Pakistani Christians are among those mourning the death of human rights lawyer and activist Asma Jahangir, Agenzia Fides reports.

Ms Jahangir, who had served in various roles for the UN including Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief as well as co-founding the Pakistan's Human Rights Commission, died on 11th February in Lahore at the age of 66.

Fr Qaisar Feroz, of the National Commission for Social Communications in the Episcopal Conference of Pakistan, told the Catholic news agency: "We have lost a voice for the voiceless, for the poor, for the defence of the weakest".

"She raised awareness of fundamental rights and freedom in Pakistani society. Let us look at her example as a person who believed and worked for authentic justice, without any difference regarding ethnicity, religion or culture. We hope that other leaders have the same courage and devotion to the defence of human dignity in Pakistan".

Anjum James Paul, a Catholic lecturer and president of the Pakistan Minorities Teacher Association, described Ms Jahangir as a "mentor" to many.

"We learned a lot from her, especially in believing in justice, freedom and our rights. She was not afraid to raise her voice for the defence of human rights and for the condemnation of terrorism and injustice. Today we have the responsibility to continue her work, to build a nation that guarantees every citizen equal opportunities, peace, justice, respect for fundamental rights".

Representatives of the Catholic community were among those who attended her funeral.

UN Secretary General António Guterres said in a statement that the world had lost a "human rights giant".

“Asma was brilliant, deeply principled, courageous and kind...She will not be forgotten,” he said.