What About Jesus

What About Jesus?

Created by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod in the US (so the theological approach of the site is clear upfront), the focus of this website is, as the title suggests, Jesus Christ. Fairly comprehensive in scope, there's sections covering His life on Earth, the messages He came to bring, His many names and His parables as well as, of course, the message of salvation. The site also contains information answering many other common questions people may have about God and other aspects of Christian theology - from 'What is sin?' to 'Where does evil come from?' and 'How do we know the Bible is true?'. A bit of a one-stop shop for someone wanting to find out more about Christianity and what it means to be Christian or for a Christian who's seeking to find out some basic facts about a particular aspect of their faith. There is a link through to daily devotions feature located on another WELS website and a place where you can submit prayer requests as well as, for US readers, a search engine where you can find a church. Easy to navigate and slickly produced, this is a great example of how a denomination can use the internet to reach out to seekers and those looking to further explore their faith.