3rd June, 2016

A 'version' of the Bible featuring emojis - described by its creator at "Scripture 4 millenials - was released online this week.

Available via iBooks, the 'Bible Emoji' puts emojis - small "ideograms" used to express particular emotions or concepts - in place of certain words or phrases and also utilises common shorthand symbols such as & for 'and'.

"A great and fun way to share the gospel," the description reads, describing the Bible as the "first ever Bible translation w/ emojis". "Explore all 66 books chronicling the stories of Abraham, Noah and Jesus like never before!"

The launch of the Emoji Bible follows that of an allied website where you can enter a Bible verse and see if translated into emoji.

The Bible's creator, who uses an emoji wearing sunglasses, has to date remained anonymous but has said that they hope using emojis will open up the Bible to a wider audience.

~ www.bibleemoji.com