Album: Aussie Hope
Artist: Various
Year: 2015
Label: Unleashed Music

In A Word: Surprising

So, you want to hear the sounds of the future? Well, here’s a tidy new compilation album that will do just that! Aussie Hope has been put together by Aussie Christian Gigs, showcasing 13 fresh Australian Christian artists that are well and truly worth a look.

Featuring only the cream of Australian Christian contemporary artists, Aussie Hope is sure to appeal to a wide variety of listeners and will be a solid addition to your collection. Every artist is very deserving of their place on this album, and the quality is such that you will be hard-pressed to find something you don’t like!

The bookends of Aussie Hope are particularly strong. Press play, and you literally Hit The Ground Runningwith a bouncy, ‘get to your feet’, Luke Robinson song. It’s a quality opening track. At the other end, Bec Laughton’s soul/pop Holy Love 2 (wow!, wow!, wow!) rounds out the album with an absolute power show! She has a set of pipes on her and had me ‘popping’ the repeat button again and again. If you have not heard of this girl, Google her now!

But there is plenty of strength between the covers too. Your Hand In Mine by Sydney favourites Whitefield displays some wonderfully crafted lead guitar parts and vocally sounds like Daniel Johns of Silverchair fame. Jade Diary’s Didoesque A Thousand Days is a courageous work, and it has paid off. Sonically it is deep, sophisticated and very satisfying. Katie de Veau’s Fly is another highlight while Chrissie Pearce’s acoustic lullaby Lifted is simply beautiful. 

It is a difficult task putting compilation albums together but Aussie Christian Gigs has done a good job with this one. The songs work well together and are heading in the same direction, while also covering a variety of tastes.

It is a tough gig being a Christian musician in Australia, and all the artist on Aussie Hope have been putting in the hard work for a long time. They are quality artists in their own right and are deserving of our ongoing support. 

Aussie Hope is available through iTunes and with all the profits supporting Live Connection - an Australian-based partnership program helping local rural communities by providing financial assistance and leadership training for pastors in rural areas within 12 developing nations across Africa and Asia, this is one album you can buy guilt free!