27th May, 2016

A US-headquartered mission organisation has unveiled plans to reach the entire population of Ukraine - that's 42 million people - with the Gospel by 2020.

Russian Harvest Ministries, which is based in North Dakota in the US, says 70 evangelism teams are already reaching more than 300,000 people a month under its Vision 2020 initiative.

Under the plan launched in January this year, the ministry is aiming to start evangelism training centres in all 25 states in Ukraine as well as train people in at least 500 partner churches in evangelism techniques, train and release 1,000 evangelists into ministry and conduct as many as 5,000 outreach events.

Each month the ministry's office in Chernigov in Ukraine published a four page colour Gospel newspaper in both the Russian and Ukrainian languages which contains testimonies of salvations, healings and instances of deliverance as well as a call to salvation.

Peter Mehl, founder of Russian Harvest Ministries, said that what is taking place in Ukraine is "historic".

"It is like the early 1990s when the country first opened to the Gospel," he said. "The war in the east and the economic crisis have caused people to once again recognise their need of a saviour. We are working around the clock in order to take full advantage of this historic opportunity."

~ www.russianharvestministries.org