With cinemas closed around the world, online video streaming services are booming with thousands of films just a click away. Here is a selection of my favourite recent faith films to inspire you wherever you may be...

I Can Only Imagine
In a Word: Authentic 
An exceptionally moving, musical biopic following Bart Millard’s rise to fame as the lead singer of MercyMe. Powerfully portrays his life and his relationship with his father (played by Dennis Quaid) that inspired the hit song I Can Only Imagine. Available on Amazon Prime (Australia and US) to buy or rent (Australia and US)

The Case for Christ

Still from The Case for Christ

The Case For Christ
In a Word: Fervent
Investigative reporter Lee Strobel is infuriated by his wife’s conversion to Christianity. He sets out on a desperate mission to disprove the resurrection of Christ and save his wife from her “delusions”. Based on the international best-selling book that has impacted millions, this film manages to balance the cerebral facts with plenty of fireworks and drama. Available on Netflix (US) or to buy or rent (Australia and US).

The Two Popes
In a Word: Profound
Nominated for three Academy Awards for the stellar script and outstanding performances of Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. Offers a rare insight into the heart of the Vatican and the unlikely friendship that develops between two heads of the church. A film with intellectual, emotionally and spiritual depth. Available on Netflix (Australia and US)

The Shack
In a Word: Challenging
The controversial best-selling book is brought to life with A-List stars Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer. One of the few fictional stories on this list, in which grieving father, Mack, meets the Trinity face-to-face. The encounters are mysterious, challenging and transformative. Available on Netflix (Australia) or to buy or rent (Australia and US)

In a Word: Innovative
Roman tribune Clavius is appointed by Governor Pilate to investigate the missing body of Jesus. Takes creative license to present the resurrection of Christ from the perspective of the hardened Roman soldier played by Joseph Fiennes. This concept allows for an entertaining blend of action, mystery and inspirational drama. Available on Netflix (Australia), Sling (US) or to buy or rent (Australia and US)

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
In a Word: Graceful
Tom Hanks delivers a masterful performance as the saintly Mr Rogers. This story of forgiveness and transformation follows hard-nosed reporter Lloyd Vogel as he seeks to expose Mr Rogers. The deeper Lloyd digs, the more he finds himself profoundly changed. Available to buy or rent (Australia and US)

The Miracle Season
In a Word: Victorious
The Iowa City West High School volleyball team suffers a tragic loss when their beloved captain dies in an accident. Best friend Kelley and the grief-stricken team confront their loss with a rugged determination to persevere in a worthy manner. A triumphant, true tale of overcoming grief with an enduring spirit. Available on Hulu (US), Sling (US) or to buy or rent (Australia and US)

Hacksaw Ridge
In a Word: Harrowing
When pacifist Desmond Doss enlists to serve in World War II, he is ridiculed as a coward for his refusal to take up arms. In the brutal battleground of the Pacific, Desmond’s heroism is revealed as he saves dozens of his comrades against all odds. Directed by Mel Gibson, this is a remarkable story of uncompromising faith and resolute courage. Available on Hulu (US), Sling (US) to buy or rent (Australia and US)

In a Word: Provocative
After a white supremacist viciously opens fire in a crowded church prayer meeting, it was expected that hatred, violence and riots would escalate. Miraculously, a spirit of amazing grace filled the survivors which then spread throughout the community. A riveting documentary using eyewitness accounts and found footage to portray a powerful picture of forgiveness in the midst of tragedy. Available on Hulu (US), Sling (US) to buy or rent (US)

I Still Believe
In a Word: Heart-rending
The true story of Jeremy Camp’s whirlwind romance with Melissa Lynn Henning. Great chemistry between the stars fuel an emotional roller coster that takes us from the depths of despair to the heights of the miraculous. Available to rent (US), coming soon to Australia.