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Kenya’s Odinga says presidential election result a “travesty”

Kenya election Ralia Odinga

Nairobi/Kisumu, KenyaReuters Kenyan politician Raila Odinga rejected as a “travesty” the result of the 9th August presidential election he was declared to have lost to Deputy President William Ruto and warned on Tuesday of a long legal crisis facing Kenya’s democracy. His first comments on the result came after four of the seven election commissioners […]

Ruto pulls ahead in Kenya’s presidential vote count as tempers fray

Kenya election William Ruto posters

Nairobi, Kenya Reuters Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto has edged ahead in a tight presidential race, according to official results reported by Kenyan media on Sunday, as more riot police were deployed inside the national election tallying centre after scuffles and accusations by party agents. The fracas underscored fraying tempers and high tensions within the […]