Mal Fletcher, social futurist, media commentator and Sight contributor, has called on Christians to be praying ahead of a special summit ahead of Britain's EU referendum later this month.

The EU Referendum Summit, which will be hosted by the London-based think tank 2020Plus on 10th June, will feature roundtable discussions involving a series of high profile experts in a range of fields and will explore the future of Christian mission and the issue of religious freedom beyond the 23rd June referendum whether the decision is for Britain to remain in the EU or to exit.

Among those involved will be Major-General Tim Cross CBE, former commander of British operations in the Balkans and Iraq, business author and futurist Dr Patrick Dixon, and Colin Bloom, director of outreach for the Conservative Party.

Mr Fletcher, who is the chairman of 2020Plus, said that while some people are becoming "bored" with the referendum "because politicians are publishing all kinds of claims and dire warnings", "complacency isn't really an option for a Christian and this vote represents the most significant national decision we’ll make in a generation."

“Yes, the world will go on whatever happens, but each outcome carries very real opportunities and challenges for the church," he said. "We need to go into the vote with our eyes wide open. We believe Christians and churches can position themselves on the front edge of the change curve, rather than playing catch-up long after big changes have already occurred.”

Mr Fletcher said the organisers would "appreciate the prayerful support of the Christian community". "There's a lot of research behind this summit, but we need wisdom from a higher source."