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Child plane crash survivors in “acceptable” state of health

A view of ambulances at the CATAM military airbase on the day the child survivors of a Cessna 206 plane that crashed in thick jungle were brought in by plane from San Jose del Guaviare, in Bogota, Colombia, on 10th June, 2023.

Bogota, ColombiaReuters Four Indigenous children who were missing for more than five weeks in Colombia’s southern jungle, after surviving a plane crash which killed their mother, are in an “acceptable” state of health, the government said on Saturday. The siblings were found on Friday in Caqueta province after weeks of searching by the military, Indigenous […]

Mexico tells Mennonites: stop cutting down jungle to plant

Mexico CityAP The Mexican Government said last week it has reached a preliminary agreement with Mennonites living in southern Mexico to stop cutting down low jungle to plant crops. The Environment Department said the agreement covered Mennonite communities in the state of Campeche, on the Yucatan peninsula. Mennonites have roots in northern Mexico dating back […]