th August, 2016, in which he also spoke of the possibility of attacks by a lone actor or small cells.


“We recognised that the gas was chlorine as we have experienced it many times before.”
- Laith Fares, a civil defence worker in the rebel-held town of Saraqib, Syria, speaking after claims surfaced that barrel bombs containing chlorine gas were dropped on the town late on Monday night (as quoted in The Australian on 3rd August, 2016).


“Australia’s atrocious treatment of the refugees on Nauru over the past three years has taken an enormous toll on their well-being."
- Michael Bochenek, senior counsel on children’s rights at Human Rights Watch, speaking following a joint investigation with Amnesty International into the treatment of refugees on the Pacific Island.


“While our party has bestowed upon him the nomination, it is not accompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us."
- US Republican Senator John McCain, in a rebuke to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after Mr Trump belittled the Muslim parents of a US soldier who died for his country in Iraq after they spoke at the Democratic National Convention (as quoted on the New York Times on 1st August, 2016)


"I'm almost levitating, it's incredible."
- American Luke Aikins who became the first person to jump from 25,000 ft (7,620m) without a parachute, landing in a specially made net, in southern California on 30th July, 2016.


"I didn’t say it would be easy. I said back then, and I’ll say it again, that we can manage our historic task - and this is a historic test in times of globalisation - just as we’ve managed so much already, we can manage it."
- German Chancellor Angela Merkel in comments defending her policy allowing hundreds of thousands refugees into Germany last summer, made after a spate of terror-related attacks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe in recent days (as quoted in The Guardian on 28th July, 2016)


"We must not be afraid to say the truth, the world is at war because it has lost peace. When I speak of war I speak of wars over interests, money, resources, not religion. All religions want peace, it's the others who want war."
- Pope Francis, speaking ahead of a visit to Poland following the murder of a Catholic priest in France on Tuesday (as quoted on BBC on 27th July, 2016)


"There will be no let-up in this campaign. Double your efforts. Triple them, if need be. We will not stop until the last drug lord, the last financier, and the last pusher have surrendered or put behind bars or below the ground, if they so wish."
- Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte in his first State of the Nation address, speaking about his crackdown on drugs which human rights groups say has already claimed the lives of almost 300 suspected users and pushers (as quoted on GMA News on 25th July, 2016)


"If one of us were to have been found to have treated our children in this way we would probably be charged with a criminal offence and the children taken away from us."
- Australia's Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs, speaking on Monday night after the ABC's Four Corners program aired footage of the treatment of juveniles at a detention centre in Darwin in 2014 (as quoted by SMH on 26th July, 2016)


"It's a significant blow to the fight for integrity in the Olympic movement and the rights of clean athletes."
- United States Anti-Doping Agency head Travis Tygart, speaking after the International Olympic Committee decided not to impose a blanket ban on Russian athletes at the Rio Olympics but to leave decisions on individual competitors to sports federations (as quoted by SkySports on 25th July, 2016)


"This measure is in no way against democracy, the law and freedoms. On the contrary it aims to protecty and strengthen them."
- Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking after declaring a three month state of emergency following a failed coup (as quoted by SMH on 21st July, 2016)


"I'm afraid that there is such a rich thesaurus now of things that I have said that have been one way or another...somehow misconstrued that it would really take me too long to engage in a fully global itinerary of apology to all concerned."
- Boris Johnson, newly named as the UK's Foreign Secretary, responding to questions over whether he would apologise to world leaders, including UK President Barack Obama, about disparaging remarks he has previously made about them (as quoted by Reuters on 19th July, 2016)


"As citizens of this great nation, it is kindness, love and compassion for each other that will bring us together - and keep us together. These are the values Donald and I will bring to the White House."
- Melania Trump, wife of would-be US presidential candidate Donald Trump, in a speech at the Republican National Convention in the US which has since come under fire for similarities, elsewhere in her talk, to one given by Michelle Obama in 2008 (as quoted by News24 on 19th July, 2016)


"I've come to buy what I can't find in the country - rice, beans, lentils, sugar, toilet paper...We're only eating once a day."
- Elizabeth Perez, 47, who is among thousands of Venezuelans who crossed in Colombia on Sunday to buy food and medicines now unavailable in her own economically-stricken country (as quoted by Reuters on 17th July, 2016)


