Album: It's About Time
Artist: Andrea Robertson
Year: 2014
Label: Independent

In A Word: Tasty

As the name suggests, ‘It's About Time’ has been a long time in the making. But the wait was worth it! 

Fans of the Ocean Grove-based singer/songwriter will be well pleased with the results that all that time has produced. This is classic Andrea – understated, carefree, even reluctant yet so pleasurably juicy.

Bite into It's About Time and the musical juice that will flood your ears is a home-baked blend of rootsy blues, infused with a bit of folk, a dash of soul and even a hint of contemporary rock 'n roll.

The toe-tapping It’s Not Me is sure to be a live show favourite - if the chorus doesn’t get you singing along, you’re made of stone! The sultry Sweet Baby featuring Chris Wilson on harmonica (Wilson has also been a guest with Paul Kelly and Hunters and Collectors), is a real highlight straight from a 1950’s blues venue.

But the be tastiest part of About Time is in the quiet reflective tracks: New Beginnings and Endless Sea are simply delightful. Wonderfully written and beautiful sung, they'll transport you from where-ever you are to the same place of delightful stillness that Sarah Blasko and Clare Bowditch take you.

It's About Time will grow on you. While there is something very homely about it, there is enough room to get your boogy on, and space to be alone in. It is uplifting, feels good and sounds like family.

It's About Time is a limited release and is only available by emailing //[email protected]/" style="color: rgb(51, 102, 153); text-decoration: none;">[email protected]