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Zika, dengue to threaten up to a billion more as climate warms


LondonThomson Reuters Foundation Up to a billion additional people – including many in North America and Europe – could be exposed to mosquito-carried viruses including dengue fever and Zika virus by 2080 if the climate continues to warm at current rates, researchers said Thursday. Preventing that expansion of potentially fatal diseases will require not just […]

“Breakthrough” in mosquito-packed drones to combat Zika in Brazil

Mosquito drone1

Thomson Reuters Foundation Millions of sterile mosquitoes will be released from drones over parts of Brazil to combat the Zika virus, after successful field tests were hailed as a “breakthrough” by the United Nations. Once freed, the sterilised, laboratory-bred male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes – which spread Zika, dengue and yellow fever by biting humans – mate with […]