Rev Dr Terdema Ussery
ABCs of Christianity: An Outline for Living in the "Now" and Relating to God
FaithWords - a division of Hachette Book Group, New York, 2016
ISBN-13: 978-1455537808

ABCs of Christianity

Born out of teachings presented in a long-running weekly Bible study, ABCs of Christianity is just what it promises - a stripped back walk-through of key Christian beliefs and practices as taught in the Bible.

Written by US-based church pastor, Rev Dr Terdema Ussery, the book consists of 17 short themed chapters, each of which looks at a particular aspect of the Christian faith - from who the Bible says God is to what the Bible says about sin, church 'ordinances' like baptism and communion and finishing with an all important chapter, 'God's Plan of Salvation'.

Each statement made in the chapters is supported by Bible verses - which aren't written in full, so, as Rev Dr Ussery states in the introduction: "This book is meant to be used along with your Bible, Internet Bible site or Bible app".

The ABCs of Christianity isn't meant to be comprehensive - vast volumes have been committed to the subject matter touched on here - but rather it's a simple, straight-forward look at what Rev Dr Ussery says represents the "centrepiece of my life".

And, of course, given the material's origins in a Tuesday night Bible study, it's ideal as subject matter for small groups - another take on the Alpha course idea.

There's a handy glossary at the end - a bit like our own The Word Explained - which provides short definitions to a series of Christian-related words and there's also a bonus touching essay at the end by the author's son, Terdema L Ussery II (a former CEO of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks), in which we're told a little more of the background to the book.

A useful tool for prying open some of the wonders of the Christian faith.

To buy the book, follow this link - ABCs of Christianity: An Outline for Living in the "Now" and Relating to God