Album: Embers
Artist: Mark Tulk
Year: 2016
Label: Small House Creative

In a word: Art


After miraculously surviving the horrific Amtrak 188 train wreck in Philadelphia in the US last year and searching and finding the hard drive that contained Embers from among the scattered wreckage, Mark Tulk has now released his third full-length album.

Listening to Embers has reminded me of the sheer joy of discovering something great. I feel like a child becoming acquainted with a new toy that I already know will be a long-time favourite.  

To listen to Embers is to embark on an alluring journey covering a stunningly beautiful sonic landscape. Hoping the journey will never end, it is like entering into a land of deeply peaceful dreams flowing effortlessly from one scene to another. Expertly written and produced, Embers exhibits a depth and maturity within that is rarely found.

The hypnotic opening track Universal Code slides into the aptly named wonderland of Dream, featuring some glorious saxophony. Track after track seamlessly moves from one to another…Heal Us As We Go, Woodstock NY, and Whose Hands provides a delightful sequence and masterfully moves into the darker turbulence of Watching Waiting and Empty Globe. This shadowy world then dissipates to the lighter closing songs of Song To The City, All That Is True and Church With No Name.

From start to finish, this is a great piece of art. Perfect for a hipster café/restaurant, or for accompanying you while you study. A new addition to my playlist.