16th March, 2016

Channel 7 has "stooped to a new low" with a program "glamourising partner swapping and disloyalty", according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Lyle Shelton, managing director of the ACL, said Channel 7 should ask itself if the program Seven Year Switch - in which people who have been married for seven years move in with someone else in what's described as " a new social experiment where they will put their relationship on the line in order to save it" - "presents a vision of human dignity" or is just "crass voyeurism".

"Many marriages and relationships have produced children by seven years," he said. "Is glamourising partner swapping really a good idea for the individuals and children that may be involved?...I really do think the Seven Network could do better and that as a society we are better than this."

The ACL has urged shareholders to express their concerns to the channel's management.

~ www.acl.org.au