28th September, 2020
Drop in income, globally, in the first nine months of 2020: 10.7 per cent ($US3.5 trillion)
Source: ILO


25th September, 2020
Amount of food lost, globally, between harvest and retail: About 14 per cent
Source: FAO


24th September, 2020
Size of a proposed fine agreed under a deal between Australian financial crime watchdog AUSTRAC and bank Westpac to settle more than 23 million alleged breaches of anti-money laundering laws: $A1.3 billion (the biggest fine in Australian corporate history)


23rd September, 2020
Number of unidentified bodies in Mexico's morgues as a result of the country's crackdown on organised crime: Almost 39,000
Source: Via The Guardian


22nd September, 2020
Proportion of world's population that live in countries which have signed up to the COVAX program to spread the risk and costs of vaccine development and provide their populations with early access to vaccines: About 64 per cent
Source: WHO


21st September, 2020
Proportion of carbon emissions attributed to the world's richest one per cent: 15 per cent (more than twice the seven per cent attributed to the poorest half of humanity)
Source: Oxfam report


18th September, 2020
Additional estimated number of children plunged into poverty, globally, due to the coronavirus pandemic: About 150 million (taking the global total to 1.2 billion)
Source: UNICEF/Save the Children


17th September, 2020
Forecast decline in air traffic, worldwide, in 2020: 55 per cent
Source: International Air Transport Association


16th September, 2020
Number of consecutive months which have recorded tempoeratures above the 20th century average, globally: 428
Source: World Meteorological Organization


15th September, 2020
Number of journalists killed covering protests around the world since 2015: 10
Source: UNESCO


14th September, 2020
Proportion of English doctors who expect a second peak of coronavirus cases in the country in the next six months: More than 85 per cent
Source: British Medical Association poll


11th September, 2020
Number of people affected by severe flooding in west and central Africa in recent weeks: 760,000
Source: Reuters


10th September, 2020
Number of people who face being displaced by 2050 thanks to population growth, lack of access to food and water and increased exposure to natural disasters: More than a billion
Source: Institute for Economics and Peace's Ecological Threat Register


9th September, 2020
Number of acres burnt in wildfires in the US state of California so far this year (a record number): More than two million
Source: Cal Fire


8th September, 2020
Number of young people and adults lacking basic literary skills, globally: About 733 million
Source: International Literacy Day


7th September, 2020
Percentage of the world's population exposed to polluted air: 92 per cent
Source: International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies


4th September, 2020
Proportion of children who are obese or overweight in EU and OECD countries: Roughly one in three
Source: UNICEF


3rd September, 2020
Number of people intercepted by the UK Border Force crossing the English Channel to the UK via irregular means on Wednesday: 409 people (a single day record)
Source: BBC


2nd September, 2020
Documented cases of torture and ill treatment of people detained in police custody in Belarus after the disputed 9th August election: 450
Source: UN experts


1st September, 2020
Number of people pardoned in Venezuela, including opponents of the regime of Nicolás Maduro who are currently in prison or have fled the country: 110 people
Source: Via The Guardian


31st August, 2020
Number of new COVID-19 cases reported India on Sunday: 78,761 (a global daily record)
Source: Reuters


28th August, 2020
Reduction in visitor arrivals in the US state of Hawaii during July due to the coronavirus pandemic around the world: Down 98 per cent (compared to July, 2019)
Source: Hawaii Tourism Authority via AP


27th August, 2020
Number of jobs in the tourism sector, worldwide, at direct risk because of the coronavirus pandemic: 120 million
Source: UN


26th August, 2020
Number of consecutive days Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been in office (setting a new record for a Japanese PM): 2,799 (as of 24th August)
Source: TIME


25th August, 2020
Number of buildings affected by the 4th August explosion at Beirut's port: At least 8,000 (including some 640 historic buildings, about 60 of which are at risk of collapse)
Source: UNESCO


24th August, 2020
Proportion of people in a UK survey who said a country that develops a COVID-19 vaccine should share that knowledge: 82 per cent
Source: Savanta ComRes for anti-poverty organisation The ONE Campaign (via Reuters)


21st August, 2020
Amount of mass lost by Greenland's ice sheet in 2019: 532 gigatonnes
Source: Communications Earth and Environment via CNN


20th August, 2020
Number of people who have fled their homes due to violence in Burkina Faso this year: 453,000 (taking the total to more than a million)
Source: UNHCR


19th August, 2020
Weight of tiny plastic fragments floating in the Atlantic Ocean: Between 12 and 21 million tonnes
Source: UK's National Oceanography Centre (via BBC)


18th August, 2020
Hottest air temperature recorded worldwide in at least 100 years: 54.4 degrees Celsius (in Death Valley in California's Mojave Desert on 16th August, 2020)
Source: Reuters, quoting US National Weather Service data


17th August, 2020
Growth in elephant numbers in Kenya between 1989 and 2018 thanks in part to increased anti-poaching efforts: From 16,000 to more than 34,000
Source: Kenya Wildlife Service


14th August, 2020
Number of children who don't have access to basic handwashing facilities at schools, globally: Almost 820 million


13th August, 2020
Drop in the UK's economy during the second quarter of 2020: 20.04 per cent (the biggest of any of the world's major economies)
Source: Via ABC


12th August, 2020
Number of posts removed from Facebook in the second quarter of this year or sharing false information about coronavirus: 7,000,000
Source: Via Reuters


11th August, 2020
Proportion of the global population aged between 15 and 24: 16 per cent (about 1.2 billion)
Source: UN


10th August, 2020
Number of Indigenous people worldwide: 476 million people
Source: UN


7th August, 2020
Number of cases of COVID-19 now recorded in India: Two million (with India last million cases recorded in just 20 days, the fastest yet of any country)


6th August, 2020
Number of domestic workers whose livelihood is under threat as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic: More than 55 million people including 37 million women
Source: ILO


5th August, 2020
Number of locusts killed in East Africa so far this year in measures undertaken to prevent them destroying crops: More than 400 billion
Source: FAO


4th August, 2020
Number of children in the Caribbean who were displaced from their homes due to storms between 2010 and 2019: 895,000
Source: UNICEF


3rd August, 2020
Number of coronavirus cases in South Africa (more than 50 per cent of all cases in Africa): More than 500,000 (with more than 8,000 deaths)


31st July, 2020
Amount of compensation awarded to white farmers in Zimbabwe whose land was expropriated by the government to resettle black families: $US3.5 billion
Source: Reuters


30th July, 2020
Number of people reported on Wednesday to have died from coronavirus (COVID-19) in Brazil during the previous 24 hours: 1595 (a new record, although the figure included the most populous state of Sao Paulo reporting two days of deaths due to a glitch).
Source: AP


29th July, 2020
Decline in the prevalence of potentially deadly hepatitis B in children under five: To under one per cent (down from five per cent in the pre-vaccine decades between the 1980s and early 2000s.
Source: WHO


28th July, 2020
Amount of time it took coronavirus cases globally to double to 16 million: Six weeks
Source: WHO


27th July, 2020
Number of children impacted by monsoon rains, flooding and landslides in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal: More than four million
Source: UNICEF


24th July, 2020
Number of people believed to be detained and forcibly disappeared in Syria: More than 130,000
Source: UN


23rd July, 2020
Average years of life expectancy taken from those who have died from COVID-19 in Australia between 25th January and 31st May: 17 years (men)/14 years women
Source: AIHW via The Age


22nd July, 2020
Area of forests, globally, lost worldwide over the past 30 years: About 178 million hectares
Source: FAO


21st July, 2020
Number of people from South America's Indigenous peoples who have died of COVID-19 as of 6th July, 2020: More than 2,000 (from more than 60,000 cases)
Source: WHO


20th July, 2020
Number of countries which could see hunger reach "devastating" levels in the next few months: 25
Source: WFP/FAO


17th July, 2020
Number of women in prisons around the world: More than 700,000
Source: OHCHR


16th July, 2020
Proportion of 82 countries which took part in a survey and reported disruptions in their immunisation programs related to the pandemic: Three quarters
Source: UN


15th July, 2020
Number of human rights defenders and community social leaders killed in Colombia since a landmakr peace agreement was signed in 2016: 686
Source: UN Verification Mission


14th July, 2020
Number of people in the UK who were unable to attend a funeral during the coronavirus lockdown: 9.7 million
Source: Co-op FuneralCare estimate


13th July, 2020
Number of new coronavirus cases detected in Florida in a 24 hour tally announced on Sunday: 15,299 (a new record for any US state)


10th July, 2020
Number of people forced to flee their homes in Burkina Faso as of June, 2020, due to violence : 921,000 (a 92 per cent rise on 2019 data)
Source: UNOWAS


9th July, 2020
Number of coronavirus cases detected in the US since the start of the outbreak: More than three million (with 132,000 deaths)
Source: Johns Hopkins tally


8th July, 2020
Proportional drop in working hours globally in the second quarter of 2020: 14 per cent (equal to 400 million full-time jobs)
Source: ILO


7th July, 2020
Proportion of businesses who took part in a UN survey which believe they have targets that are sufficiently ambitious to meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030: 39 per cent
Source: United Nations Global Compact 


6th July, 2020
Proportion of children and adolescents in Argentina expected to be living in poverty by the end of 2020 due to the impact of coronavirus: 58.6 per cent (up from 53 per cent at the end of 2019)
Source: Roberto Valent, UN coordinator in Argentina (via Reuters)


3rd July, 2020
Number of US states which have seen increases in coronavirus cases in the past two weeks (compared to the previous two weeks): 37
Source: Reuters analysis


2nd July, 2020
Number of people killed in Philippines in police and vigilante operations between 1st July, 2016, and 31st January this year: Possibly more than 25,000
Source: Michelle Bachelet, UN human rights chief


1st July, 2020
Number of Chinese-made apps which have been banned in India following recent border clashes : 59 (including TikTok and WeChat)
Source: BBC


30th June, 2020
Number of near-Earth asteroids discovered to date: Some 16,000
Source: NASA


29th June, 2020
Number of civilians killed in conflicts in Mali in the year to 21st June: 580
Source: OHCHR


26th June, 2020
Number of people killed in the second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo's history (which has been officially declared over this week): 2,280
Source: WHO


25th June, 2020
Number of job losses announced at Australia airline carrier Qantas to help the company navigate through the coronavirus crisis: 6,000
Source: Qantas


24th June, 2020
Probable record high temperature reached in the Russian Arctic Circle town of Verkhoyansk last weekend: 38 degrees Celsius
Source: World Meteorological Orgainisation


23rd June, 2020
Proportion of the world's 258 million widows who live in extreme poverty: Almost one in 10
Source: International Widow's Day


22nd June, 2020
Number of new COVID-19 cases reported to World Health Organization, worldwide, on 21st June, 2020 (the largest single day increase): More than 183,000
Source: WHO


19th June, 2020
Number of children, globally, who were victims of homicide in 2017: Some 40,000
Source: Global Status Report on Preventing Violence Against Children 2020


18th June, 2020
Number of additional people projected to be pushed into extreme poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean this year due to coronavirus impacts: 16 million (taking the total to 83 million)
Source: FAO/ECLAC report


17th June, 2020
Number of people affected by land degradation, worldwide: 3.2 billion 
Source: UNCCD


