Pacific Islanders pray in Rome

Pacific Climate Warriors form a prayer circle at the Vatican. PICTURE: Fenton Lutunatabua

Christians were among people of faith from across 22 nations, including Australia, who have joined in praying for Pacific Islanders adversely affected by climate change.

Under the umbrella of Pray for Our Pacific, gatherings have been held from over the past two weeks, culminating in church services held last Sunday, in a range of Australian cities as well as in New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Cameroon, Canada, the US, China and Pacific Ocean nations.

Koreti Tiumalu, the Pacific co-ordinator for - the youth-led network which organised the initiative, said faith communities were pivotal to any Pacific climate movement.

"Faith is pivotal to our people, and like the ocean, it connects us," she said. "In the face of the climate crisis, we need prayer to carry our people and faith to build resilience."

A report released last year found that climate change posed an “existential threat" for many Pacific Island nations.