Hit Parade and Stroll On (singles)
Wojtek Records, 2017

In a word: Anticipation

Over the past four weeks, Mutemath have dropped two singles in preparation for their upcoming release of their highly anticipated fifth studio album Play Dead.

Hit Parade landed on YouTube on 5th June. It is big, loud, and packed full of psychedelic goodness. The ending is absolutely chock-a-block with noise - this will be an incredible song to experience live. Astute Australian fans will may recognise this track from some of their live shows Downunder, and keen fans of Darren King (drums) may recognise it from the 'Guitar centre drum off - 2012’ clip on YouTube.  

Then came the dreamy Stroll On on 14th July.  The volume is pulled back, the intensity of Hit Parade is dialled down a bit and Mutemath’s signature electro/synth makes a full appearance, with R2D2 seemingly having a chat in the background!

From what we’ve heard so far, it’s classic Mutemathand fans worldwide will be counting down to 8th September.