15th March, 2016

US evangelist Greg Laurie's recent Harvest America event is being claimed as the largest one day evangelistic event ever held for US audiences, reaching as many as 350,000 people.

More than 82,000 people attended AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on 6th March for the Harvest America event, while an additional 180,000 attendees participated in the event through one of the more than 7,200 remote locations across the US. Almost 90,000 people viewed the webcast while an unknown number were reached via radio and television broadcasts of the event.

In a statement, Harvest Ministries said there had been more than 25,000 "faith commitments to Christ" at the events.

Greg Laurie said the organisation only celebrated the statistics "because they represent the personal lives changed by the transformative Gospel message".

"We pray that each and every one of these individuals gets connected with a local church and begins growing in their faith, sharing what has happened to them with others in their circles of influence. That is our prayer for the ultimate impact of this event, because that is how true revival begins."

Organisers are now working to ensure that "inquirers" are followed up with volunteers from local churches, both in Arlington and at the remote locations, reaching out to those who made decisions.

~ www.harvest.org