16th June, 2020
Number of people whose lives are improved thanks to the flow of remittances sent home by 200 million people working overseas: 800 million
Source: UN


15th June, 2020
Number of seafarers who have been stranded at sea for months due to the coronavirus: Up to 200,000 (of the estimated two million around the world)
Source: ILO


12th June, 2020
Number of COVID-19 cases in Africa (as of 11th June, 2020): More than 200,000 (with 5,600 deaths)
Source: WHO


11th June, 2020
Amount by which the global economy is expected to shrink this year: 5.2 per cent
Source:  World Bank


10th June, 2020
Number of people who could be pushed into extreme poverty if countries fell to act immediately: Almost 50 million
Source:  UN Secretary-General António Guterres


9th June, 2020
Estimated number of lives saved by coronavirus lockdowns in Europe: 3.1 million
Source:  Imperial College London study


5th June, 2020
Number of cases of Ebola detected in a new outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (as of 3rd June, 2020): Eight (with four deaths)
Source: WHO


4th June, 2020
Number of countries which have imposed border restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic to stop the spread of the disease: More than 150
Source: UN


3rd June, 2020
Number of countries which have reported partially or fully re-assigning health ministry staff working on non-communicable diseases to support their country's COVID-19 response: 94 per cent
Source: WHO


2nd June, 2020
Number of species of land animals found to be on the brink of extinction and likely to be lost in the next 20 years: Some 515
Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America


1st June, 2020
Number of coronavirus cases now reported in Brazil, now the second highest in the world after the US: More than 500,000
Source: John Hopkins University tally


29th May, 2020
Rate of black people killed in police shootings in the US since 1st January, 2015: 30 per million people (compared with 22 per million for Hispanics and 12 per million for white people)
Source: Washington Post analysis (via Forbes)


28th May, 2020
Number of people in the US who have now died as a result of the coronavirus outbreak: More than 100,000


27th May, 2020
Amount needed to continue giving life-saving assistance to millions of people in Yemen for the next six months: $US870 million
Source: World Food Programme


26th May, 2020
Number of coronavirus cases in Brazil, now the second highest number in the world (after the US which has more than 1.6 million cases): More than 374,000
Source: John Hopkins University tally


25th May, 2020
Amount earned by tennis player Naomi Osaka in the last 12 months from prize money and sponsorship (more than any other female athelete in history): $US37 million
Source: Forbes


22nd May, 2020
Estimated number of plant and animal species threatened with extinction worldwide: 1,000,000
Source: UNEP


21st May, 2020
Proportion of the world's tea produced in China in 2016 (the world's biggest tea producer): 43 per cent
Source: FAO


20th May, 2020
Proportion of the world's crops which rely at least in part on animal pollinators: More than 75 per cent
Source: World Bee Day


19th May, 2020
Proportion of the world's museums which have been temporarily closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic: Almost 90 per cent
Source: UNESCO


18th May, 2020
Amount for which basketball legend Michael Jordan's autographed"Air Jordans" from 1985 sold for in an online auction: $US560,000
Source: Sotherbys


15th May, 2020
Proportion of US workers claiming unemployment benefits: A quarter
Source: Via BBC


14th May, 2020
Amount governments of nuclear armed states spent on nuclear arms in 2019: $US72.9 billion ($35.4 billion by US alone)
Source: ICAN


13th May, 2020
Size of a coronavirus-related economic rescue package announced by the Indian Government: 20 trillion rupees ($US264 billion)
Source: Via BBC


12th May, 2020
Number of professional nurses worldwide: 19.3 million
Source: WHO


11th May, 2020
Number of people who live in slums or informal settlements, worldwide: 1.2 billion
Source: FAO


8th May, 2020
Proportion of the world's workers affected by coronavirus lockdowns: 81 per cent
Source: ILO


7th May, 2020
Number of people out of work in India in April: 122 million
Source: Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy (via BBC)


6th May, 2020
Projected number of people who will be living in places with "extreme" high temperatures by 2070: More than three billion
Source: Study via BBC


5th May, 2020
Weekly cost of measures taken to mitigate the spread of coronavirus in Australia: $A4 billion
Source: Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg


4th May, 2020
COVID-19 fatality rate for people over 80-years-old compared to the global average: Five times higher
Source: UN


1st May, 2020
Number of ventilators in South Sudan: Four (One for every three million people)
Source: Plan International Australia


30th April, 2020
Closest asteroid (52768) 1998 OR2 will pass to Earth at 7.56pm (AEST): 6.3 million kilometres
Source: Via ABC


29th April, 2020
Drop in number of previously anticipated international travellers around the world by September, 2020: 1.2 billion
Source: International Civil Aviation Organization


28th April, 2020
Number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan conflict in the first quarter of 2020 (the lowest first quarter figure since 2012): 533, including 150 children
Source: UNAMA


27th April, 2020
Number of people who downloaded Australia's controversial new coronavirus tracing app with five hours of its release on Sunday: One million
Source: Australian Government


24th April, 2020
Decline in insect numbers since 1990: 25 per cent
Source: Research published in Science (via The Guardian)


23rd April, 2020
Number of countries where people faced acute food insecurity in 2019: 55
Source: FAO


22nd April, 2020
Number of people executed in Saudi Arabia in 2019: 184 (the most in the kingdom since records began)
Source: Amnesty International


21st April, 2020
Benchmark US oil price on 20th April (as it went below zero for the first time in history): -$US35.20 per barrel


20th April, 2020
Number of tourism-related jobs at risk globally as a result of the coronavirus crisis: Up to 75 million
Source: World Travel and Tourism Council


17th April, 2020
Number of countries which have so far reported no cases of coronavirus (which experts say could be due to poor identification systems, censorship or a genuine absence of cases): 15
Source: Via ABC


16th April, 2020
Number of travel restrictions announced around the world in response to the coronavirus pandemic: Almost 46,000
Source: International Organization for Migration


15th April, 2020
Average age for hetrosexual marriage in the UK, men and women in 2017 (most recent data): 38 and 35.7-years-old
Source: UK Office for National Statistics


14th April, 2020
Percentage of Americans who see the spread of infectious diseases as a "major threat" compared to global climate change: 79 per cent to 60 per cent
Source: Pew Research


9th April, 2020
Number of cases of coronavirus in Africa (as of 8th April): More than 10,000 (with more than 500 deaths)
Source: WHO


8th April, 2020
Proportion of the global 3.3 billion workforce whose jobs have been affected by full or partial workplace closures during the coronavirus outbreak: 81 per cent
Source: ILO


7th April, 2020
Percentage of the health workforce globally who are women: Some 70 per cent
Source: UN


6th April, 2020
Size of the UN's coronavirus crisis appeal to boost resilience in developing nations: $US2.5 trillion
Source: UNCTAD


3rd April, 2020
Number of people in the Arab region - now home to 101.4 million people living in poverty - who will also pushed into poverty due to the impacts of coronavirus: A further 8.3 million
Source: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia


2nd April, 2020
Number of children displaced from their homes, globally, including internally displaced, refugees and asylum seekers: About 31 million
Source: UNICEF


1st April, 2020
Proportion of Americans now living under a lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 crisis: About 75 per cent
Source: Via BBC


31st March, 2020
Number of cruise ships, some carrying passengers, stranded at sea as ports around the world refuse them entry due to the coronavirus: More than a dozen
Source: Via CNN


30th March, 2020
Number of prisoners pardoned in Ethiopia as a measure to help prevent coronavirus spread: More than 4,000
Source: Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde


27th March, 2020
Number of jobless people who registered for unemployment benefits in the US, in the week to 21st March, 2020 (a new high): Almost 3.3 million
Source: US Department of Labor


26th March, 2020
Proportion of the world's population who have no health insurance or access to national health services: Almost 40 per cent
Source: ILO


25th March, 2020
Number of people who died from tuberculosis in 2018, globally: 1.5 million
Source: WHO


24th March, 2020
Estimated number of stateless people who are to acquire citizenship in Uzbekistan following the passing of a new law: 50,000
Source: UNHCR


23rd March, 2020
Number of people who live without safe drinking water, worldwide: One in three
Source: UN


20th March, 2020
Number of children born with Down syndrome globally each year: 3,000 to 5,000
Source: UN


19th March, 2020
Number of staff being temporarily laid off at Australian airline Qantas as it suspended all international flights and almost two-thirds of domestic flights due to the coronavirus outbreak: 20,000
Source: Reuters


18th March, 2020
Estimated number of people globally who die each year as a result of being exposed to secondhand smoke: One million
Source: Study in the journal JAMA Network Open (via CNN)


17th March, 2020
Drop on the US Dow Jones stock index on 16th March, 2020, in the worst day since "Black Monday", 1987: 12.9 per cent


16th March, 2020
Proportion of the world's road traffic deaths which involve pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists: Almost half
Source: WHO


13th March, 2020
Number of people in Syria who require ongoing assistance as the conflict enters its 10th year: Some 11 million
Source: UN


12th March, 2020
Number of people who have fled Nicaragua in the past two years as "serious" social and political crises have gripped the country: More than 100,000
Source: UNHCR


11th March, 2020
Estimated likely cost of the coronavirus impact to the global economy in 2020: $US1 trillion ($US2 trillion under a "Doomsday scenario")
Source: UNCTAD


10th March, 2020
Drop on the US Dow Jones on Monday, its heaviest one day loss since the 2008 global financial crisis: 7.8 per cent or 2,104 points to 23,851
Source: Washington Post


9th March, 2020
Number of countries which have enacted legal and regulatory reforms in support of gender equality in the past decade: 131
Source: UN Women


6th March, 2020
Number of students whose schooling has been disrupted as a result of school closures in 13 countries due the spread of the coronavirus: More than 290 million (as of 5th March, 2020)
Source: UNESCO


5th March, 2020
Proportion of detected human trafficking victims worldwide who are female: 70 per cent (mostly in circumstances of sexual exploitation)
Source: UNICEF


4th March, 2020
Size of a World Bank pledge to help developing countries grappling with tackling coronavirus: $US12 billion
Source: World Bank 


3rd March, 2020
Proportion of the world's beaches which could be lost to erosion by 2100 if action is not taken to mitigate climate change: Up to half
Source: EU Joint Research Center


2nd March, 2020
Number of people whose cases were finalised in Australian criminal courts in 2018-19: 576,101
Source: ABS


28th February, 2020
Diameter of the 'mini Moon' which has been found orbiting Earth: 1.9 to 3.5 metres
Source: ABC


27th February, 2020
Estimated number of Australians living with dementia: 459,000
Source: Dementia Australia


26th February, 2020
Number of crop seed varieties now housed in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway: A million (as of this week)
Source: Reuters


25th February, 2020
Proportion of people in Venezuela who are not getting enough to eat: One in three
Source: WFP (via The Guardian)


24th February, 2020
Proportion of the world's population who do not have access to education in a language they speak or understand: 40 per cent
Source: UN


21st February, 2020
Number of people in Haiti who require humanitarian assistance: 4.6 million
Source: UN Special Representative Helen La Lime


20th February, 2020
Percentage of all workers, globally, who lack any kind of employment contract: More than 60 per cent
Source: ILO


