3rd June, 2016

The Uniting Church in Australia has released a 'toolkit' aimed at helping its congregations grapple with key issues ahead of the federal election on 2nd July.

The toolkit features a series of downloadable resources including an 41 page booklet, A Flourishing Society: Federal Election 2016, which provides an overview of key issues ranging from the protection of refugees to justice for Indigenous Australians, action on climate change, taxation and economic justice for all, and global poverty as well as addressing threats to democracy.

The toolkit also comes with a guide to organising an election forum featuring local candidates, meeting and writing to your local MP, and a series of short papers on hot button issues.

Stuart McMillan, president of the Uniting Church in Australia, writes in the booklet that it is his hope the information would help congregants to "consider your vote through the lens of our faith and the gospel values which compel us all to be engaged in God's mission in the world".

"Our society flourishes when there is equity among all people, when we have a vibrant civil society and a political system that is robust and has integrity, when human rights are upheld and when we act with respect and care for the planet and the diversity of life that depends on its health and wellbeing."

~ www.unitingjustice.org.au/election2016