World Poverty Clock

World Poverty Clock website

There are currently more than 641 million people - a figure equating to eight per cent of the world's 7.6 billion population - living in extreme poverty. That's according to the World Poverty Clock, an initiative of the World Data Lab based in Vienna, Austria (and funded by the German Government). The 'clock' website not only provides an up-to-date estimate of how many people are living in such conditions moment-by-moment but also how many have escaped poverty since December, 2015, and how many should have escaped if the first Sustainable Development Goal - to eradicate extreme poverty, measured as people living on less than $US1.25 a day - is to be reached by 2030. The website also provides country-by-country breakdowns of the data and even regional breakdowns within country, including not only how many are living in poverty but forward projections. A terrific, if scary, resource.