19th February, 2020
Date by which Singapore is aiming to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles as part of its efforts to cut greenhouse gases and fight climate change: 2040
Source: Reuters


18th February, 2020
Average monthly number of people who travelled from the Horn of Africa to Yemen last year in an apparent bid to reach Gulf states (making it the busiest maritime migration path in the world): 11,500
Source: IOM


17th February, 2020
Size of the biggest haul of cocaine ever seized in Costa Rica: More than five tonnes
Source: Via Sky News


14th February, 2020
New highest temperature recorded in Antarctica: 20.75 degrees Celsius (on Seymour Island)
Source: Via The Guardian


13th February, 2020
Number of children globally living in countries affected by fighting: About 250 million
Source: UN


12th February, 2020
Indigenous child mortality rate in Australia: 141 per 100,000 (twice that of non-Indigenous children)
Source: Closing the Gap report (via ABC)


11th February, 2020
Number of school students enrolled in Australia in 2019: 3,948,811
Source: ABS


10th February, 2020
The fastest subsonic New York to London journey, achieved by a British Airways flight over the weekend of 8th and 9th February, 2020: Four hours, 56 minutes
Source: FlightRadar24 via BBC


7th February, 2020
Number of people displaced in Syria since 1st December, 2019, as a result of ongoing bombing and shelling: 586,000
Source: OCHA


6th February, 2020
Number of refugees resettled through the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, in 2019: 63,696 (about 4.5 per cent of all refugees needing resettlement)
Source: UNHCR


5th February, 2020
Number of homeless students enrolled in public school districts in the US in 2017-18 (highest in a decade): 1,508,265
Source: National Center for Homeless Education


4th February, 2020
Degree to which Indigenous and tribal communities around the world are more likely to be living in extreme poverty than others: Three times
Source: ILO


3rd February, 2020
Number of palidrome days (in which the dates reads the same back to front) this century (including in the US and other countries which put the month ahead of the day): 1 - Sunday, 02.02.2020


31st January, 2020
Number of cervical cancer deaths which could be averted in the next 100 years if HPV vaccinations, cervical screening and treatments are rapidly deployed in 78 of the world's poorest countries: 62 million
Source: Studies via Guardian


30th January, 2020
Number of US military personnel suffering from traumatic brain injuries after an Iranian attack on a US base in Iraq on 8th January: 50
Source: Pentagon via BBC


29th January, 2020
Number of seconds elapsing before another child dies of pneumonia around the world: 39
Source: UNICEF


28th January, 2020
Number of schools closed in Burkino Faso, Mali and Niger as a result of armed conflict and insecurity as of the end of 2019: More than 3,000
Source: UNICEF


27th January, 2020
Size of the world's largest windfarm, nearing completion off the English coast: 174 wind turbines (which will generate enough power for a million homes)
Source: Via CNN


24th January, 2020
Death toll from the White Island volcano eruption in New Zealand on 9th December following two more deaths: 20
Source: Reuters


23rd January, 2020
Amount by which the average income in North America is higher than that of sub-Saharan Africa: 16 times
Source: UN World Social Report 2020


22nd January, 2020
Number of men who own as much wealth as all the 325 million women in Africa: 22
Source: Oxfam


21st January, 2020
Number of people, globally, who work fewer hours than they would like: Almost 500,000,000
Source: International Labour Organization study


20th January, 2020
Size of just one locust swarm in north-east Kenya as East Africa faces its worst outbreak in 25 years: 60 by 40 kilometres
Source: Via ABC


17th January, 2020
Number of people facing hunger in southern Africa: A record 45 million
Source: WFP


16th January, 2020
Estimated number of children in Europe who suffer some form of physical, sexual, emotional or psychological violence: At least 55 million
Source: WHO


15th January, 2020
Number of human rights defenders killed in Colombia in 2019: At least 107 (with an additional 13 to be verified)
Source: OHCHR


14th January, 2020
Number of stars visible to the human eye: About 9,000 (of billions)
Source: Sky and Telescope


13th January, 2020
Number of people killed when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti 10 years ago on 12th January, 2010: About 220,000
Source: UN


10th January, 2020
Number now killed in a measles outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the start of 2019: More than 6,000
Source: WHO


9th January, 2020
Increase in polio cases, globally, 2018 to mid-December, 2019: 28 to 113
Source: WHO


8th January, 2020
Length of a massive "star nursery" discovered about 500 light years from the Sun: More than 9,000 light years (and 400 light years wide)
Source: Nature


7th January, 2020
Estimated cost of bushfire damage in Australia since September: More than $A700 million
Source: Insurance Council of Australia (via ABC)


6th January, 2020
Estimated number of animals killed in bushfires in the Australian state of New South Wales since September: Some 480 million
Source: Professor Chris Dickman, University of Sydney


3rd January, 2020
New record "warmest day" for Norway in January: 19 degrees Celsius
Source: Via BBC


2nd January, 2020
Estimated net worth of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world at the end of 2019: $US115 billion
Source: Bloomberg Billionaire Index


31st December, 2019
Number of UN-verified "grave violations" against children in conflicts in the first half of 2019, worldwide: More than 10,000
Source: UNICEF


30th December, 2019
Number of mass killings in the US in 2019 (the highest number of incidents since the 1970s in which four or more people have been killed): 41 (resulting in 211 deaths)
Source: Via ABC


24th December, 2019
Amount expected to spent on Christmas festivities in the US this year: More than $US1 trillion
Source: Via World Economic Forum


23rd December, 2019
Estimated amount of food crops, globally, which are lost to pest and diseases, annually: Up to 40 per cent
Source: FAO


20th December, 2019
The highest average maximum temperature across Australia (set on 18th December, 2019, breaking an earlier record of 40.9 degrees Celsius set the previous day): 41.9 degrees Celsius
Source: Via Guardian


19th December, 2019
Amount the original Olympic Games Manifesto - an 1892 speech given by Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin - has sold for at a New York auction: $US8.8 million
Source: Reuters


18th December, 2019
Number of Indigenous languages dying every month: Two
Source: Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, president of the UN General Assembly


17th December, 2019
Proportion of people, globally, who are overweight: Almost 2.3 billion
Source: WHO study


16th December, 2019
Number of people in South Sudan the World Food Programme fears could be going hungry in early 2020: More than 5.5 million
Source: WFP


13th December, 2019
Depth of an ice-filled canyon in East Antarctica, under the Denman Glacier (the deepest point on continental Earth): 3.5 kilometres below sea level
Source: Via BBC


12th December, 2019
Percentage of the world's population who live in mountains: 15 per cent
Source: International Mountain Day


10th December, 2019
Estimated number of people who have died, in addition to the 3,000 instantly killed, as a result of conditions related to the Union Carbide factory explosion in Bhopal, India, on 2nd December, 1984: 20,000
Source: The Guardian


9th December, 2019
Estimated number of people taking part in anti-government protests in Hong Kong on Sunday (the largest since last month's elections), according to the Civil Human Rights Front: 800,000 (police estimated the crowd at 183,000)
Source: Reuters


6th December, 2019
Number of homes destroyed by bushfires in the Australian state of New South Wales this fire season so far: More than 680
Source: NSW Rural Fire Service (via ABC)


5th December, 2019
Amount of soil eroded every five seconds, globally: Equivalent of a soccer field
Source: World Soil Day


4th December, 2019
Number of people expected to receive food aid in Zimbabwe by January thanks to an ongoing drought: 4.1 million
Source: WFP


3rd December, 2019
Amount the Indian island nation of Comoros, one of the world's poorest countries, is seeking to raise at a conference for investors this: €4.2 billion
Source: Reuters


2nd December, 2019
Estimated cost of humanitarian aid to the international community if the war in Yemen continues for another five years: $US29 billion
Source: NGOs via The Guardian


29th November, 2019
Amount of money sent back to their homes by migrants around the world in 2018: $US689 billion
Source: IOM


28th November, 2019
Number of Islamic State militants accused of Yazidi massacres in northern Iraq which have been identified by UN investigators so far: 160
Source: Via Reuters


27th November, 2019
Number of diplomatic posts China has around the world (the most of any nation): 276 posts and 96 consulates
Source: 2019 Lowy global diplomatic index


26th November, 2019
Number of countries which have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: 196 (with the US a signatory)
Source: UN


25th November, 2019
Proportion of women and girls worldwide who experience physical or sexual abuse in their lifetime: One in three
Source: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women


22nd November, 2019
Number of people who have died this year in the world's largest measles outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Almost 5,000
Source: WHO


21st November, 2019
Proportion of children, globally, that live in cities: 55 per cent (compared with 43 per cent in 1989)
Source: UNICEF


20th November, 2019
Number of people displaced due to violence in the Sahel nations of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso: Almost one million
Source: WFP


19th November, 2019
Increase in deforestation in Brazil's Amazon rainforest in the 12 months to July, 2019 (compared with the previous 12 months): 29.5 per cent (to 9,762 square kilometres)
Source: Brazil's INPE space research agency (via Reuters)


18th November, 2019
Number of people globally who die in road accidents annually: More than 1.3 million
Source: UN


15th November, 2019
Number of confirmed cholera cases recorded in Haiti in the past nine months (following a nine year outbreak): Zero
Source: UN Special Envoy Josette Sheeran


14th November, 2019
Size of the US household debt: $US13.95 trillion (a record)
Source: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Center for Microeconomic Data


13th November, 2019
Number of people in Latin America and the Caribbean who die annually from diet-related diseases including diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular illnesses: 600,000
Source: FAO


12th November, 2019
Estimated number of young refugees and migrants who arrived in Italy as unaccompanied children between 2014 and 2018, and who have since turned 18 and now require support: 60,000
Source: UNICEF


11th November, 2019
Number of biodegradable poppies released over the white cliffs of Dover to mark Remembrance Sunday in the UK: 750,000


8th November, 2019
Number of climate scientists who have signed a scientific paper in the journal BioScience declaring a climate emergency: More than 11,000
Source: Via ABC


7th November, 2019
Proportion of veterans who experienced homelessness after leaving the Australian Defence Forces between 2001 and 2018: 5.3 per cent
Source: AHURI


6th November, 2019
Number of Cameroonians affected by a fast-growing humanitarian crisis as a result of ongoing fighting in the country's northwest and southwest: Some 1.9 million
Source: UNICEF


5th November, 2019
Distance the two Voyager spacecraft have now travelled from Earth: More than 16 billion kilometres
Source: Via BBC


4th November, 2019
Amount won by Australian - and world women's tennis number one - Ash Barty at the WTA Finals in China: $US4.42 million (the biggest winner's cheque in tennis history
Source: Via ABC


1st November, 2019
Number of people in southern Africa who are projected to be "food insecure" in the next six months: About 45 million (a record level)


31st October, 2019
Amount mental health issues and suicide is costing Australia every day in lost productivity: Estimated $A500 million
Source: Productivity Commission draft report


30th October, 2019
Number of days it took 36-year-old Nepalese man Nirmal Purja to climb the world's 14 highest peaks (a new record): 189
Source: Via ABC


29th October, 2019
Increase in the number of women in the workforce in Latin America ocer the past 30 years: 11 per cent
Source: International  Labour Organization


28th October, 2019
Number of pregnancies found to be unplanned in a study involving 10,000 women across 36 low and middle income countries: About a quarter
Source: WHO