"Do you support a non-democratic coup" (or an) or “increasingly non-democratic leader?"
- Richard N. Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, in the wake of the attempted coup in Turkey which has sparked a harsh crack-down on opposition by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (as quoted in the New York Times on 15th July, 2016)


"Like all of us, Australians would have no doubt preferred a clearer outcome last night. I remain quietly confident that a majority Coalition government will be returned."
- Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, speaking on Sunday follow Saturday's inclusive federal election in Australia (as quoted on ABC on 3rd July, 2016)


"What I'm very sure of is that, while we don't know who the winner was, there is clearly one loser: Malcolm Turnbull's agenda for Australians and his efforts to cut Medicare. We want to make the 45th parliament work."
- Australia's Opposition leader Bill Shorten, speaking 3rd July, 2016, following Australia's inconclusive federal election (as quoted on SMH on 3rd July, 2016).


"In a free and democratic process, the British people have expressed their wish to leave the European Union. We regret this decision but respect it...We now expect the United Kingdom government to give effect to this decision of the British people as soon as possible, however painful that process may be. Any delay would unnecessarily prolong uncertainty."
- A joint statement by Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, Mark Rutte, Holder of the Presidency of the Council of the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission following he UK's Brexit vote, speaking on 24th June, 2016.


"The fight is not over. This is just one step of when we come back here on July the 5th we're going to continue to push, to pull, to stand up, and if necessary, to sit down. So don't give up, don't give in. Keep the faith, and keep your eyes on the prize."
- US politician John Lewis, speaking on 23rd June, 2016, after he and other Democrats ended a day-long sit-in in the US House of Representatives in an attempt to force a vote on the issue of gun control (as quoted on CNN on 24th June, 2016).


"Where we see hatred, where we find division, where we see intolerance we must drive it out of our politics and out of our public life and out of our communities."
- UK Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking after MP Jo Cox, a vocal supporter of the UK remaining part of the EU, was killed in a daylight attack in a street in her northern English constituency village of Birstall on 16th June, 2016.


"We were shocked by the number of displaced people and we weren't prepared to receive them. We secured tents for some of them but the rest, including women and children, are sleeping on the ground under the sun. Their situation is a tragedy."
- An unnamed Iraqi aid worker, speaking with regard to the tens of thousands of people who have fled their homes since the Iraqi Government launched an attack against what was an Islamic State stronghold (as quoted on SBS on 20th June, 2016)


"Although it's still early in the investigation, we know enough to say that this was an act of terror and an act of hate."
- US President Barack Obama, speaking after at least 50 people were killed and scores more injured in a mass nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, in the early hours of 12th June, 2016.


"Each and every killer will be brought to book."
- Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, vowing to bring an end to a wave of killings targeting minorities in the country (as quoted on BBC on 11th June, 2016)


"Muhammad Ali shook up the world. And the world is better for it."
- US President Barack Obama, speaking after champion boxer Muhammad Ali died on 3rd June, 2016, at the age of 74. A procession and funeral will be held for him this week.


"I intend to specify that among these so-called 'serious reasons' is the negligence of bishops in the exercise of their functions, especially in cases of sexual abuse of minors or vulnerable adults."
- Pope Francis in a papal decree saying that while canon law already allows bishops to be removed for negligence, he wants a more precise definition of the reasons that could led to the dismissal of a Roman Catholic bishop (as quoted on BBC on 4th June, 2016)


"We sincerely apologise for our serious mistakes."
- Australian 60 Minutes reporter Michael Usher, speaking on Sunday night's program  (29th May, 2016), in reference to a story on a custody dispute which saw four members of its crew and others involved in the case detained temporarily in a Beirut jail on charges of kidnapping.


"It's time that Europe had the courage to offer safe alternatives that allow these people to come without putting their own lives or those of their children in danger."
- Tommaso Fabri, of Medicins San Frontieres, speaking as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee said more than 700 people had drowned - and about 14,000 rescued - in the past week trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea (as quoted on ABC on   30th May, 2016)