Monergism website

A curated directory of "Reformed theology" (the website describes itself as the largest such directory in the world), Monergism's goal is to promote the idea of salvation by Christ alone. In fact, its very name promotes that idea - 'mono', meaning one, and 'ergism' ('ergon') meaning 'to work' come together to mean 'the work of one', in this case the salvation that Jesus alone offers us. The website, which is a subsidiary of the Oregon-based non-proft Christian Publication Resource Foundation, has links to thousands of articles, sermons, websites, and MP3 files featuring both historic and contemporary takes on the issue. It categorises the content in a range of ways making for easy searching whether you're looking for some specific or more general. There's also a blog which is updated reasonably regularly and provides short articles as well as links to more free content such as ebooks. Among the many other features is a directory of theology, a list of "helpful" blogs, a bookstore and, handily for first time visitors, a special page introducing people to some key resources to start your engagement with the site. A great resource to have a poke around in during this year when we're commemorating 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the Wittenberg Castle Church door.