25th October, 2019
Drop in number of children, worldwide, affected by polio since 1988: By 99 per cent
Source: UNICEF


24th October, 2019
Number of Chilean workers who earn $US550 a month or less: Half
Source: National Statistics Institute via Reuters


23rd October, 2019
Number of people displaced in north-eastern Syria as a result of the Turkish offensive: About 180,000 including 80,000 children
Source: UNOCHA


22nd October, 2019
Number of millionaires worldwide: About 47,000,000
Source: Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, 2019


21st October, 2019
Average number of civilians killed each day during fighting in Yemen in September: 13
Source: Mark Lowcock, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator


18th October, 2019
Number of people who died from tuberculosis (TB) in 2018: 1.5 million
Source: WHO


17th October, 2019
Speed at which silver ants in the northern Sahara (the fastest ants in the world) travel: Close to one metre per second
Source: Via Guardian


16th October, 2019
Proportion of children, worldwide, who are either undernourished or overweight: One in three
Source: UNICEF


15th October, 2019
Estimated number of children newly displaced in north-eastern Syria following the launch of a Turkish offensive last week: 70,000
Source: UNICEF


14th October, 2019
Percentage of seabirds, worldwide, estimated to have consumed plastic: At least 40 per cent
Source: UN


11th October, 2019
Number of women who crowded into an Iranian stadium to watch a World Cup qualifier match between Iraq and Cambodia after being allowed to buy tickets for the first time in 40 years: More than 3,000
Source: The Guardian


10th October, 2019
Number of people globally with eye conditions that could have been prevented or are still to be addressed: A billion
Source: WHO


9th October, 2019
Reduction in number of MPs in Italy as numbers are cut to save money: From 630 to 400 (and the number of senators has been reduced from 315 to 200)
Source: BBC


8th October, 2019
Number of moons now identified orbiting Saturn (seeing it surpass Jupiter, which has 79, as hosting the most in the solar system): 82
Source: The Guardian


7th October, 2019
Number of reports received by the Australian Cyber Security Centre since July: More than 13,500
Source: Australian Cyber Security Centre


4th October, 2019
Number of people who have died from a vaping-related illness in US (as of 2nd October): 18
Source: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


3rd October, 2019
Value of tariffs the US is imposing on European Union exports: $US7.5 billion
Source: BBC


2nd October, 2019
Number of people in the Bahamas still listed as missing in the wake of Hurricane Dorian (as of 28th September): About 600
Source: CNN


1st October, 2019
Size of iceberg - called D28 - which has broken off the Amery Ice Shelf in Antarctica (the biggest in 50 years): 315 billion tonnes
Source: BBC


30th September, 2019
Proportion of native European trees which are "threatened": 58 per cent
Source: International Union for the Conservation of Nature report


27th September, 2019
Number of hours it would take a proposed hypersonic 'space plane' to fly between the UK and Australia: Four
Source: UK Space Agency via CNN


26th September, 2019
Number of people who have recovered from Ebola in the latest outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo: 1,000 (out of 3,150 cases while more than 2,100 people have now died)
Source: WHO


25th September, 2019
Percentage of US adults who think members of Congress act unethically "some of the time": 64 per cent
Source: Pew Research


24th September, 2019
Number of jobs at risk worldwide following the collapse of UK travel company Thomas Cook: 22,000
Source: BBC


23rd September, 2019
Number of heads of state expected in New York for the UN Climate Summit: More than 90
Source: CNN


20th September, 2019
Estimated number of birds lost since 1970 in the US and Canada: 2.9 billion
Source: Cornell lab of Ornithology and the American Bird Conservancy study


19th September, 2019
US Federal Reserve's cut to its key interest rate on Wednesday (only the second cut since 2008): 25 basis points to between 1.75 and 2 per cent.


18th September, 2019
Number of people killed in the last decade in the context of conflicts over the use of Amazon land and resources: More than 300
Source: Human Rights Watch report


17th September, 2019
Number of people still facing food shortages in Mozambique after devastation caused by Cyclones Idai and Kenneth in March and April: Almost a million including 160,000 children under five
Source: UNICEF


16th September, 2019
Number of children of primary school age who will never set foot inside a school, globally: 12 million
Source: UNESCO


13th September, 2019
Number of people detained in the Al Hol camp in Syria, most of whom are women and children under 12: Up to 70,000
Source: UN Human Rights Council


12th September, 2019
Number of people listed as missing in the Bahamas following the impact of Hurricane Dorian: 2,500
Source: Bahamian Government


11th September, 2019
Decline in volunteering in Australia, from 2010 to 2014: From 36 per cent of Australians to 31 per cent
Source: ABS


10th September, 2019
Number of deaths in France attributed to this summer's heatwave: About 1,500
Source: French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn


9th September, 2019
Number of "living languages" spoken around the world today: About 7,000
Source: UNESCO


6th September, 2019
Proportion of Americans who report knowing someone who goes by a gender-neutral pronoun: About one in five
Source: Pew Research Center


5th September, 2019
Proportion of young people, across 30 nations, who report being bullied online: About one in three
Source: UNICEF


4th September, 2019
Estimated number of people expected to be "food insecure" in Somalia by the end of 2019 due to drought: 6.3 million
Source: FAO


3rd September, 2019
Estimated number of civilians killed in conflict in Syria since April this year: More than 500
Source: Mark Lowcock, UN emergency relief coordinator


2nd September ,2019
Proportion of refugee children, worldwide, who get a secondary education (compared with generally): 20 per cent (compared with more than 80 per cent)
Source: UNHCR


30th August, 2019
Number of nuclear weapons tests carried out, worldwide, since 16th July, 1945: Almost 2,000
Source: UN


29th August, 2019
Estimated number of giraffes left in the wild in Africa: A "few tens of thousands"
Source: CITES


28th August, 2019
Estimated amount of money the Islamic State, also known as Da'esh, still has as its disposal: Up to $US300 million
Source:  Vladimir Voronkov, of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism, in a briefing on the threat IS still poses.


27th August, 2019
Amount pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson have been fined in regard to its part in fuelling Oklahoma's opioid addiction crisis (which the company has said it will appeal): $US572 million
Source: BBC


26th August, 2019
Amount Scotland's University of Glasgow has said it will put to making amends for the historic financial support it received from people who profited from the slave trade: £20 million
Source: Reuters


23rd August, 2019
Number of years Nigeria has been free of wild, endemic polio: Three (with expectations the whole of Africa could be declared free of polio next year)
Source: WHO


22nd August, 2019
Number of humanitarian programs closing in the next two months in conflict-torn Yemen if funding doesn't become available: 22
Source: UN


21st August, 2019
What is believed to be the depth of a body of water on Europa, an ice-encrusted moon orbiting Jupiter (to which NASA is planning to travel from 2025): 170 kilometres
Source: BBC


20th August, 2019
Number of accounts, now deleted, which Twitter says China used to undermine Hong Kong protestors and calls for political change: 936
Source: Twitter


19th August, 2019
Percentage of Australians who experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress in 2017-18: 13 per cent (or about one in eight)
Source: ABS


16th August, 2019
Rise in drug-related deaths due to misuse in England and Wales in 2018 compared with 2017: 17 per cent (to 2,917)
Source: UK Office of National Statistics


15th August, 2019
Number of countries where religiously unaffiliated people reported harassment by governments, private groups or both in 2017: 23 (up from 14 in 2016)
Source: Pew Research Center report


14th August, 2019
Proportion of the global population whose education happens in a language they don't speak or fully understand: 40 per cent
Source: UN DESA Population Division


13th August, 2019
Amount spent by Australia's richest four schools on new facilitues and renovations, 2013 to 2017: $A402 million (the country's poorest 1,800 schools spent just $A370 million over the same period)
Source: ABC


12th August, 2019
Number of trees lost from US cities, annually, 2009-2014: About 36 million
Source: US Forest Service


9th August, 2019
Number of people who live in areas affected by erosion linked to climate change: 500 million
Source: IPCC


8th August, 2019
Proportion of the world's 7,000 Indigenous languages which are at risk of disappearing: 40 per cent
Source: UN-appointed experts


7th August, 2019
Loss of natural area in the US between 2001 and 2017 due to due to agriculture, energy development, housing sprawl and other human factors: 9712455.41 hectares
Source: Center for American Progress report


6th August, 2019
Amount of money generated by North Korean cyber attacks for its weapons of mass destruction programs: $US2 billion
Source: Reuters, citing a leaked UN report


5th August, 2019
Proportion of the world's population caught up in a humanitarian crisis: One in 70
Source: UNOCHA


2nd August, 2019
Additional amount the UK Government said this week it was spending on plans for a 'no deal' Brexit: £2.1 billion
Source: Reuters


1st August, 2019
Proportion of adult Twitter users in the US who follow US President Donald Trump compared with former President Barack Obama: 19 per cent/26 per cent
Source: Pew Research


31st July, 2019
Number of civilians killed by fighting in Afghanistan during the first half of 2019: 1,366
Source: UNAMA


30th July, 2019
Highest temperature ever recorded in UK (at Cambridge Botanic Garden on 25th July, 2019): 38.7 degrees Celsius
Source: UK Met Office


29th July, 2019
Amount won by 16-year-old Kyle 'Bugha' Giersdorf at a Fornite tournament held at the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium in New York (the largest ever payout to a single player in an esports tournament): $US3 million
Source: CNN


26th July, 2019
Rise in the number of Australian households renting their homes, from 1997-1998 to 2017-18: 27 per cent
Source: ABS


25th July, 2019
Record temperature in Bordeaux in France on Tuesday as Europe swelters in a heatwave: 41.2 degrees Celsius
Source: AccuWeather


24th July, 2019
Weight of elephant ivory in a record seizure made by authorities in Singapore: 8,800 kilograms (from an estimated 300 elephants)
Source: BBC


23rd July, 2019
Percentage of Americans who believe trust in the Federal Government has been shrinking: 75 per cent
Source: Pew Research


22nd July, 2019
Number of guns handed in during the first week of a buyback scheme introduced in New Zealand in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings earlier this year: More than 10,000
Source: Reuters


19th July, 2019
Number of people killed in homicides in 2017, globally, compared to those killed in armed conflicts: 464,000 and 89,000
Source: UNODC


18th July, 2019
Number of gay and transgender people murdered in Honduras since 2009: More than 300
Source: Cattrachas (via Reuters)


17th July, 2019
Change in support among US Republicans for President Donald Trump in the wake of a racially charged attack on four Democratic congresswomen of colour: Up five points to 72 per cent (with support among both Democrats and independents moving down)
Source:  Reuters/Ipsos poll


16th July, 2019
Number of deaths from the latest Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo where the first case has now been reported in the city of Goma: 1,650
Source: WHO


15th July, 2019
Death toll from floods in Nepal and India: At least 50 with more than a million displaced
Source: Via The Guardian


12th July, 2019
Number of countries or areas in which populations have dropped by one per cent or more since 2010: 27
Source: UN


11th July, 2019
Estimated proportion of Pacific Islanders who live below "basic needs poverty lines": A quarter
Source: UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development


10th July, 2019
Estimated number of people living in "extreme" poverty, worldwide: About 420 million people
Source: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres


8th July, 2019
Magnitude of an earthquake to affect much of southern California on 5th July (the largest in the region in 20 years): 7.1
Source: USGS


5th July, 2019
Monthly pay packet of the world's poorest 10 per cent of workers: $US22
Source: ILO


4th July, 2019
Rate at which the Amazon underwent deforestation last month: One-and-a-half soccer fields every minute
Source: Brazil's National Institute of Space Research (via CNN)


3rd July, 2019
Number of years since a solar eclipse has been seen from Chile's Atacama Desert (where a total eclipse was seen on Tuesday): 427


2nd July, 2019
Number of refugees who need urgent resettlement in 2020, according to UNHCR: More than 1.4 million


1st July, 2019
Number of years since Japanese fishermen last commercially hunted whales (and are about to resume after the nation withdrew from the International Whaling Commission): More than 30


28th June, 2019
Arrests in Ethiopia following an attempted coup attempt, according to state TV: Almost 250
Source: Reuters


27th June, 2019
Proportion of global drug deaths caused by opioids in 2017 (the latest figures available): Two-thirds
Source: World Drug Report


26th June, 2019
Expected temperature in France this week (a record high) as Europe experiences a heatwave: 45 degrees Celsius
Source: Météo-France (via The Guardian)


25th June, 2019
Number of asylum applications in the EU from Venezuelans between January and May: 18,400 (roughly twice that of the previous year)
Source: European Asylum Support Office (via Reuters)


24th June, 2019
Proportion of schools now closed in conflict-affected English-speaking areas of Cameroon: More than 80 per cent
Source: UNICEF


21st June, 2019
Proportion of people with epilepsy in developing countries who UN health experts say are not getting the care they need: More than seven in 10
Source: WHO


20th June, 2019
Number of people forced to flee their home every minute during 2018, globally: 25
Source: UNHCR


19th June, 2019
Number of people who have gained access to drinking water since 2000, globally: 1.8 billion
Source: UNICEF-WHO report


18th June, 2019
Number of children who have died in India's Bihar state after an outbreak of suspected viral encephalitis: More than 90
Source: BBC


17th June, 2019
Number of women and newborns who are dying every two hours from complications and childbirth and pregnancy in conflict affected Yemen: One and six
Source: UNICEF


14th June, 2019
Number of votes received by Boris Johnson, candidate for Conservative Party leader and next UK Prime Minister in first ballot of Tory MPs: 114 (compared to 43 given to nearest rival Jeremy Hunt)
Source: BBC


13th June, 2019
Number of suspected cases of measles in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the first four-and-a-half months of 2019: 87,000
Source: DRC Health Ministry (via Al Jazeera)


12th June, 2019
Score in the FIFA Women's World Cup game between the US and Thailand (the competition's biggest ever victory): 13-0 to the US


11th June, 2019
Number of plant species lost from the wild in the last 250 years: 571
Source: Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and Stockholm University (via BBC)


7th June, 2019
Number of new but curable sexually transmitted disease infections every day, globally: A million
Source: WHO


6th June, 2019
Number of Allied men landed on the beaches of Normandy during the D-Day landings in June, 1944: Almost 175,000 in 5,333 ships and landing craft
Source: History on the Net


5th June, 2019
Number of measles cases in the US so far this year (this highest since 1994): 971
Source: CDC


4th June, 2019
Temperature in Churu, in the Indian state of Rajasthan, on Sunday, as the country faces a heatwave: 50.8 degrees Celsius
Source: Via BBC


3rd June, 2019
Number of women in South Africa's new cabinet (a new record): Half
Source: Via CNN


31st May, 2019
Number of children aged under five who die annually of lower respiratory infections caused by second-hand smoke: More than 60,000
Source: WHO


30th May, 2019
Rise in Australia's minimum wage: $21.60 a week
Source: Fair Work Commission


29th May, 2019
Number of teachers involved in a mass walkout in New Zealand on Wednesday: 50,000
Source: Guardian


28th May, 2019
Number of people who have died trying to climb Mount Everest in Nepal in this year's climbing season: 11 (the latest on Monday)
Source: CNN


27th May, 2019
Number of people eligible to vote in European Union parliamentary elections: More than 400 million


24th May, 2019
Size of the payout awarded to Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush after he won a defamation case over allegations published in an Australian newspaper (a record for the country): Almost $A2.9 million


23rd May, 2019
Proportion of some 13,000 companies worldwide that say gender diversity in management improved their business: About six in 10
Source: ILO report


22nd May, 2019
Percentage of Australian men, aged 16 to 24, who believe many women who’ve said they’d been raped had instead led the man on and subsequently had regrets: Almost a third
Source: National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS) Youth report


21st May, 2019
Rise in the percentage of British people from ethnic minorities who face discrimination from January, 2016, to February, 2019: From 58 per cent to 71 per cent
Source: Opinium poll via The Guardian


20th May, 2019
Percentage of Americans who say there is at least some discrimination against evangelical Christians/Muslims/Jews in their country: 50 per cent/82 per cent/64 per cent
Source: Pew Research


17th May, 2019
Number of pieces of plastic rubbish found on the remote Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the Indian Ocean, according to a scientific survey: Estimated 414 million
Source: Nature


16th May, 2019
Amount needed for post cyclone reconstruction in Mozambique: $US3.2 billion
Source: Government officials quoted in Mozambique media


15th May, 2019
Percentage of people in eight EU states who think "all is well" with regard to immigration in Europe: Three per cent
Source: YouGov poll via Reuters


14th May, 2019
Percentage of Japanese people who support the idea of a woman becoming the country's emperor: 76 per cent
Source: Nikkei Business Daily poll


13th May, 2019
Number of human rights defenders and activists killed in Colombia in the first four months of 2019: 51
Source: OHCHR


10th May, 2019
Number of people suffering "chronic undernourishment" in the 'Near East and North Africa' region which spans the area from Morocco to Oman: More than 52 million
Source: FAO


9th May, 2019
Years since Britain last passed a week without using coal power (it did so again on Wednesday): 137
Source: Via The Guardian


8th May, 2019
Percentage of South Africans who are dissatisfied with their country's democracy: 64 per cent
Source: Pew Research


7th May, 2019
Amount Australian taxpayers give to charities: 0.36 per cent (down from 0.4 per cent in 2014-15)
Source: Community Council for Australia report


6th May, 2019
Projected size of the food crop in North Korea in 2018-19: 4.9 million metric tonnes (the lowest since 2008-09)
Source: FAO/WFP


3rd May, 2019
Rise in number of sexual assault cases across the US military in 2018: Almost 38 per cent
Source: Pentagon report (via CNN)


2nd May, 2019
Number of Venezuelans who fled into Brazil on foot on 30th April alone: Some 850 (compared to an average of 250 to 300)
Source: Brazilian Government (as quoted on Reuters)


1st May, 2019
Number of people facing a food security crisis in Angola: 2.3 million
Source: UNICEF


30th April, 2019
Number of people infected by measles in US this year (the highest total since the disease was eliminated in 2000): More than 700
Source: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


29th April, 2019
Number of Indonesian electoral staff who have reportedly died due to overwork in the wake of voting in the country's presidential election on 17th April: More than 270
Source: ABC


26th April, 2019
Number of publicly listed US companies now valued at $US1 trillion (after Microsoft joined the club): Three
Source: Guardian


24th April, 2019
Number of years United Arab Emirates woman Munira Abdulla spent in a coma after being injured in a road traffic accident before waking up: 27
Source: BBC


23rd April, 2019
Number of classrooms damaged or destroyed in Mozambique due to the impact of Cyclone Idai in April: 3,400
Source: UNICEF


18th April, 2019
Proportion of England which is owned by less than one per cent of the population, some 25,000 landowners: More than half
Source: Guardian


17th April, 2019
Number of people who have fled Nicaragua in fear of their lives during the past year as the country faces a "deep sociopolitical crisis": More than 60,000
Source: UNHCR


16th April, 2019
Increase in the number of measles cases seen worldwide in the first three months of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018: Triple
Source: WHO


15th April, 2019
Number of times the first trailer for the ninth and final film in the Star Wars saga, The Rise of Skywalker, was viewed in the first 24 hours of its release: More than 16 million
Source: ABC


12th April, 2019
Proportion of women who feel they have no choice but to agree to their partner's sexual demands in a survey of women across 51 countries: More than four in 10
Source: UNFPA


11th April, 2019
Cost of lack of sleep to the Australian economy, annually: $A26.2 billion
Source: Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia


10th April, 2019
Amount by which cherry blossom tourism boosts the Japanese economy: $US2.7 billion
Source: Bloomberg


8th April, 2019
Increase in global average life expectancy since the year 2000: From 66.5 years in 72 years
Source: WHO


5th April, 2019
Number of overseas-born people living in Australia in 2018: More than seven million
Source: ABS


4th April, 2019
Percentage of Russian households who cannot afford to own two pairs of shoes (figures which are disputed by the Kremlin): 35.4 per cent
Source: Russian statistics agency Rosstat via BBC


3rd April, 2019
Depth of the "world's deepest pool" expected to open in Mszczonow, Poland, later this year: 45 metres
Source: Via CNN


2nd April, 2019
Percentage of people, globally, facing food crises who are living in countries with conflict: 60 per cent
Source: UN


1st April, 2019
Percentage of Nigerians who plan to emigrate from their country in the next five years: 45 per cent
Source: Pew Research Center


29th March, 2019
Percentage of 28.8 million Venezuelans who live in poverty: 94 per cent
Source: Reuters citing UN document


28th March, 2019
Amount of a settlement agreed by OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma with the US state of Oklahoma following accusations it fuelled the opioid abuse epidemic in the US: $US270 million
Source: NBC


27th March, 2019
Number of confirmed planets detected around stars, known as exoplanets: Almost 4,000
Source: NASA Exoplanet Archive


26th March, 2019
Number of UN staff members from various agencies currently under arrest or being detained in various countries around the world (including several being held with charges being made explicit): About 20
Source: UN


25th March, 2019
Number of people who have signed a petition asking the British Government to revoke Article 50 and reconsider its plans to leave the EU: More than 5.3 million (as of 12am AEST)
Source: UK Government


22nd March, 2019
Economic costs of damage caused by Fall armyworm across Africa since 2016: Up to $US3 billion
Source: FAO


21st March, 2019
Size of the third fine given to Google by the EU for hindering competition: €1.5 billion
Source: CNN


20th March, 2019
Number of years before England runs ourt of water thanks to factors including population growth, poor water management and climate change: 25
Source: James Bevan, chief executive of the Environment Agency


19th March, 2019
Number of music tracks uploaded to MySpace which have been lost as the social media network lost every piece of content uploaded before 2016: More than 50 million
Source: The Guardian


18th March, 2019
Number of countries where student "climate strikes" took place on Friday, 15th March: More than 100
Source: Reports


15th March, 2019
Change in the proportion of Australians who live as a "couple family with children", 1996-2016: 54 per cent to 49 per cent
Source: ABS


14th March, 2019
Amount of money the UN is seeking to help Syrians living a "razor-edge existence" inside and outside the war-torn country: $US8.8 billion
Source: UN


13th March, 2019
Number of species facing "almost certain extinction" without conservation intervention: More than 1,200
Source: Australia’s University of Queensland and the Wildlife Conservation Society project (as quoted on The Guardian)


