Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey - Virtual Tour

Dating from the late Norman era, Westminster Abbey in London has played host to coronations, royal weddings and is arguably the most famous religious building in the UK; an icon building on any London visitor's "must see" list. Thanks to a recent addition to the abbey's website, however, the chance to spend some time poking around inside is now no longer simply confined to those who get physically get there. The abbey has introduced a new virtual tour of the building which, using stunning high resolution photographs amd Google Street View technology, takes internet browsers inside the abbey where they can see its many of its treasures in up-close-and-personal detail. Everything from the Grave of the Unknown Soldier to the memorials of Poet's Corner, the tombs of past kings and queens and the Shrine of St Edward the Confessor are available to be viewed from where-ever you may be in the world. Each location also comes with a panel of information which unfolds some of the abbey's rich history. A beautiful and informative addition to the abbey's website.