29th August, 2013

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has released a new digital tool that makes it easy for isolated believers to access digital Christian training resources - without the need for an internet connection.

Called Estante (Spanish for bookshelf), this free digital library app works offline and allows isolated pastors and church leaders to easily store, view, and share digital Christian resources anywhere in the world.

"Estante gives isolated pastors a simple way to carry the Bible and Bible study tools anywhere they go," said Jay Clark of MAF Learning Technologies. "For many, it will be the first time they'll have easy access to the Word of God anytime they want."

MAF is a Christian ministry that uses aviation and other technologies to share the gospel in isolated regions of the world. MAF works in some 14 countries, assisting missionaries, relief organisations, churches, medical groups, and community development agencies.

Estante is an Android application. It allows users to transfer files from their Android devices to many other kinds of phones, even very basic phones that do not have Estante. It also allows users to share entire libraries with other Estante users. Estante's user interface can be customised for English, Spanish, Russian, and French, and MAF expects to add more languages in the future. Its library can store files created in any language.

More than three million isolated pastors around the world have received little or no Christian training. They lack access to the most basic resources such as a Bible commentary or dictionary. However, many use cell phones. The Learning Technologies division of MAF works with ministry partners to help develop technologies and strategies to equip isolated Christian pastors and leaders with appropriate training materials.

For more information visit www.maf.org/estante

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