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Ukrainian forges plane wreckage into key fobs to fund war effort

Ukraine keychain

Kyiv, Ukraine Reuters Never mind forging swords into ploughshares; a Ukrainian businessman is turning scraps of wreckage from a downed Russian fighter plane into souvenir key fobs and selling them abroad to support the war effort. “Many of my friends tell me ‘$1,000 – nobody will give you this for this piece of metal, it’s […]

Conviction, sentencing of Christian in Algeria ‘ridiculous’, attorney says

Morning Star News A court in Algeria last week withdrew a six-month prison sentence but upheld a fine on a convert from Islam for carrying Christian literature and some crucifix-shaped keychains into the country, sources said. Idir Hamdad was fined 20,000 Algerian dinars ($US172) plus customs expenses after a judge at the court in Dar […]