12th March, 2019
Number of children estimated to be killed annually due to the use of shoddy or "fake" drugs for malaria, pnuemonia and other diseases: At least 300,000
Source: Dr Joel Breman, co-author of a report published in American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (as quoted in CNN)


8th March, 2019
Proportion of girls in Australia staying in school until Year 12 (final year) in 2018 compared with 1969: 89 per cent compared with 24 per cent
Source: ABS


7th March, 2019
Number of youth living in fragile and conflict affected states, worldwide: Estimated 600 million
Source: UN


6th March, 2019
Number of migrants who crossed the US-Mexican border without authorisation in Febraury (the highest number in that month for 12 years): More than 76,000
Source: US Customs and Border Protection (via Newsweek)


5th March, 2019
Number of children living with disabilities, worldwide: Estimated 93 million
Source: UN


4th March, 2019
Amount of global gross domestic product spent on health: 10 per cent
Source: WHO


1st March, 2019
Number of states that have been able to declare their lands mine-free since the UN Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention came into force on 1st March, 1999: 31
Source: UN


28th February, 2019
Estimated umber of children who identity as being in gangs in England (a figure believed conservative): 37,000
Source: Children's Commissioner for England


27th February, 2019
Number of visa applications refused by the US in 2018 due to US President Donald Trump's travel ban: More than 37,000
Source: US State Department (via Reuters)


26th February, 2019
Percentage of UK university students who say they had encountered unwelcome sexual behaviour ranging from receiving explicit messages to rape: 53 per cent
Source: Brook/Dig-In survey (via The Guardian)


25th February, 2019
Amount Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in a pre-election promise, has pledged to a 10 year program to reduce Australia's emissions: $AUD2 billion


22nd February, 2019
Rise in number of anti-Semitic attacks in France, 2017-2018: Up 74 per cent (from 311 to 541)
Source: BBC


21st February, 2019
Rate at which the population of Egypt is growing (sparking a new campaign to encourage people to have less children): 2.6 million annually (it's now estimated at 97.5 million)
Source: Via Reuters


20th February, 2019
Estimated amount Australians spent on illegal drugs including methylamphetamines, cocaine, MDMA and heroin in the year to August, 2018: More than $AUD9.3 billion
Source: ACIC


19th February, 2019
Number of people, worldwide, who work in small scale gold mining, often dangerous work: 15 million (including 4.5 million women and more than 600,00 children)
Source: UNEP


18th February, 2019
Number of former Islamic State fighters captured by US-backed forces in Syria that US President Donald Trump has asked the EU to take and put on trial: 800


15th February, 2019
Number of young adults and children in Madagascar who have died of the measles since October: At least 922
Source: WHO


14th February, 2019
US national debt: More than $US22 trillion
Source: US Treasury Department via TIME


13th February, 2019
Estimated number of people who die from eating contaminated food annually worldwide: 420,000
Source: WHO


12th February, 2019
Estimated number of Islamic State fighters in the small area the terror group still controls in Syria: 1,000 to 1,500
Source: US General Joseph Votel, the commander of US forces in the Middle East, as quoted in TIME.


11th February, 2019
Proportion of insect species which may face extinction in the next few decades, globally: More than 40 per cent
Source: Study published in Biological Conservation


8th February, 2019
Amount of debris in the Iraqi city of Mosul alone which must be "made safe" from explosives following its recapture from the so-called Islamic State: 7.6 million tonnes
Source: UN Mine Action Service


7th February, 2019
Number of children killed by their parents or guardians in Australia between 2000-01 to 2011-12: 284
Source: Australian Institute of Criminology report


6th February, 2019
Proportion of young people aged 15 to 24 globally who are online: 70.6 per cent (94 per cent in developed countries/more than 65 per cent in developing countries)
Source: UNICEF


5th February, 2019
Number of women killed by cervical cancer, worldwide, annually despite it being one of the most preventable and curable forms of the disease: More than 300,000
Source: WHO


4th February, 2019
Number of human trafficking cases recorded worldwide in 2016 (latest data available): More than 25,000
Source: UNODC


1st February, 2019
Number of months in which Australia's mean temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius since records began in 1910: 1 (January, 2019)
Source: Bureau of Meteorology


31st January, 2019
Number of unprovoked shark bites, worldwide, in 2018: 66 (down from 88 in 2017)
Source: International Shark Attack File


30th January, 2019
Number of disabled Afghans who sought assistance for the first time at physical rehabilitation centres in Afghanistan run by the International Committee of the Red Cross in 2018: More than 12,000 (a record number)
Source: ICRC


29th January, 2019
Number of people still missing following the collapse of a tailings dam at a mining complex in Brazil on Friday (as of Monday afternoon): 292
Source: The Guardian


25th January, 2019
Amount of electronic waste being thrown away each year: 50 million tonnes
Source: Joint UN report - 'A New Circular Vision for Electronics – Time for a Global Reboot'


23rd January, 2019
Homicides recorded in Mexico in 2018 (a new record): 28,816 (up 15 per cent on the previous year)
Source: The Guardian


22nd January, 2019
Number of international tourists, worldwide, in 2018: 1.4 billion (two years ahead of forecasts)
Source: UNWTO


21st January, 2019
Proportion of Australians with a psychological or intellectual disability who experienced physical violence in 2016: One in eight
Source: ABS


18th January, 2019
Proportion of UN staffers who say they experienced sexual harassment in the past two years: One in three
Source: TIME


17th January, 2019
Number of people killed in ethnic violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo over just three days in mid-December: At least 890
Source: UN


16th January, 2019
Number of people in Yemen who received emergency food aid and vouchers from the UN in December: 9.5 million
Source: WFP


15th January, 2019
Amount coffee farmers in Ethiopia receive from each cup of coffee consumed in the West after a slump in prices: Less than one cent
Source: Reuters


14th January, 2019
Proportion of Americans who believe most immigrants are in the US legally (which is true): 45 per cent
Source: Pew Research


11th January, 2019
Number of new permanent residents Canada is looking to add in the next three years: More than one million
Source: CNN


10th January, 2019
Amount by which the annual national mean temperature in Australia was above the average in 2018 (making it the country's third hottest year on record): 1.14 degrees Celsius
Source: Bureau of Meteorology


8th January, 2019
Number of times a 5th January tweet by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, set to become the first private passenger in space, was retweeted (setting a new record): At least 4.3 million
Source: ABC


7th January, 2019
Number of blind people worldwide: 39 million
Source: WHO


4th January, 2019
Amount raised in Australia by street fundraisers in 2018: More than $120 million
Source: ABC


3rd January, 2019
Number of Americans dying from an opioid overdose every day: More than 115
Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse via USA Today


2nd January, 2019
Size of the global debt from 2017: $US184 trillion
Source: IMF


31st December, 2018
Percentage of Americans who personally own a gun: Three in 10
Source: Pew Research


24th December, 2018
Number of babies celebrating their first Christmas in Australia: 311,104
Source: Via McCrindle


21st December, 2018
Number of migrants deported from Europe to Libya since early 2017 and placed in detention there: About 29,000
Source: Joint UNSMIL/OHCHR report


20th December, 2018
Change in proportion of the world's Catholics who live in Europe: From 65 per cent in 1910 to 24 per cent in 2010
Source: Pew Research


19th December, 2018
Increase in crimes committed by over 65s in South Korea in the past five years: 45 per cent
Source: CNN


18th December, 2018
Number of people killed in clashes between farmers and semi-nomadic herders since 2016 in Nigeria: More than 3,600
Source: Amnesty report


17th December, 2018
Number of children in Syria who have only known war since their birth: About four million (half of the nation's children)
Source: UNICEF


14th December, 2018
Amount of cash accidentally destroyed or lost in Australia: Estimated up to $AUD7.6 billion
Source: Reserve Bank of Australia


13th December, 2018
Benefit to the economy in the Australian state of Victoria for every person that walks 20 minutes to work and back: $AUD8.48
Source: Victoria Walks (based on a Queensland Government study)


12th December, 2018
Speed with which the Dracula ant can snap its mandibles (in the fastest animal movement on Earth): Up to 90 metres per second (more than 200mph)
Source: The Guardian


11th December, 2018
Amount lost in bribes and stolen through corruption globally every year: $US3.6 trillion
Source: UN


10th December, 2018
Rise in number of Chinese nationals applying for asylum in Australia, 2016-17 to 2017-18: Up 311 per cent (from 2,269 to 9,315)
Source: ABC


7th December, 2018
Number of migrant workers, worldwide: 164 million
Source: ILO


3rd December, 2018
Drop in the number of missing from the Californian wildfires: To 25 from a high of more than 1,200
Source: BBC


30th November, 2018
Number of adolescents who will die each day of AIDS by 2030 despite a slowdown in the epidemic: About 80
Source: UNICEF


29th November, 2018
Decline in Australia's platypus population since European settlement: Up to 30 per cent
Source: UNSW Centre for Ecosystem Science


28th November, 2018
Number of verified children casualties - killed or maimed - in the Syrian civil war: At least 7,000
Source: UN


27th November, 2018
Number of Australian public servants who say they witnessed corrupt behaviour in a single year: 4,395
Source: Australian Public Service Commission via ABC


26th November, 2018
Percentage of people living with HIV, globally, who were aware of their status in 2017: 75 per cent (up from 66 per cent in 2015)
Source: UNAIDS


23rd November, 2018
Proportion of young women in the UK who have a mental illness: Almost one in four (23.9 per cent)
Source: NHS


22nd November, 2018
Number of children aged under five who have died from extreme hunger in Yemen since 2015: Estimated 85,000
Source: Save the Children


21st November, 2018
Weight of plastic waste found in the stomach of a dead whale washed ashore on Indonesia: Six kilograms (including 115 cups, four bottles, 25 bags and footwear)
Source: BBC


20th November, 2018
Percentage of human trafficking victims worldwide who are female: 71 per cent
Source: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


19th November, 2018
Number of people still missing following wildfires in the US state of California - the worst in the state's history (as of 18th November): Almost 1,300 (with 79 confirmed deaths)
Source: ABCNews


16th November, 2018
Number of people in sub-Saharan Africa who die each year due to substandard or fake anti-malarial drugs: Between 64,000 and 158,000
Source: Reuters


15th November, 2018
Temperature reached by scientists at China's Institute of Plasma Physics in developing an artificial sun: 100 million degrees Celsius
Source: ABC


14th November, 2018
Current death toll from Californian wildfires, the worst in the state's history: 42 (and expected to rise)
Source: New York Times


13th November, 2018
Proportion of Americans who met Federal Government's new physical health guidelines: Less than one in three
Source: USAToday


12th November, 2018
Amount of time it took Chinese internet giant Alibaba to hit $US1 billion in sales after opening on it's annual 'Singles Day': 85 seconds
Source: BBC


9th November, 2018
Number of mass shooting events in US this year: 307
Source: Gun Violence Archive


8th November, 2018
Profits amassed by international crime gangs in conflict zones: $31.5 billion
Source: Tuesday Reitano, Deputy Director of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, in an address to the UN Security Council.


