Joel McKerrow and Zoe Boyle
Hollowed Out Lungs: A Poetic Exhale
Self-published, 2018
ISBN-13: 978-646989594

Hollowed Out Lungs large

A look into the minds of Joel McKerrow and Zoe Boyle, Hollowed Out Lungs is a collection of poetry written from 2015 to 2018 which features insights into everything from the mundane and prosaic to the profound and sacred.

Delicately infused with the faith of the two writers, the poems tell a story, not of a linear progression through those years, but of moments recalled. There's joy, warmth and beauty to be found here - and sadness, doubt, and uncertainty.

The poems, which are presented in several "parts", come in a variety of styles, some written in a narrative style, others using typography to guide the reader or to make a point.

It's the sort of book to keep by the desk or bedside and dip into time and again - a book to linger over as you allow its words to wash over and through you. It's the sort of book in which the reader plays a role just as important as the author in shaping what one finds between the covers.

Something to savour.