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As ice recedes, Italian ship makes record journey into Antarctic

Antarctic Laura Bassi

Rome, Italy Reuters An Italian ice-breaker carrying scientists researching in the Antarctic has sailed further south than any ship has done before, the organisers of the voyage said on Tuesday, a further sign of how ice is retreating around the poles. The Laura Bassi vessel reached a point with the coordinates of 78° 44.280 S […]

Thinning Antarctic ice shelf finally crumbles after heatwave

Antarctica NASA Modis satellite image

Reuters An East Antarctica ice shelf disintegrated this month following a period of extreme heat in the region, according to scientists. Satellite images show the 1,200 square-kilometre Conger Ice Shelf collapsed completely on or around 15th March.  “Possible it hit its tipping point following the #Antarctic #AtmosphericRiver and heat wave too?” asked NASA Earth and Planetary Scientist […]