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Wycliffe looks to begin translations for 10 previously unknown language groups

Bible translation organisation Wycliffe Associates has said it is about to begin work in translating the Scriptures for 10 previously unknown language groups of people living in the Middle East and parts of Asia.

The US-based organisation says the groups, which have very few Christians, don’t, as yet, have any of the Bible translated into their languages. They live in remote regions in extreme isolation, according to Wycliffe, and none of the countries where the groups live can be named because of the danger they may face if their whereabouts – and faith – become known.

Bruce Smith, president and CEO of Wycliffe Associates, said there arer “pockets of Christian believers in each of these language groups”.

“Somehow, generations ago, they heard the good news, and they’ve done their best to keep the faith all this time…Some live in exile from oppressive regimes and we had never been able to make contact with them.”

Until now. Wycliffe says that the organisation began hearing of the groups one-by-one in a process which Mr Smith ascribes to “the grace of a loving God”.

Wycliffe hopes to launch the 10 translation projects as soon as possible. Each will cost $US19,500 and involved providing mother-tongue Bible translators with computer tablets, software training, and a safe place to work.

“Christians are extreme minorities in these countries,” said Mr Smith. “In some of these areas authorities and traditional religious leaders are so threatened by believers that they lash out against them. Christians have to hide in order to survive. It’s hard to imagine how alone they’ve been.”

Some 2,758 languages around the world are still without a Bible translation project.



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