7th November, 2018
Number of accounts suspended by Twitter in the fight against terrorism in the past 20 months: More than 1.2 million
Source: Via ABC


6th November, 2018
Globally, number of people killed in tsunamis, 1998-2017: More than 250,000
Source: UNISDR


5th November, 2018
Increase in number of Australians aged over 65 years: From 14 per cent in 2011 to 16 per cent in 2016
Source: ABS


2nd November, 2018
Percentage of people in Armenia and Latvia who say being a Christian is at least "somewhat important" to their national identity: 82 per cent/11 per cent
Source: Pew Research Center


1st November, 2018
Number of children remaining on Nauru as part of Australia's offshore immigration detention program: 40 (down from 52 last week)
Source: Australian Government sources quoted on the ABC


31st October, 2018
Number of people migrating to cities around the world every week: About 1.4 million
Source: UN


30th October, 2018
Decline in global wildlife populations over the past 40 years: 60 per cent
Source: WWF


29th October, 2018
Size of a new fund for water infrastructure and drought-related projects proposed by the Australian Government: $A3.9 billion
Source: Prime Minister Scott Morrison


26th October, 2018
Proportion of major peace treaty mediators between 1990 and 2017 who were women: Two per cent
Source: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres


25th October, 2018
Estimated cost to economies of the Ebola outbreak that ravaged parts of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia in West Africa in 2014 and killed at least 11,000 people: $US53 billion
Source: Study quoted on Reuters


24th October, 2018
Number of children aged under five who died every day of "extreme hunger and disease" in Yemen last year: 130 (almost 50,000 across the year)
Source: UNOCHA


23rd October, 2018
Length of the world's longest bridge which connects Hong Kong to Macau and mainland China (and opens this week): 55 kilometres
Source: SBS


22nd October, 2018
Percentage of Australian mortgage holders who are experiencing "mortgage stress": 20.8 per cent (About 949,000)
Source: Roy Morgan


19th October, 2018
Death toll in Florida, US, after Hurricane Michael struck the state's "panhandle" last week: At least 20
Source: TIME


18th October, 2018
Amount by which the world population is expected to grow by 2050: 2.2 billion
Source: UNFPA


17th October, 2018
Number of children aged under five who are chronically malnourished around the world: About 155 million (23 per cent)
Source: UN


16th October, 2018
Price achieved by a 73-year-old bottle of Romanee-Conti Burgundy at an auction in New York (the highest price ever paid for a bottle of wine): $US558,000
Source: CNBC


15th October, 2018
Percentage of sub-Saharan Africans who see the increasing use of the internet as having a "good influence" on education: 79 per cent
Source: Pew Research Center


12th October, 2018
Size of Syria's wheat crop this year (the lowest in three decades, thanks to war and drought): 1.2 million tonnes (compared with a pre-war average of 4.1 million tonnes a year)
Source: FAO


11th October, 2018
Range of the world's longest non-stop commercial flight, which takes off from Singapore and heads to New York, on Thursday: More than 15,000 kilometres (in just under 19 hours)
Source: BBC


10th October, 2018
Number of people who are undernourished in North Korea: More than 10 million (almost 40 per cent of the population)
Source: WFP


9th October, 2018
Number of postal outlets located worldwide: More than 600,000
Source: Universal Postal Union


8th October, 2018
Number of civilians killed and injured in Afghanistan between 1st January and 30th September this year whose death was caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs): 3634
Source: UNAMA


5th October, 2018
Number of international NGOs reportedly being expelled from Pakistan: 18
Source: Reuters


4th October, 2018
Median percentage of people in 25 nations who said they had "no confidence" in US President Donald Trump: 70 per cent
Source: Pew


3rd October, 2018
Percentage of items that we purchase that are thrown away within six months: 99 per cent
Source: UN-Habitat


2nd October, 2018
Number of people who have fled Venezula since 2015: Almost two million
Source: UNHCR


1st October, 2018
Number of people in South Sudan now facing "crisis levels of hunger": More than six million
Source: FAO


28th September, 2018
Proportion of the world's deaths which are due to preventable chronic illnesses each year: About 70 per cent (41 million people)
Source: WHO


27th September, 2018
Number of nuclear weapons, worldwide: About 14,500
Source: UN


26th September, 2018
Number of Syrians who have returned from Lebanon so far this year: 50,000
Source: Reuters


25th September, 2018
Number of elections for jobs ranging from city councillor to MP Canadian John Turmel has contested since 1979: 95 times (he's now contesting his 96th election)
Source: The Guardian


24th September, 2018
Number of people, globally who died from alcohol abuse in 2016: About three million (one in 20 deaths worldwide)
Source: WHO


21st September, 2018
Proportion of world's out-of-school youth who live in conflict and disaster zones: About a third
Source: UNICEF


20th September, 2018
Rise in cocaine production in Colombia in 2017 to record levels: About 31 per cent to almost 1,400 tonnes
Source: UNODC


19th September, 2018
Drop in US refugee intake in 2019: From a cap of 45,000 in 2018 to 30,000 in 2019
Source: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


18th September, 2018
Rate at which a child under 15 died somewhere in the world from preventable causes in 2017: One every five seconds
Source: UN report


17th September, 2018
Number of children found to be living in poverty in UK: 4.5 million
Source: Social Metrics Commission


14th September, 2018
Amount Amazon head Jeff Bezos is reportedly putting into a charitable fund he's established to help the homeless and set up a network of schools: $US2 billion
Source: BBC


13th September, 2018
Number of new cancer cases expected worldwide this year: More than 18 million
Source: IARC


12th September, 2018
Proportion of Australians who say they have been sexually harassed at some point in their lifetimes: 71 per cent
Source: Australian Human Rights Commission


11th September, 2018
Ordered to evaucate from coastal communities in South Carolina and Virginia as Hurricane Florence bears down on the coast: More than a million people.


10th September, 2018
Amount Australians lost gambling in 2015-16: Almost $24 billion
Source: Queensland Government data


7th September, 2018
Proportion of US adults who use Facebook who say they have taken a break from the service for several weeks or more in the past year: 42 per cent
Source: Pew Research Center


6th September, 2018
Proportion of adults worldwide who are physically inactive: 28 per cent (1.4 billion people)
Source: WHO


5th September, 2018
Amount which China has said it will spend in Africa in investment, aid and loans over the next three years: $US60 billion
Source: The Guardian


4th September, 2018
Proportion of Australian women who said they had been diagnosed by a doctor of psychologist with anxiety or depression: 46 per cent
Source: Women's Health Survey by Jean Hailes for Women's Health.


3rd September, 2018
Number of asylum seekers and migrants living in shelters on the Greek island of Lesvos which were built to accommodate 2,000 people: More than 7,000
Source: UNHCR


31st August, 2018
Official interest rates in Argentina after they were raised in a measure to help restore confidence in the country's plunging currency: 60 per cent
Source: FT


30th August, 2018
Proportion of Australians who smoked in 2014-15 compared with 2001: 14.5 per cent/22.4 per cent
Source: ABS


29th August, 2018
Rise in Puerto Rico's official death toll from Hurricane Maria which struck the US island territory in September, 2017: From 64 to 2,975
Source: BBC


28th August, 2018
Number of Australians dying every month in accidental drug overdoses: A record 142
Source: The Penington Institute


27th August, 2018
Amount of time during his presidency US President Donald Trump has spent at Trump properties: A third
Source: Newsweek report


24th August, 2018
Percentage of Americans who believe US President Donald Trump has definitely set a "high moral standard for the presidency": 27 per cent
Source: Pew Research Center


23rd August, 2018
Estimated number of people who could die from tobacco-related diseases this century: Up to a billion
Source: WHO/UNDP report


22nd August, 2018
Number of fake pages, groups and accounts deleted by Facebook with ties to Russia and Iran for attempting to exert political influence in the US, UK, Middle East and Latin America: 652
Source: Facebook


21st August, 2018
Number of people infected with measles in Europe in first half of 2018 (a record high): More than 41,000
Source: WHO


20th August, 2018
Cost to Australia's public and private hospitals of patient complications: At least $5 billion a year
Source: The Grattan Institute


17th August, 2018
Number of displaced people living in sub-Saharan nations in 2017 who forced to leave their homes due to conflict: 18.4 million (up from 14.1 million in 2016)
Source: UNHCR via Pew Research


16th August, 2018
Number of news organisations which are set to publis editorials on 16th August, 2018, pushing back against US President Donald Trump's attacks on the media and defending freedom of the press: Almost 350
Source: The Guardian


15th August, 2018
Number of so-called Islamic State fighters who remained in Iraq and Syria: 20,000 to 30,000
Source: UN report


14th August, 2018
Drop in the value of the Turkish lira (compared to the US dollar) so far this year: 45 per cent
Source: The Guardian


13th August, 2018
The closest the Parker Solar Probe will be from the Sun during its seven year mission (the closest any man-made object will have yet been): 3.8 million miles
Source: NASA


10th August, 2018
Revised death toll from Hurricane Maria which struck Puerto Rico in September last year: More than 1,400 (up from the initial toll of 64; some experts have claimed more than 4,600 deaths occurred).
Source: BBC


9th August, 2018
Proportion of the world's population who belong to Indigenous people groups/proportion of world's poorest people who are Indigenous: Five per cent/15 per cent
Source: UN


8th August, 2018
Size of the Mendocino Complex fire which has ravaged northern California in the US: 117,639 hectares (making it the biggest in the state's history)
Source: Via BBC


7th August, 2018
Expected population of Australia at about 11pm on 7th August: 25,000,000
Source: ABS


6th August, 2018
Amount of a new Australian Government package to help farmers who are facing severe drought in eastern Australia: $140 million


3rd August, 2018
Market value of tech company Apple on the US stock market: More than $US1 trillion (the first publicly-listed company in the US to pass this mark).


2nd August, 2018
How often the average Briton checks their mobile phone: Every 12 minutes
Source: Ofcom study (via The Guardian)


1st August, 2018
Number of asylum claims lodged by Nicaraguans in Costa Rica since April: Almost 8,000 (with an additional 15,000 being given appointments for later registration)
Source: UNHCR


31st July, 2018
Amount of time Australian men and women spend on housework each week: 13.3 hours/20.4 hours
Source: The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey.


