Micah Australia has welcomed an announcement by the Australian Greens of a policy which would lift the country's overseas aid budget to 0.7 per cent of gross national income over the next 10 years.

Ben Thurley, Micah Australia's national coordinator, welcomed the move and urged the Greens to negotiate with

A new report from the United Nations says “systematic, gross and widespread crimes against humanity”, including abuses of religious freedom, have been committed in Eritrea and should be investigated by the International Criminal Court.

Only four religious denominations are tolerated in Eritrea: Eritrean Orthodox, Catholicism, the Lutheran church and Sunni

Christians in Kano, the largest city in mainly-Muslim northern Nigeria, were bracing for widespread violence following the 2nd June killing of a Christian woman, but the weekend and Sunday services passed without further violence.

Bridget Patience Agbahime, 74, originally from the southern state of Imo, was ambushed by

Islamic militants have claimed responsibility for the murder of a Christian grocer who was hacked to death Sunday, 5th June, after Sunday prayers near a church in northwest Bangladesh.

The Islamic State (IS) group said the attack was "part of a series of operations" targeting Christians and other religious minorities

Mal Fletcher, social futurist, media commentator and Sight contributor, has called on Christians to be praying ahead of a special summit ahead of Britain's EU referendum later this month.

The EU Referendum Summit, which will be hosted by the London-based think tank 2020Plus on 10th June, will feature roundtable discussions

7th June, 2016

An Iranian Christian prisoner who went on a hunger strike to protest against the prison’s refusal to allow her to receive treatment for long-standing health issues, has been granted temporary release from prison on 6th

Turkey has recalled its ambassador to Germany to protest against the German Parliament's decision to declare the massacre of Armenians during World War I a "genocide". The vote heightens German-Turkish tensions amid an ongoing refugee crisis.

"An example of ignorance and disrespect". That was how Turkey described the decision by

3rd June, 2016

A 'version' of the Bible featuring emojis - described by its creator at "Scripture 4 millenials - was released online this week.

Available via iBooks, the 'Bible Emoji' puts emojis - small "ideograms" used to express particular emotions or concepts - in place of certain words or

3rd June, 2016

The Uniting Church in Australia has released a 'toolkit' aimed at helping its congregations grapple with key issues ahead of the federal election on 2nd July.

The toolkit features a series of downloadable resources including

2nd June, 2016

A convert to Christianity imprisoned for her involvement in the Iranian house-church movement has gone on a hunger strike to protest denial of needed medical treatment, religious freedom advocates said.

Maryam Naghash Zargaran,

2nd June, 2016

US televangelist and TBN founder Jan Crouch has died at the age of 78.

News of Ms Crouch's death was announced by her son Matt on his website on Tuesday. He said he and his wife

2nd June, 2016

THE MAN WHO STARTED IT ALL: Statue of Martin Luther in Magdeburg, Germany. PICTURE: Krzysztof (Kriss) Szkurlatowski/www.freeimages.com

Britain has voted to leave the European Union in an historic referendum on Thursday.

The result, which came in at 52 per cent to leave and 48 per cent to remain, has led to an announcement by UK Prime Minister David Cameron that he will

1st June, 2016

A Coptic human rights activist arrested this month by Egyptian security officials faces the possibility of life in prison on concocted charges because of his efforts to expose persecution of Christians, human rights activists

31st May, 2016

Christians in Norway have embarked upon a 29 day pilgrimage from the capital of Oslo to Trondheim, where the World Council of Churches' central committee is meeting late next month.

Rev Knut Refsdal, general secretary of

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