Two Ways to Live

Two Ways To Live
Produced by Sydney-based Matthias Media, Two Ways To Live is a mobile Gospel presentation. Using simple illustrations and an audio soundtrack featuring the voice of Kel Richards (this can be read instead of listened to), the app takes the user through a six-slide presentation of why we have need of a Saviour in the person of Jesus Christ and, prompting the user to choose to live ‘My way’ or ‘God’s new way’ at the end, then looks at the implications of each. The app is free, although there’s a virtual ‘tip jar’ if you wish to support the work of the developers. It’s available in several different languages and there’s also a built-in feature so you can send the app as a gift to someone else. Currently only available for iOS devices (with a special Two Ways To Live PLUS version specifically created for iPad which features personal testimonies and answers to common questions). A useful tool for evangelism.

A Christian community in its own right, iAmen is a platform where followers of Christ can find encouragement, inspiration and help in their walk with Jesus while also having the opportunity to offer the same to others. The free app, which is available for both iOS and Android and comes out of the UK, features a wall on which you can post your thoughts (complete with ready-made backgrounds to make it look aesthetically pleasing) and a section for prayer requests (as well as a space to reply). And, of course, there’s plenty of chance to communicate with others on the app through ‘loving’ their posts as well as leaving messages via the app or directly email. Plenty here to explore and be encouraged by.