30th July, 2018
Proportion of people killed, worldwide, in selfie-related incidents who died by drowning: 42 per cent 
Source: Study in Journal Agent


27th July, 2018
Drop in market value of Facebook shares in the US on 26th July, 2018: $US120 billion (down 19 per cent)
Source: BBC


26th July, 2018
Number of new biosphere reserves around the world designated by UNESCO on 25th July: 24
Source: UNESCO


25th July, 2018
Highest ever temperature recorded in Japan: 41.1 degrees Celcius (105.98F) - recorded on 21st July.
Source: Japan Meteorological Agency via CNN


24th July, 2018
Increase in homicides in Mexico in the first half of 2018: Up 16 per cent to 15,973
Source: Mexican Government via The Guardian


23rd July, 2018
Percentage of Americans who say the Senate should confirm the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court: 41 per cent
Source: Pew Research


20th July, 2018
Number of people evacuated from the Syrian towns of Foah and Kafraya this week after enduring an almost three year siege there: 6,900
Source: OCHA


19th July, 2018
Number of children infected with HIV last year: 180,000
Source: UNAIDS


18th July, 2018
Global drop in investment in renewable energy last year: Down seven per cent to $318 billion
Source: IEA


17th July, 2018
Possible cost of rising trade tensions between the US and the rest of the world to the global economy: $US430 billion
Source: IMF via The Guardian


16th July, 2018
Number of civilians killed in Afghanistan in first six months of 2018 (a record high): 1,692 (3,430 injured)
Source: UNAMA


13th July, 2018
Increase among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander females aged 15 years and over who have achieved a certificate, diploma or degree, 2008 to 2014-15: Up 45 per cent
Source: ABS


12th July, 2018
Percentage of North Korean population that need humanitarian assistance: 40 per cent (more than 10 million people)
Source: UN


11th July, 2018
Current world population: 7.6 billion
Source: UN


10th July, 2018
Believed age of an African coin found off the coast of Australia's Arnhem Land (which if confirmed would make it among the oldest foreign artefacts ever found in Australia): Estimated 1,100 to 1,200-years-old
Source: Via ABC


9th July, 2018
Proportion of Australians who suffer 'social jet lag" due to a lack of sleep: Almost one in three
Source: Sleep Medicine study (via SBS)


6th July, 2018
Drop in US teens, aged 16 to 19 years, with summer jobs: From 58 per cent in 1978 to 35 per cent in 2017
Source: Pew Research


5th July, 2018
Number of children now in need for humanitarian aid in war-torn Yemen: 11 million (more than the population of Switzerland)
Source: UNICEF


4th July, 2018
Rise in sexual assault victims in Australia, 2016-2017: Up eight per cent (to almost 25,000 - an eight year high)
Source: ABS


3rd July, 2018
Death toll of would-be migrants who have died attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea so far in 2018: More than 1,000
Source: IOM


2nd July, 2018
Value of the four year deal signed by US basketballer LeBron James as he moves from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the LA Lakers: $US154 million
Source: ABC


29th June, 2018
Additional amount which the International Labour Organization says needs to be invested in caring for people, including children and older people, by 2030: $US7 trillion
Source: ILO (via The Guardian)


28th June, 2018
Number of children recruited or used as combatants in 2017, globally: More than 8,000
Source: CAAC


27th June, 2018
Rise in opium production, globally, from 2016-17: 65 per cent
Source: UNODC


26th June, 2018
Number of reptiles killed annually by feral cats in Australia: An estimated 649 million
Source: The Conversation


25th June, 2018
Decline in Chinese investment in the US during the first five months of 2018: Down 92 per cent on same period in 2017
Source: CNN Money


22nd June, 2018
Number of police officers serving with 16 UN missions around the world: More than 11,000
Source: UN


21st June, 2018
Number of children reported as suffering from stunted growth due to malnutrition in North Korea in 2017: One in five
Source: UNICEF


20th June, 2018
The number of jobs to be lost at Australian telco giant Telstra by the 2022 financial year: 8,000
Source: Telstra


19th June, 2018
Value of Australia's 'natural capital' as of 30th June, 2017: $AUD6,413 billion
Source: ABS


18th June, 2018
Number of people still listed as officially missing following the eruption of Guatemala's Fuego volcano in which at least 110 people were killed: 197
Source: CONRED


15th June, 2018
Proportion of people, globally, who say they are concerned about what is real and what is fake on the internet when it comes to news: About 54 per cent
Source: 2018 Reuters Institute Digital News Report


14th June, 2018
Amount by which global sea levels have increased since 2012 due to a tripling of ice losses from Antarctica : three millimetres
Source: NASA


13th June, 2018
Percentage of Americans who believe it is essential the US remain a world leader in space exploration: 72 per cent
Source: Pew Research Center


12th June, 2018
Number of people who required humanitarian assistance, worldwide, as at the end of 2017: 141 million
Source: UNOCHA


8th June, 2018
Number of alleged drug dealers killed by security forces in a three week crackdown in Bangladesh: 130
Source: UN


7th June, 2018
Amount of land now covered by lava as a result of the eruption of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano: About 7.7 square miles (almost 20 square kilometres)
Source: CNN


6th June, 2018
Value of edible food waste in Australia annually: $20 billion
Source: Australian Government (via ABC)


5th June, 2018
Number of nations which are taking action to address plastic pollution: 50
Source: UN report


4th June, 2018
Fine proposed to be levied against the Commonwealth Bank of Australia for breaches of money-laundering and anti-terrorism financing laws in the largest civil penalty in the country's corporate history (the settlement has still to get court approval): $700 million


1st June, 2018
Price achieved for the world's largest freshwater pearl, known as The Sleeping Lion, at an auction in The Netherlands: €374,000
Source: Media reports


31st May, 2018
Number of children around the world at risk of poverty, conflict and discimination against girls: More than 1.2 billion (with 153 million facing all three)
Source: Save the Children report


30th May, 2018
Number of people who were killed when Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico last September (despite the official death toll still standing at 64): More than 4,600
Source: Harvard University study


29th May, 2018
Number of people who quit smoking daily in France in 2016-17: A million
Source: Public Health France (via BBC)


28th May, 2018
Number of people reportedly killed in Bangladesh in a government anti-drug operation launched this month: At least 70
Source: BBC


25th May, 2018
Percentage of Americans who say the US does not have a responsibility to accept refugees: 43 per cent
Source: Pew


24th May, 2018
Average distance Australians travel to get to work: 16 kilometres
Source: ABS


23rd May, 2018
The number of people leaving the North of Central America as refugees and asylum seekers in 2017: More than 294,000 (up 58 per cent on previous year and 16 times more than in 2011)
Source: UNHCR


22nd May, 2018
Increase in land used in opium poppy cultivation in Afganistan, 2016 to 2017: Up 63 per cent (to 328,000 hectares)
Source: UNODC


21st May, 2018
Growth in "cyber-abuse" cases reported by adults to the Office of the eSafety Commissioner in Australia: a 95 per cent month-on-month increase since October
Source: ABC


18th May, 2018
Height of the ash plume from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano: 9.1 kilometres
Source: UGS


17th May, 2018
Estimated number of people who have fled Venezuela between 2015 and 2017: 1.6 million
Source: IOM


16th May, 2018
Number of billionaires worldwide, 2017: 2,754 (up 15 per cent)
Source: Wealth-X


15th May, 2018
Increase in homelessness in Australia between 2011 and 2016: 14 per cent
Source: Australian Homelessness Monitor


14th May, 2018
Proportion of the 11,000 bird species on Earth which are under threat of extinction: One in eight
Source: UN


11th May, 2018
Number of babies, worldwide, who are not breastfed following their birth despite its benefits: 7.6 million
Source: UNICEF


10th May, 2018
Age of Mahathir Mohamad, shock victor of Malaysian elections and now the oldest elected leader in the world: 92


9th May, 2018
Amount of money sent home by migrant workers from Asian nations in 2017: $US256 billion
Source: IFAD


8th May, 2018
Number of undocumented migrants from Venezuela who have registered in neighbouring Colombia: More than 200,000
Source: Colombian Government via Reuters


7th May, 2018
Magnitude of an earthquake which struck the island of Hawaii on 4th May: 6.9
Source: USGS


4th May, 2018
Number of Twitter users, the social media giant is urging to change their passwords after the discovery of a bug: 336 million (all of them)
Source: Twitter


3rd May, 2018
Rate of incarceration of Americans at end of 2016: 860 jail inmates for every 100,000 adults (a 20 year low)
Source: Pew Research


2nd May, 2018
Estimated number of people worldwide who die every year as a result of exposure to fine particles in polluted air: Seven million
Source: WHO


1st May, 2018
Proportion of the world's workforce which earn livelihoods in the 'informal' sector: More than 61 per cent
Source: ILO


30th April, 2018
The amount estimated to have been taken by the film Avengers: Infinity War in its opening weekend (which, if true, would set a new global record): $US630 million
Source: BBC


27th April, 2018
Number of international students in Australia, as of February: 542,054 enrolments (up 12 per cent on previous year)
Source: Department of Education (via ABC)


26th April, 2018
Rise in estimated number of malaria cases, worldwide - 2016 to 2017: From 240,613 to 406,000
Source: WHO


24th April, 2018
Number of people given asylum in Europe in 2017: More than 500,000 (with Germany taking 60 per cent)
Source: Eurostat


23rd April, 2018
Amount offered by former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, to cover the lapsed US financial commitment to the Paris agreement on climate change: $US4.5 million
Source: BBC


20th April, 2018
Age of Celino Villanueva Jaramillo, believed to be the world's oldest man when he died in Chile this week: 121 years
Source: The Guardian


19th April, 2018
Number of Starbucks stores closing in the US on 29th May for company-wide "racial bias" training: About 8,000
Source: Starbucks


18th April, 2018
Percentage of the world's population who live in areas where air quality is "unhealthy": At least 95 per cent
Source: State of Global Air report 2018


17th April, 2018
Number of Australian companies targeted as part of worldwide suspected Russian state-sponsored cyber attacks last year: Up to 400
Source: Australian Defence Minister Marise Payne (via ABC)


16th April, 2018
Number of children abducted by terror group Boko Haram in north-eastern Nigeria since 2013: At least 1,000
Source: UNICEF


13th April, 2018
Number of people - drivers, passengers and pedestrians - who die each each on the world's roads: About 1.3 million
Source: UN


11th April, 2018
Amount of C02 emissions, worldwide, accounted for by shipping: 2.2 per cent
Source: International Maritime Organization


10th April, 2018
Number of Australian adults in custody including prisons on 30th June, 2017: 41,202 (up six per cent on previous 12 months)
Source: ABS


9th April, 2018
Number of people crossing from Venezuela into Brazil daily, many of whom are seeking asylum: Almost 800 a day
Source: UNHCR


5th April, 2018
Number of people whose data Facebook may have improperly shared with consultants Cambridge Analytica: Up to 87 million
Source: Facebook via BBC


4th April, 2018
Number of children killed or injured, on average, every day due to the conflict in Yemen since March, 2015: Five
Source: UNICEF


3rd April, 2018
Volume of space junk estimated to be in Earth's orbit: More than 7,500 tonnes
Source: ESA


29th March, 2018
Number of UN peacekeepers killed last year: 59 (the highest annual toll)
Source: UN


28th March, 2018
Age at which compulsory schooling will now begin in France: Three-years-old (down from six)
Source: ABC


27th March, 2018
Rise in use of antibiotics, worldwide, between 2000 and 2015: 65 per cent
Source: Washington-based Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy (via The Guardian)


26th March, 2018
Cost of 'wasted light' in the US alone: More than $AUD4.1 billion
Source: International Dark Sky Association via ABC


23rd March, 2018
Number of people who are living with permanent, war-related impairments as a result of the war in Syria: More than 1.5 million (including 86,000 people who have lost limbs)
Source: UNICEF


22nd March, 2018
Number of anti-government protestors killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo over a 13 month period ending in January, 2018: At least 47
Source: UN human rights report


21st March, 2018
Predicted growth in the amount of plastic in the ocean by 2030: Three times as much
Source: UK Government's Foresight Future of the Sea Report


20th March, 2018
Loss in value of Facebook stock in US on Monday after news Cambridge Analytica had reportedly accessed information of some 50 million users: About $US37 billion
Source: CNN