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I do get asked why should a church have its own Bible college?  There are so many reasons and a few are listed below. Vision Colleges has been at the forefront of this ministry since 1984 and pioneered the concept. Today the need is greater than ever.

1. In-depth Biblical education: A local church Bible college provides a focused and comprehensive education in Biblical studies. It offers courses and programs specifically designed to deepen your understanding of Scripture, theology, and Christian principles. You'll have the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors who can guide you in interpreting and applying the Bible to various aspects of life.

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Gain recognised theological qualifications studying from your your pace.

With Vision College you don’t need to leave your home, your church, your ministry or your family to earn a degree or complete your studies. Why? Because we send the college to YOU.

Our flexibility and depth of choice combine the finest range of study options for your ministry preparation or personal study.

Our student body has grown to more than 150,000 people in 145 countries around the world. All our courses and materials are extremely cost effective and students are able to pay for each module as they study it, meaning there are no large up-front costs involved.

Contact us today for more information and begin a journey of study into the Word of God that will change your life and the lives of all those you come into contact with.

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2. Discipleship and spiritual growth: Attending a Bible college in your local church allows you to engage in intentional discipleship and spiritual growth. You'll be part of a community of believers who are committed to studying God's Word together, fostering an environment that encourages spiritual development and transformation.

3. Practical ministry training: Many local church Bible colleges incorporate practical ministry training into their curriculum. You'll learn theoretical knowledge and gain hands-on experience in areas such as preaching, teaching, counselling, evangelism, worship, and leadership. This practical training equips you with the skills needed to effectively serve in various ministry roles within your church and community.

4. Personalised attention and mentorship: Local church Bible colleges often have smaller class sizes, allowing for more personalised attention from instructors and mentors. This creates an environment where you can receive guidance, support, and mentorship tailored to your specific needs and goals. You'll have the opportunity to build relationships with experienced leaders who can invest in your spiritual and personal growth.

5. Integration of faith and life: A local church Bible college emphasises the integration of faith and life. The education you receive is not limited to academic knowledge but also focuses on applying Biblical principles to real-life situations. This holistic approach helps you deeply understand how your faith impacts all areas of life, including relationships, work, ethics, and decision-making.

6. Community and networking: Attending a local church Bible college allows you to become part of a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for God's Word. You'll have the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, connect with fellow believers, and engage in meaningful discussions and activities. This community also provides a valuable network of individuals who can support and encourage you in your spiritual journey and future ministry endeavours.

7. Leadership and ministry opportunities: Local church Bible colleges often provide leadership and ministry opportunities within the church and community. You can serve in various capacities, such as leading small groups, participating in outreach initiatives, assisting in worship services, and engaging in mission work. These experiences help you develop practical skills, discover your spiritual gifts, and discern your calling.

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For information on how you can run a Bible college in your church or community please call Pd Denis at Vision Colleges on 04143378520 or check out our website

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