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Scottish police receive thousands of reports after new hate crime law

London, UK Reuters Scottish police said on Wednesday they had received more than 7,000 online reports of offences in the first week since the introduction of a new hate crime law that opponents say could curb free speech and waste police time. The law, brought in by a devolved government controlled by the centre-left pro-independence […]

South Koreans become a year or two younger as traditional way of counting age scrapped

People walk near blooming cherry blossoms in Seoul, South Korea, on 2nd April, 2023.

Seoul, South KoreaReuters South Koreans became a year or two younger this week as new laws that require using only the international method of counting age took effect, replacing the country’s traditional method.  Under the age system most commonly used in South Koreans’ everyday life, people are deemed to be a year old at birth and a year […]

South Koreans set to become younger as traditional way of counting age scrapped

South Korea Seoul Nov 2020

Seoul, South KoreaReuters South Korea on Thursday passed laws to scrap its traditional method of counting ages and adopt the international standard – a shift which will make its citizens either one or two years younger on official documents. Koreans are deemed to be a year old when born and a year is added every […]