Five churches in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu were attacked by a mob on Sunday, according to a report in World Watch Monitor.

The news organisation said the attacks, in which several women were reportedly stripped, beaten and even sexually assaulted, were allegedly led by members of Hindu Munnani, an organisation formed to defend Hindiuism.

Witnesses have alleged that a police officer was present at the time of the incidents.

John JY Arul, chairman of Madurai District Pastors’ Fellowship, told World Watch Monitor that the attackers abused one pastor and his wife before removing her sari and repeatedly kicked her in the face.

"We were shocked by their inhuman behaviour," he said.

Three women were also allegedly stripped and attacked at another church; two of them were also allegedly sexually assaulted. That church's pastor was reportedly told he would be murdered in five days.

Bibles and Christian literature were also burnt in the attacks.

A report was filed with police.