Beat The System

In a Word: Invigorating

Beat The System Journey


"The songs reflect on a journey through life filled with love, loss, turmoil, peace and ultimately transformation."

Beat The System have a career that spans the globe. After a sensational debut in Malaysia, famed A&R veteran Diana Meltzer brought the band to New York where they have developed their latest album, Journey, that speaks of how far they’ve come artistically, personally and spiritually.

The 11 tracks on Journey have a bold, pop/rock, stadium filling sound. Strong guitar riffs (from lead guitarist Stewart Sellan) and driving percussion with a sprinkling of electronic enhancements underscore the passionate vocals of Ohio-born lead singer, May Leigh. The result is a dynamic collection of stirring power ballads and energetic rock anthems. 

The lyrics manage to combine poetic imagery with heartfelt emotion and instantly singable, catchy hooks. The songs reflect on a journey through life filled with love, loss, turmoil, peace and ultimately transformation. The personal experiences of the songwriters Gerald Sellan and Adrian Puan are laid bare in a way that audiences can easily identify with. Woven throughout the album is the presence of a deep, personal faith that acknowledges God as a powerful presence in their lives.

The featured single from the album is Be Your Own, which has a melancholy opening of loss and failure that transforms into an inspirational chorus of encouragement to live one’s life to the fullest. This theme of loss, comfort, growth and progression also appear in Last Lullaby and Reach the Light. Other highlights include the uplifting celebration of love in Never Be The Same and the evocative expression of longing in Dear Julie. 

The final track on the album, Kembalilah, features lyrics entirely in Malay. This emotional plea to “come back” is a powerful way to end Journey that brings the album full circle back to their roots. Beat The System skillfully fuses their life experiences, cultural diversity and genuine faith into one compelling album that make this Journey well worth going on.